Bet9ja Review of Bonus, Registration and Odds by Players for Players 2023

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Bet9ja is probably one of the most celebrated Nigerian betting sites in Nigeria. Founded in 2013, the brand has almost a decade of experience in wagering bets for players. There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Bet9ja is available outside of Nigeria. We have used the platform in both Kenya and Ghana so, I guess we can only go off our own experience. Some websites will stipulate the contrary but, first-hand experience speaks for itself hey!


The Best of Bet9ja

Sounds silly, but I really enjoy the colour scheme on Bet9ja’s website! When you are sifting through potential bets sometimes cluttered screens can distract the flow. Bet9ja is a flowing site, as well is the app, a definite positive.

  • The beautiful colour scheme on the site and app
  • Pretty good odds for football
  • Healthy Bonus for hybrid Casino and Sports players
  • Cash out option
  • User Experience OK

The odds are amongst some of the best we have found in major football leagues. Ultimately the odds are why we play with a chosen bookmaker. I have noticed that sometimes the lines are quick to move but early opening markets are usually pretty generous. The loyalty bonus is another factor that seems to change from time to time. I am guessing that throughout the year the loyalty bonus will be changed to reflect company profits, but of course that is speculation. Cash outs can be important to some players, depending on how many bets you wager a day. As a player that will place multiple accumulator bets, Bet9ja has always offered good cash-out value.


The Worst of Bet9ja

I have yet to find the most ‘complete’ bookmaker that ticks every box which is frustrating. But, hey, that is why we have competitors right? They do well in most departments but Bet9ja does have a couple of sticky points for me:

  • No Asian Handicap markets
  • The Live Scores Page
  • Bet Markets

If you are a 1×2 player then Bet9ja can certainly work for you. I tend to use handicaps frequently to get better value from major games which can be hugely frustrating using the platform. If I was going to rate the platform in order of experience, I would rate it for beginner players. It is simple and clean. The Live scores page is something that I am unable to stand. In comparison with some of the other bookmakers that I use, it is like looking at a back end of a website. The Live Bets are not supported with any viable information that can educate on a potential wager. As far as I can see, the page is developed to wager ‘blind’ bets. Not offering a player statistics to support a potential live bet is sacrilige.

Bet9ja Live betting is not for serious players
Offering no stats on bets is not for serious players


What is Bet9ja’s Bonus?

The bonus will benefit if you are hybrid sports and casino player. You can take 100% deposit bonus on your sportsbook and also 50% for the casino which I think is quite cool. Personally, I only use football bets when wagering so it doesn’t do much for me but, still a nice offering. I have read a lot about the loyalty bonus from Bet9ja coming in the form of free bets but I am yet to receive one!


What do I need to Register then?

An email address is needed to register. Seems a little dated in my opinion but I guess they think it is a viable way to obtain players. I do wonder how much KYC is done at the back end. If you have 50 email addresses then could you have 50 different accounts in the same name. Hmmm, that may be something that we should check out and write a blog on! Either way, it is really easy to sign up with the bookmaker, easier than most. If you would like to check them out then you should go to their website


When I win what is the withdraw time?

The working hours are from Monday to Friday and it is documented that it will take 24 hours to receive funds. In fact, I stand to vouch for this with Bet9ja. They have consistently paid out within 24 hours. Be aware that holidays or weekends will effect the pay out times so if you need the funds then take it into account. To be fair, they have consistently paid out faster than Betway, who have a bit of a slower processing time.


You should use Bet9ja If:

  • You want a clear and fast platform that has most major football markets to wager in
  • You would like to have the option of playing with a good casino bookmaker too
  • You are not really worried about wagering in handicap markets, because you will not find any!
  • You are in Nigeria! Not that using Bet9ja is out of the equation in other countries, but the time zones help for pay out times!


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