5 EPL Tips for Betting that Will Help You Win More Games in 2022/23!

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We’ve been betting on sports forever, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are some EPL tips that will help you win at sports betting.

1: Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

If you bet $100 on a game and you lose $50, then you’ve lost 50% of what you bet. That’s not good! It’s better to bet only enough money to cover the cost of the wager. So if you bet $100, you should bet no more than $50. Managing your bankroll is an essential part of being a successful bettor. Percentage betting is crucial to long term success, and you should know exactly what your deposit vs withdraw ratio is at all times.

2: Know what type of bets you want to make.

There are many types of bets you can place when betting on an English Premier League match. Two of the more popular bets are outright bets and handicap bets. Betting on the EPL can be a little unpredictable given the pace of the EPL game and the competitiveness. Handicap bets are particularly successful on the bigger teams like Manchester City and Liverpool. Using the big teams in 1×2 bets usually yield very little value and so players will add multiple folds into an accumulator to boost the odds. Rather than utilise this technique we advise to use the handicap markets if you want to wager on the likes of Liverpool. Liverpool -1 or their opponent (depending on who it is) +1 can offer much more value than the 1×2 market.

3: Don’t Be Afraid to Back an Underdog.

If you back an underdog, you stand to win more money than backing a favorite. This is because favorites tend to win by large margins. However, underdogs often come through with a surprise victory. Knowing when to bet the underdog is an advanced betting skill that takes knowledge and experience to execute. Last year we landed an 11/1 bet on Ice City to beat Meizhou Heikka away from home. Many of our audience decided not to take the bet due to the super high odds. The few that did were rewarded with a fantastic treble accumulator with 25.00 odds.


4: You should check out EPL Top Scorers in Player Markets

In order to make sure you pick the right team to back, you need to understand how each player scores goals. It’s not enough to just pick a team with a high number of goals scored. You also need to consider who has been scoring those goals. Using the player markets in an accumulator can be particularly successful. We have added Salah to score at any time in with our 1×2 bets and the strategy worked multiple times last season. Stop to consider the likelihood of game outcome when it comes to player markets. If Liverpool wins -1, it is highly likely Salah will score. Using simple outcome and correlation bets means we can easily double our odds in a single match-up.

5: Check out our EPL Tips in our Bet Tips Pages!

We make multiple predictions in our English Premier League Tips here. The EPL is one of the most popular leagues to bet on in the world. Our bet tips tend to include handicap and BTTS markets. Our research leads us to find some of the best odds in the EPL to present to our audience.

What are the Best Bookmakers for EPL Tips?

In Nigeria, we cannot vouch for Betway enough. Betway has one of the best apps and websites in online football betting. Streaming the live games is an essential part of being engaged in your bets and Betway executes this very well. The platform is clean, fast, and has very good odds in the EPL. Betway could make you rich if you use the right strategy. We wrote an article on Betway and How to Use Betway Bonus here

Mozzartbet in Kenya is one of our favourites for Kenyan players. The website is, by far, one of the best websites in the world. Mozzartbet has exceptional odds and the accessibility through the site is something to dream of. You should read some more about Mozzartbet in Kenya in our review or just sign up with Mozzartbet


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