Facebook Scammer Football Betting Techniques that Steal Money

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Football betting is fun, make no mistake. But there are some people that are tarnishing what we do gambling by offering a misservice to poor people. The saddest thing about the Facebook scammer in football betting tips, is they are poor people robbing poor people. I have been in the social betting market for a number of years, I thought I had seen a lot, but each day it gets worse and worse. The desperation of players needing money is the very reason these football betting scammers have existence. I am going to walk you through some of the techniques they use to steal your money.


The Facebook Scammer in Football Betting Profiles

These scammers are fantastic at making profiles that look like they really are something! I have seen so many different names it is crazy. But, there is something I have noticed frequently, and is probably a notable correlation. The profiles try to pose themselves as European-named profiles, or organizations. I guess, would you trust your brother from Nigeria or a man named Chris Wood, betting CEO at some organization? It is sad, but I am of the opinion that these profiles are one of two things. They are African players the same as the rest of us. Or they are European organizations that have massive social reach and manipulate the algorithms.

I have also noticed something else. These profiles go to great lengths to make public statements of appreciation for “their fans”. Fans? It is no surprise that I have noticed that many of these profiles are entwined with each other. The same people that comment on their winning tickets comment on other tipster profiles. Now, we know that with the right software you could make 1000 Facebook profiles, today. How hard would it be to have these profiles comment on your posts and engage? If that happened, you then increase your reach, simple algorithm metrics.


So, what do Facebook Scammers want with profile visibility?

If a Facebook scammer increases its reach, they are able to connect with more people. In Nigeria, there are 200m people with a median age of 18.1. The most popular demographic for football betting in Africa is between 18-25. Imagine opening yourself up to a pool of people that large that you can make money from. The scammer hopes to increase visibility, to increase popularity, and further the advantage of taking money.


The “Betting King” Facebook Scammer Strategy

The most common strategy I see is as basic as they come. Facebook scammers write their single betting tips on their profiles. Usually, they will run a series of tips per day. Some of the profiles are as brazen as to tag multiple people into their tips also. Then, if the game wins they will shout as much as they can about it. They request others to call them “King” and promote them on their profiles. If the tip loses, they quickly delete the tip from their feed. Some of the scammers are less sophisticated, leaving people like me to find their losing games 5 minutes after! Some even will write congratulations to my fans even though the tip was lost! That is one of the funniest things I have seen so far! In fact, I have saved something special for you!

Facebook scammers in football betting, will delete account when they see this

As you can see from the top tip, “King” has made a prediction of Arsenal Tula winning. Then actually had the cheek of saying “Game Won Successfully”. Wow! As I clearly pointed out with the actual result, his tip was rubbish. The brazen attitude to not even delete it but promote it as a winning tip is nuts! How did 15 people like this post? Crazy, people aren’t even checking! I bet the people that took the tip are not too happy!

Another Betting King bites the Dust!

I had to share this one with you because it is actually funny! I screenshot a tipster that claimed to have a winning tip in the Chelsea vs Manchester United game yesterday. I messaged before the game kicked off and said no chance, the tip was wrong. As it happened, I had the game on one of my own bets – on Manchester United Double Chance. If you understand the rivalry between Man United and Chelsea, you knew Man United would not lose.

Another betting king tries to come Facebook scammer


Once the betting tip was lost I went back to his profile and saw the tip had been deleted. So, I tagged as many people as I could find pointing it out so everyone could see. I then received a DM message from the would-be Facebook scammer, who then deleted me. What a loser. He actually said Stake High too, not giving a damn about anyone else’s money just to increase his measly popularity.


The Fixed Match Strategy to take your money!

I played professional football for most of my adult life to date. Not once did I play in a fixed match, and I must have accumulated 500 appearances. Yet, these social media profiles seem to have fixed matches every day in leagues as huge as the English Premiership! They must know something I didn’t know otherwise I would have made some serious cash! These profiles claim to have certified sources where they are able to obtain fixed games. I have written a whole article about the ins and outs of match-fixers in football you should read.

These profiles are selling dreams to people that need money. This strategy goes hand in hand with the first strategy. Utilizing reach within a social platform to prey on financial desperation. I have received multiple messages asking me if I wanted to buy into fixed games with huge returns. Obviously, knowing the business, I clap back with a big F-you. I hate these Facebook scammers more than I can even explain! Here is one of them trying to persuade me with some new technology that must have only been developed in Nigeria so far.

Another Facebook scammer trying to take money from poor people


The Payment After Win Facebook Scam

Another strategy being used is payment after winning. This scam has been going on in professional sports for as long as I can remember. There is a slight truth to this scam, however. If I have 10 friends and one game that I am wagering on, it is easy to make money. Let’s use the example of Chelsea vs Manchester United as our friend prior made relevant with his horrible betting tip. If I have 10 people ready for payment after winning, all I have to do is split the bet. Give 4 people Chelsea Winning (favorites), 3 people a Draw, and 3 people Manchester United winning. I have spent no money whatsoever, but in this scam, 3 people owe me money. Typically, these profiles will say there is a minimum buy-in. Different profiles will charge different rates but usually 30% – 50% for a winning tip.

Despite this strategy being basic, it is effective. The larger the audience, the more opportunity to make money from it. Hence why the comments, likes, shares, and “King” shouts become more sought after! I have also written about payment after win sites you should read.


Where can you get REAL Predictions?

I am part of Africa Bet Tips where we promote genuine predictions based on analysis. But, I still promote you doing your own research into making predictions. If you want to win football bets regularly, you will struggle to find anyone better than yourself. Growing knowledge about your leagues, clubs, and players will make you money. There is no quick fix in betting, despite what social media profiles may tout. If you would like to check out our predictions then you can navigate our homepage and menu for betting predictions.


Facebook Scammer In Conclusion!

Social media is rife with poor betting tipsters. The saddest thing is that there are some genuinely trying to ply their trade working hard to predict correctly. Will you find them? Unlikely, where the algorithms are dominated by those with the loudest mouth and the most accounts. I have been part of the betting world for a number of years and I have not seen anything as we see in Africa. I have spoken to multiple people that have lost homes and cars in football betting. Most of these guys have given their last dime to profiles that claim to have fixed matches. The charge of $150 upwards to take a guaranteed sure bet costs enough as it is, then you stake everything you have. Gone. We live in a world of people losing moral code and authenticity.

Africa Bet Tips is a platform that wants to educate Africa on both the pros and cons of football betting. I am proud to be a part of the business. I am even more proud of our users that come here daily to check out what we have to say. Without you guys we are nobody. When you find a service that believes in you as much as you believe in it, that is the winning circle. Think logically and bet smart and responsibly. Change your lives and better those around you. Put your middle finger up to the Facebook scammer!

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