How to Make a Mathematical Prediction for Today

Written By Stuart

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Betting is pretty simple but is made complex by players over-committing themselves. Some odds just seem too good to miss, and these can be the destruction tickets. Everyone has made these mistakes, however. I have personally over-stretched myself by committing to odds that looked like they were a big win too. Despite the obvious lucrative odds, there are ways to make a mathematical prediction for today. I have personally developed a mathematical theory in the over/under market. This theory has worked for me on many occasions, and I am going to share it with you.


The Benefits of a Mathematical Prediction for Today

I would encourage you to give a mathematical prediction for today a chance. Stick to your usual bets, but reserve 20% of your betting budget for this style of bet. Mathematical prediction is purely based on theory and should be a style of bet used wisely. You should know that some leagues are unpredictable and, therefore, do have variables. However, by using the data available on Africa Bet Tips, you will find amazing loops to use. The benefits of using mathematical prediction are statistical, but there is also an argument for betting with your heart in some cases. If you use a model of predicting on statistics, you are more likely to ascertain data that can support your heart, however.


The Negatives of a Mathematical Prediction for Today

Probably one of the biggest negatives about betting on a mathematical bet is the theory itself. When you choose to bet mathematical predictions, you subtract the human element. To minus intuition from a bet can cause upsets too. A prime example of this is a game I am watching right now! Morocco vs Spain. On paper, Spain should have wiped the floor with Morocco today in the World Cup. However, Morocco look likely to take Spain all the way to penalties in the last 16 of the World Cup. The mathematical prediction would have been wrong on this occasion.

Remember I mentioned the variables? Well. This is why I reserve my mathematical predictions for leagues and clubs that I know. Cups and friendlies during the season I always stay away from. In order for mathematical betting to work, you need continuity.


The Best Leagues for Mathematical Predictions Today

I have written countless articles about the importance of knowing what leagues you wager in. I cannot emphasize this point enough, knowing your chosen leagues. If you check out our League Stats pages, we have up-to-date data on over 100 leagues that will give you valuable top-level information. You should look for core information on the league, such as:

Important information to bet mathematical predictions for today

Spain La Liga is an incredible league that, this season, has produced an average of over 2.5 goals. Both Teams have scored in 51% of games with a home advantage of +21%. These top-level pieces of information are extremely important. But utilizing information on the league, in general, should be an indicator to drill down further.


Check out important information on Head to Head

Once I have got valuable league information, the next thing to do is to check out the head-to-head record. Creating a mathematical prediction for today should use both pieces of information in tandem. As Spain La Liga is not playing at the moment I am using Segunda Two as the head-to-head illustration.

Mathematical bet for today with Africa Bet Tips

As you can see there have been under 2.5 goals in 75% of these two teams playing each other. Hypothetically using the data from La Liga, where it shows 2.54 goals have been scored on average for the league, combined with this data: There will be under 2.5 goals scored in this game. I have married the two pieces of data from both league and head-to-head to create a prediction of under 2.5 goals. Despite home advantage being to the superior side, Leganes, they have rarely scored over two goals. If you need to support the data any further, a quick manual mathematical prediction is as follows: 7 goals / last 5 games = 1.4. This means a projected under 2.5 goals!