Melbet Review of Bonus, Registration and Odds by Players for Players 2023

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Written By Stuart

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Melbet have been around a long while, having been founded in 2012. It does seem interesting that Melbet have risen to one of the most widely used bookmakers in recent years. The steady growth of the business amongst players could be one reason for the rise. But, having used Melbet for a good 6 months to get to grips with it I still have reservations in some areas.


The Best of Melbet

There are some things I absolutely love about the bookmaker and some that get to me negatively. Though, on the whole, it is a pretty positive experience using the platform. Here are some of the highlights in a nutshell:

  • Probably some of the best odds I have found in football
  • Huge host of sports and football match coverage
  • Extreme amounts of betting markets in football
  • Share a bet with a friend with a booking code
  • Nice slick app
  • Cross-building accumulators can be fun with so many sports available

Melbet odds are simply brilliant. Line shopping against the bookmaker can highlight the value in most of the football bet markets. 1×2 in major leagues is usually amongst the most generous against the bookies I have used. They take sport to a new level, you can literally find a bet in virtually any sport you can imagine. The betting markets go beyond a joke. There are absolutely tons of markets to choose from in most football matches which I love. Making creative bets is a passion of mine and Melbet offers markets in abundance.


The Worst of Melbet

Pointing out negative factors is part of the job. I have read reviews of so many different bookmakers like the nerd I am. To this day I am yet to find a website that clearly outlines negative factors in relation to actually playing. So, I share with the knowledge that you need to know how the negative factors impact on you.

  • Cluttered and busy website
  • Market segregation is poorly formatted
  • Slow payout times
  • Live Betting is a terrible experience

The website is horrendous to use. In fact, Melbet have so many different versions of their site, sometimes you will struggle to even get back to the same one. The app is pretty clean which is a trade-off. But, for nerds like me that use multiple desktop screens to wager bets, it is too busy. This goes hand in hand with market segregation. The cluttered interface makes it difficult to find potential bets with the huge library. Live betting is, therefore, pretty much a no go. If you wager in one single game, you may be ok, but for accumulators, there is no chance of building in time before a game is suspended.


What is the Bonus About?

The Melbet bonus changes throughout the year. As standard, you can get a minimum of 100% deposit match, but at times in the year I have seen this as high as 300%. Using the bonus usually requires at least 1.50 odds on a single bet, or each fold on an accumulator to be 1.50 odds also.


What do I need to Register with Melbet?

Registering is simple. You can either register with your phone number or your email address. The platform will ask for your personal details, the same as every other platform and you will receive a welcome text or email. Before you wager any bets on Melbet make sure you have submitted all your documents needed, however. I didn’t have an issue with Melbet but I have read of some complaints on the first withdrawal due to document submission.


When I win how long will they take to withdraw?

Hmm. This is a sticky one. On average Melbet have taken 2-3 days to pay me. I have read reports of payments back to card taking as long as 7 days, which is something to keep an eye on. The platform claims it can withdraw back to most e-wallets within 15 minutes. I have not tried this process yet but perhaps it may be a better option. E-wallets are becoming more popular and bookmakers are becoming better at processing them. For me, Betway still have the edge when it comes to a variety of withdrawal and payment options.


You should use Melbet if:

  • You want to find some of the best odds available in the football bets market
  • You like variety of markets and enjoy making creative bets
  • If you can deal with a cluttered website to make the most of the value in odds and bet markets!


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