The Soccer Platform Alternative for Serious Gamblers and Fans

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Written By Stuart

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I have been in the gambling world for a number of years. Being an ex-footballer, football fan, and professional gambler I think I know what is needed for the ultimate soccer platform. In Kenya and Nigeria where we have such a heavy focus on bet predictions, we lose sight of the real need. Football bets are going nowhere, for some of us, it is a way of life. You would have seen hundreds, if not thousands of websites and apps claiming to have the best tips. I have seen the same numbers on social media for researching and networking with others.


What makes a brilliant Soccer Platform?

To be frank and honest, a platform that has the very best in everything football. I love football, but I also love gambling and the rush that comes with winning bets. There is no real clear distinction between the two for me. I have seen multiple websites, claiming to be a soccer platform; I am not impressed. Have a think about who wagers on football bets, and then think about who asks for predictions. Most of the community that asks for predictions, do not have thoughts of their own on what bets will land. If that is the case, then it could be surmised that they are not intimate with the leagues or clubs. Those that have a browse around, then leave to do their own research, I would call them gamblers.

To make the perfect soccer platform, understand what we need in the marketplace. We need a platform that educates those looking for predictions and inspires those looking for football bets.


How is Africa Bet Tips the perfect Soccer Platform

Firstly, we are not selling picks. I do not ask any of our community for money for the betting tips we provide. There is no staged structure for categorizing our predictions. We gamble, I gamble and I hope that everyone wins. I am fortunate enough to have inside information from certain clubs and a long career in football behind me. Our tipsters are some of the best I have ever worked with and regularly make huge point returns on their investments. Most of all, we have fun. Our research into games and the outcome of our bets are part of our lifestyle.

Secondly, we aim to inspire. Through our betting strategy pages we are providing a library of insane knowledge about specific markets and leagues. We understand football betting inside out and it is as much a part of our fabric as our own football careers. Writing content to support our audience in their football betting is an honor.

Thirdly, Africa Bet Tips is about to evolve into an all-encompassing soccer platform with an obscene number of stats for betting. During the month of November 2022, you will see Africa Bet Tips v2 release something new for Kenya, Nigeria, and all other African countries. With our new release, we will be providing our audience with a fully comprehensive portal of stats in over 120 leagues globally. Not only will you have access to up-to-date information on the leagues, but also the clubs, and even the players. Stay tuned for what will be a revolutionary product in the African betting scene.


Soccer platform evolving with Africa Bet Tips to win more football bets


How can you use the Soccer Platform to make more money?

Aside from the obvious betting predictions free that we provide, our stats will educate players on all areas of betting. Take the time to read the content on this site, because there is going to be a ton of it. I guarantee, that if you have read every page on this site within the next month you will make more money betting. One of the first rules of betting is to know your bankroll and manage it wisely. Stay away from those pay after win people. If you stick with us on this journey, read and learn, you will become a successful gambler – of that, I have no doubt.


Stay away from the sharks

Football betting in Africa has taken a pretty morbid shape in recent years. Even on my own social media, I have been hounded by scammers trying to sell me fixed matches. The trust level among our communities is dwindling with not much hope in ever winning football bets. I have written countless articles like this one on Facebook scammers, to bring to light their tricks. Still, there is some honesty within us and our community and you have found an honest site. In return for the robust package of betting tips, data, stats, betting strategy, and blogs, we only ask you to share. Each one teaches one, then more will become successful and escape from the cycles of negativity that surrounds betting.