How to Build Sure Tips for Today without Payment

Written By Stuart

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Unfortunately, there have been many people I have come to know in the past 3 years that have lost money on sure tips. I have been personally affected by the many stories that have circulated. Betting sure tips are something of a psychological hook that grips people with a necessity for funds. If you have been affected, or know others that have, I am writing for you. I am going to give you a host of information that will enable you to be a master of your own fate.


First of All, What is A Sure Tip?

Technically, it should mean that it is a guaranteed winning bet. If there was any such thing then most of us would already be rich. I have seen the circulation of such tips on social media flouted aimlessly by sharks. 100% sure tips and all of the other propagandist colloquialisms that are used to grab attention; it frustrates me.

Firstly, let me explain how betting works. If a bookmaker takes a million bets on Leeds to beat Manchester City, they will drop the odds on Leeds. Simultaneously, that will drive the odds of Manchester City up in light of the freakish betting trends. If there were ever sure tips would that not mean the bet is actually the other way around? The guys with the big bucks would drive a rumor through social enterprises to drive the margins the other way. That means they are able to capitalize on the market lean.


What is Free Sure Tips?

A free sure tip can be directly entwined with the hypotheses aforementioned. And, you will also find betting sites that promote free sure tips as a way to attract paying customers. The truth is, most of us can pick at least four sure bets today off the cuff without even trying. PSG, Bayern, Man City, and Real Madrid. You won’t get much more sure than those four clubs winning on any given day. Total odds would be somewhere in the region of 2.20 so you wouldn’t make much, but, it is green ticks on the slip. The phrase “nothing in life is free” is not far from the truth. As a reader of this article, you pay for this article with your time. Time is currency and giving it should result in a benefit for you.


What markets can be Sure in Football?

1×2 is probably one of the most popular sporting markets in the world. It is typically the first market to be presented on betting sites. We have been gambling in 1×2 long before you can imagine. The arguments with friends at school about the winning team this weekend, the arguments over a beer about the winning scoreline. The 1×2 market is a cornerstone of football-related gambling and, as such, the one that takes the most bets.

Sure betting tips that are created in the 1×2 market should be presented with research, otherwise, how are they sure? Social media profiles and websites alike promote sure bets to their audience without substantiation. Such is the desperation in the marketplace, many are willing to wager funds against them, with consequences. From my research, I have only found one website that has a huge winning ratio in sure betting tips. It is the value in the bet tips that I am not a fan of. You can read about my comparison in value in our portal page here.


Creating your own Sure Tips for Today

Research is king, first and foremost. Even the most obscure of leagues will have a clear winner every single day in the 1×2 market. Choosing that game correctly is down to developing your own structure for correctly predicting game outcomes. Each player will have their own way of developing a strategy but, there has to be a strategy for developing sure bet tips. I have developed my own factoring point system for 1×2 that works in many leagues:

How to create sure tips for today with Africa Bet Tips



For each team, I will give the points to whichever team has the better in each ranking. If a team wins by three clear points then I will back that team to win the game. If the points are within three points, then I will give the team in poll position a Double Chance. Power ranking theories can be complex or basic, depending on your own style. We can develop more of these power rankings for different markets. This theory is perfectly applied in making multibet sure tips also.


Is this the same as Statistical Sure Tips?

Statistical sure tips take into account whichever model of analysis the owner decides. Depending on how far back a computer algorithm or person is willing to collate, affects the results. As an ex-professional footballer, I focus more on the current metrics as guidelines for making winning tips. I know how teams can be harder to break down both home and away, and how current squads line up man for man in individual battles. By collating data with the current scores, players, and game outcomes you stand a better chance of winning a bet. If you would like to learn more about How to Win Bets you should check out our tutorial article.








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