How to Win Bets By Avoiding These Mistakes

Written By Stuart

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Making mistakes in life is part of the process of becoming better at something. Betting is the same, and to bet genuine winners is about practice and learning. I have made every mistake in the book when it comes to making football bets. In the inertia of football betting daily, sometimes it can be hard to see where mistakes have been made. So many players blame the betting site, or the team themselves, without looking at the real reason. Been there? Well, let’s get you back on track! Win Bets, and avoid mistakes moving forward!


Win Bets by being fresh, and without chasing the Late Night

With so many leagues playing on a daily basis it is easy to make bets all day. I break down my “sessions” into morning, afternoon, and evening games. Sometimes you can begin the day on a high by making wins in the morning. Typically, if I’ve had a good morning then ill will lower my stakes in the afternoon. I have bet for years and have come to realize that you very rarely can have a bulletproof day. So, if my wins come in the morning, I make sure that I withdraw. I only leave in my wallet what I am prepared to lose in the evening. Many of my friends will continue playing into the evening betting big. Sometimes, it can work, but most are just above the break-even point. I am always “up”. Part of the reason is, no doubt, due to my disciplined strategy of not chasing the evening bet. If I know the more valuable games are played in the evening, I bet small in the morning. Managing the schedule, and betting wallet means I am able to bet genuine winners consistently.


Check Your Records Frequently to Win Bets

Speak to your friends and ask for their statistic sheets on wagers. I bet you at least 90% of players have no record of what they played two days ago, let alone a month ago. We are in a business where there are hundreds of markets available to bet genuine winners. With so many markets most players have played in a variety of them. What bets have worked for you? What markets are you particularly successful in? The players that are able to constantly review their work are able to make educated betting decisions. Betting style is important. I know my strongest leagues, players, markets, and betting platforms. I achieved the insights by keeping a basic spreadsheet of wins and losses. By maintaining a spreadsheet at the end of each day, I have been able to build records of data that help me today. The longer you have been playing the more data you have, obviously! Treat football betting like a job, and you will start to build your own tips with huge financial gain.



Bet Genuine, Don’t Chase The Dream

It is generally accepted that professional gamblers win 56% of the time. If you do the maths on 56% you will see your profit is in the 6%. You literally take 6% from the betting site of choice! 6% of $100 is only $6! So, to be successful long-term in betting you need to bet genuine winners and bet big. It may take a while to build your bankroll big enough for that figure to turn into a full-time income. But, if you are smart with your money and know the percentages, you will have mastered something most gamblers never do. Dreams are nice, and lottery wins are even nicer. Lottery wins can be won! But, if you know you have a lottery ticket then bet responsibly, don’t throw your whole purse at it! A multibet should make up the smallest percentage of your daily stake, maybe 2-5%, maybe 10% for others. Check out multibet sure tips if you want some further insight.



Run Forest Run! Win Bets on your Own Strategy

Knowing when to run and when to stick is absolutely crucial to long-term success. My brother is a player himself and we argue all the time about the cash-out option. He will not cash-out, for love or money. The notion of cashing out means failure to him, whereas to me it means smart. I watched some of my bets playing out live and I can see the game is not going to plan. If a cash-out option is offered and the value is good, I will take it. Sure, there have been times when the cash-out was a mistake, but I didn’t lose money. In fact, I distinctly remember a time when I had two teams playing and both were in the 90th minute. This double bet looked certain to fail and I cashed out for my stake. I don’t know why I did, but something told me to check the games later. Both teams won and scored in the 96th minute. I didn’t lose money, but I did pass on the opportunity to win a 50/1 multibet. But, the fact remains, I didn’t lose¬†money!

Choosing when to remain and when to run goes down to learning to win bets and what winning is. I use the phrase betting genuine because people don’t realize that this is a game of smoke and mirrors. The betting sites could have the best possible odds on a particular match up and I would not bet until I have done my own research. Know yourself, know your research and decide on whether to wager or not on your strength of yourself.


Never Ever, Ever Pay for Predictions

Win Bets don't be swayed by match fixers by africa bet tips

Hands down, this is the most amateur mistake of them all. We developed Africa bet tips where we show all of the predictions for a reason. The reason is quite simple: To try and show Africa that you can win without being lured into the payment to others. These social media profiles with fixed games and everything else is selling crap. When you lose your money and cannot pay your rent, or cannot eat, how do they feel? There is a real, and genuine need to bet for some players, we understand that. If we correctly make a prediction and others benefit, that is the nature of good karma. We hope that we can provide a good source of betting content to help in the journey. But, it will always be free. Always. Paying for prediction is the stone that “tipsters” have on top of an audience’s head, selling a dream that is invariably, never realized. One of our best articles goes into detail about match-fixing in football, you should read it.


Don’t Listen to the “Experts” Bet Genuinely on Yourself

The stats and predictions offered by pundits is purely based on a collation of data. Data can be skewed to reflect outcomes in virtually every sport. The number of times I have heard Sky Sports say “Ronaldo has scored X goals in the Champions League”. The first thing that springs to mind is he’s going to score, what are the odds? Naturally, as a player, this type of information can be music to the ears. But, if you really are disciplined in your betting system, you know to check your own stats. Include the current form and every other metric that you use to develop your rankings. Then see what your system output is. Experts give analysis, but betting is with your own money, bet clear, bet honest, and win bets.


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