Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk – Fight Preview Nigeria 2022

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Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk 2 promises to be one of the fights of 2022. The surprise victory for Oleksandr Usyk in the first fight created disparities in the global boxing audience. Sports experts around the world were not as surprised as some of the recreational boxing fans. In the last few years Anthony Johsua has seen his dynasty in boxing slip through his fingers.


Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk Fight Time in Nigeria

The fight will take place in Saudi Arabia with the show set to begin at approx 6 pm GMT+1.  Ring walks for the two heavyweights look set to begin approx 10.30 pm depending on the fight schedule before. Sky Sports Box Office has the rights to the screening of the fight in the UK.

Where Can I watch Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk?

Nigeria fight fans are likely to catch the action on SuperSport Action and SuperSport Variety the DStv channels.


Who Will Win between AJ vs Usyk?

Anthony Joshua vs Usky 2 promises to be a fight that will determine who is the best in the world right now. The two contrasting styles part boxing fans and experts alike. One thing is for sure, Usyk has the technical ability over Joshua. So, if you are a technical fan and understand the movement and beauty of boxing then you will opt for an Usyk win.

To average watchers, the two heavyweights look worlds apart with Joshua towering over Usyk and with the body to match. AJ is cumbersome, however, with regimented movement and lacking punching variety. In stark contrast, Usyk moves effortlessly around the ring punching from various angles and with precision. Perhaps the war in Ukraine could play into the hands of Joshua in this bout? Usyk has braved the war and still managed to find time to train for AJ vs Usyk 2, how? Is anyone’s guess!


How to Bet on Anthony Joshua vs Usyk?

Probably for the first time in his career the odds are not on Anthony Joshua to win this fight. The dominant performance of Usyk in the last fight positions Usyk as the favourite. The Fight Outcome market looks to be a pretty good market, as opposed to round betting which has tight odds on the fight to go the distance.

Betway have good fight markets available for this fight. The lines will shift in the build-up to the fight as experts analyse body language, behaviours, and in particular the press conferences. Getting on bets now would be a good idea if you would like to bet on a particular fighter. If you would like to read more about Betway we have reviewed their bonuses and have some good information on how to use them here

Usyk to Win: 1.50

Joshua to Win: 2.62

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Anthony Joshua vs Usyk Fight Prediction:

This is a tough fight to call, especially given the situation in Ukraine, and how that may have impacted on Usyk’s training. The best odds, for me personally, sit in the Method Of Victory market. I would go for either by way of knockout. This market is better in odds than the fighter markets in terms of value.

Method of Victory:

EITHER – 5.50 Odds

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