English Premier League (EPL) Predictions, Tips and Fixtures 2022/23

England Premier League, EPL Predictions, and Betting Tips 2022/23


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English Premier League Predictions

The EPL is one of the fastest-paced leagues in the world. Being one of the most competitive leagues in the world, it naturally attracts the most betting activity. Our predictions in the EPL are gained by statistical analysis. By analyzing data from various points we are able to produce EPL predictions in three formats:

Over 2.5 Predictions

Over 2.5 goals is a popular market whereby the prediction is yes or no, to a result of over 2.5 goals. The lower odds under yes or no, means the prediction is in favour of said outcome.

Both Teams to Score

Both teams to score in the EPL has a high return rate. Many players will opt for this market, wagering Yes to both teams scoring in the game. Always check the odds at the bookmaker, as values change throughout the build up.


EPL 1×2 is the market in which you will decide who will win the match or if it will end in a draw. This market is one of the most popular markets in football betting. You will find varied odds depending on which team you are considering. Using a combination of high-value games in this market coupled with low odds banker bets can be an effective accumulator strategy.

When should I bet on the English Premier League Fixtures?

Opening lines at most bookmakers work in a weekly cycle. For the most part, the sooner the opening lines, the better the odds. The English Premier League is a highly documented league. Team news from around the clubs will force the odds to move during the build-up to games. If you are betting on a single line, we would advise 48 hours before kick-off. If you would like even more detail about betting the EPL check out our Top 5 EPL Tips

The EPL season runs usually from August through to May the following year. You can spot some potential goldmine predictions if you like future bets. Christmas time is always a brilliant time to look at potential winners of the league. It is also a great time to check out the relegation suspects and make predictions too.

Who are the Best Teams to Bet on in the EPL?

Apart from the obvious favourites Liverpool and Manchester City? Tottenham is one of our favourite teams to wager on in the BTTS market. Sometimes the value is not in the 1×2 market and routinely betting in this market can be draining! We make predictions in BTTS and over 2.5. Research the team form, goals conceded and goals scored. You will find good options in all three markets. With Newcastle’s investment in the 2022 season, they could be a perfect underdog bet throughout.

Is there a good stage of the season to bet on the EPL?

Betting on the English Premier League requires a little knowledge about the schedule. The league table can be deceiving, as the form drastically changes in such a competitive league. Team morale is a huge factor to consider, along with managerial changes. The outset of the season will always produce favourites, but many times the favourites fail to be league winners. Choosing the winner of the league at the start of the season can be tricky. If you are hoping for future bets, considering those strategically placed around December would be a good idea.

Betting on Player Markets in the EPL

Player markets are a great way to make money, especially in the goals market. With phenomenal players like Erling Haaland scoring goals regularly, the goals market is rife. Player market odds are usually pretty good options for combination bets.

First Goalscorer Market

One of the more popular markets is the first goal scorer market. In this market, you wager which player, out of the 22 starting players, will score first. Typically this market is unstable, very much a gamble with 22 players on the pitch at any one time.

Anytime Goalscorer

The Anytime Goalscorer market is a wager in predicting a player will score at any time during the match. There are some crowd pleasers in this market, however, where you will find slim odds. Haaland, Salah, and Kane are three players to name where you will find poor odds as they are more likely to score in a match. I would look out for players like Ivan Toney of Brentford, that does well to score with a good average and is worth the elevated odds.

Players to be carded

If I was betting in the 90’s this market would have been an absolute money spinner for me! The aggression in the game has died out somewhat with VAR and eagle-eyed referees. You may find defensive midfield players are most likely to be carded and defensive teams that play a high back line in defense. The shifting play in high line defensive teams means last ditch tackles which can result in cards.

10 Considerations in EPL Betting

  1. Strong Home Form: Teams with a high win rate at home are likely to perform well, as the comfort of playing in familiar surroundings can boost confidence.
  2. Player Transfers and Injuries: Keeping track of important player transfers and injuries can give you a better idea of a team’s strength.
  3. Manager and Tactics: The quality of a team’s manager and their tactics can have a significant impact on a team’s performance.
  4. Consistent Goal-Scoring: Teams with a consistent record of scoring goals are more likely to win matches, especially against weaker opposition.
  5. Strength of Opposition: Analyze the strength of the opposition, including their recent form, to determine if a team is likely to face a difficult match.
  6. Current Run of Form: Pay attention to a team’s recent results and form, as this can give you a good indication of how they are likely to perform in future matches.
  7. Financial Health of Club: The financial stability of a club can impact their ability to sign top players and make necessary improvements, affecting their chances of success.
  8. Head-to-Head Record: The head-to-head record between teams can give you an idea of their relative strengths and tendencies in their matches.
  9. Team Morale: A team’s morale, including their motivation, team spirit, and confidence, can greatly impact their performance on the pitch.
  10. Betting Odds: Follow the betting odds offered by reputable bookmakers, as they often have access to insider information and reflect the latest market trends, providing valuable insights into potential outcomes.

Top EPL Clubs

Manchester City: Man City have been a dominant force in English football in recent years, with their financial backing and world-class players making them a top contender in every competition.

  • Premier League: 5
  • European Cup: 0
  • FA Cup: 6
  • League Cup: 8
  • Others: 4

Chelsea: The Blues have been one of the top dogs of English football for years, with a strong squad and the backing of billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

  • Premier League: 6
  • European Cup: 1
  • FA Cup: 7
  • League Cup: 5
  • Others: 2

Manchester United: The Red Devils are the undisputed kings of English football, with a jaw-dropping 20 Premier League titles, 3 European Cups and numerous other trophies to their name.

  • Premier League: 20
  • European Cup: 3
  • FA Cup: 12
  • League Cup: 5
  • Others: 6

Arsenal: The Gunners have a rich history of success, with their eye-catching style of play making them one of the most entertaining teams in the league.

  • Premier League: 13
  • European Cup: 0
  • FA Cup: 14
  • League Cup: 2
  • Others: 1

Liverpool: The Reds are one of the most successful clubs in English football history, with their passionate fans and attacking style of play making them a joy to watch.

  • Premier League: 19
  • European Cup: 6
  • FA Cup: 7
  • League Cup: 8
  • Others: 3

Best English Premier League Betting Sites

As the EPL is one of the most popular leagues in the world you will find virtually all sites have odds for it. Choosing the right bookmaker is important for both the user experience and the betting odds. Finding value on some of the more predictable teams is hard. At Africa Bet Tips you will find we have our favourites in EPL betting, one of which is Bet365.