What does Asian Handicap Mean in Football Bets?

Written By Stuart

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There are a ton of betting markets. I am often asked “What does Asian Handicap mean”? by new players. In this quick article, you will go away with top-level knowledge of the Asian Handicap market. Most importantly you will learn how to play it.


What is an Asian Handicap Bet?

It is very similar to traditional handicap betting where you cover the spread difference on a team to win or lose. Simply, you wager on Manchester City to win -1 goal then they need to win by clear two goals for the bet to land. With Asian Handicap bets you have a lot more flexibility in wagering between these lines which we will go into. It is also important for you to know that Asian Handicap also goes by other names. ATS (Against the Spread) and Betting With The Spread are two western colloquialisms.


What is Asian Handicap 0.5 Meaning in Football Bets?

It does get a little more technical with half lines. Wagering on Manchester City to win +0.5, +1 means that you have covered the spread by one goal against. If Manchester City wins or draws then this is a winning bet. Gambling with this method is particularly successful in the NFL. There are a lot more points than soccer! It is known as betting with the spread. Application of this type of bet in games that are particularly close to calling a winner can result in good odds for players. Check out this example of Atlanta United vs Real Salt Lake tonight:

With this bet, we need Atlanta to win the game. If they lose by even one goal then the game cuts and there is no win. But, if they win by one goal, the stake is refunded, if they win by 2 goals the bet lands. Sound technical? It is a little bit, but basically, you are covering two outcomes here. These are a win by 1 for a returned stake, and a win by 2 which is a full payout. The standard handicap is a higher return rate of 3.20 to account for the single outcome, Asian Handicap covers your stake if you partially win.


What is Asian Handicap 1.5 in Football Bets?

It is virtually identical, you are covering your chosen side either plus or minus. If you cover Atlanta -1.5 then for the bet to win you need Atlanta to win by 3 clear goals to win. You get a returned stake if Atlanta wins 2-0. You will see favourable odds in the Asian Handicap markets but you need to be careful and fully understand win expectancies. Betting the spread is a popular way of betting in the US. Translated into football bets, it does get a little more complicated but spread betting can be lucrative.

Betting with the spread can be exciting because the odds are generous, especially in some American sports. But, if you are wagering in football then be sure to have done the best amount of research into your team as possible when betting with the spread. If you want to read how you can use Asian Handicap in sure win predictions click here


Should I Spread Bet in Football, or stick to Other Markets?

My advice is to test out with the Asian Handicap markets. I call it both Asian Handicap and Betting with the Spread as I use the terminology with multiple sports. If you are playing single lines then I would definitely use the handicap markets. If your preference is to play accumulators then you may not get the full benefit of playing these markets. You will find some useful information on all of the bet types and the best ways to play them in our betting strategy pages.






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