Best Tipster Predictions for Today

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What is a Tipster?

Picking straight win, both teams to score, and all the other football markets is an art. Make no mistake, being a tipster comes with responsibility. I have personally seen so many pretenders choose games frivolously and call themselves a tipster. Providing a pick, without providing the research, is like providing medicine without instructions. We have two tipsters on our team that have honed their craft through years of playing professional football and gambling. These tips are fully researched, analyzed, and then re-researched before kick-off to counter-line movement.


What is a Sure Bet Tipster?

There is no such thing. Forget the Facebook hoards pretending they are King of Tips, King of Correct Score, and King of 2 Odds. Posting a game on a Facebook profile and hoping that it lands so you can charge an audience is an embarrassing practice. There is just something about social media fakers that just really gets me frustrated. You spend so many hours researching as a professional tipster to get the best value for your audience. Then, your creativity and hours of research are tarnished by a terrible wannabe using social media as a window to steal money.

There is no sure bet and you guys need to be clear about this. The word sure and bet, don’t even make sense in the same sentence, it is a double negative. However, you can minimise risk by choosing bets that yield lower odds – but where is the fun in that? We are in gambling business to make money, nothing else. If your tipster cannot make you money by producing well-researched and documented odds, then stay away from them.


What Leagues/Games do you cover as a Tipster?

We have knowledge in many leagues. In particular, I like the Australian NPL leagues which play games on Wednesday and Friday usually. Outside of that, I love the UK lower leagues, I find the odds to be some of the best you will find. If you need a specific tip, then reach out to us on Facebook Messenger and check in with us.


What do we think of the other Guys?

Is there any better tipster than Africa Bet tips?


Haha, to be honest, naturally, there is an air of competition when it comes to gambling right? Irrespective, those sites that put themselves out there by making tipster predictions for an audience deserve credit.

Personally, I prefer that a tipster shows their research into making a tipster prediction. If the research is not provided it leads me to believe that none has been done and that the tips are just words on a page. I completely understand that by making a prediction, potentially people may lose money. So, when one is made, I try to provide as much detail as possible. If a player reads the research and decides that it is enough to go and wager, then hopefully I have done my job.


How many Tipster Predictions will we make a Day?

There may well be winning bets every single day. I will do my utmost with my partner to provide detailed analysis on a daily basis. But, sometimes, the bet is just not there. There is no point in putting words on a page unless you are willing to go and produce the same bet yourself. Managing temptation to bet is half the job as a professional gambler and managing expectations is most of the job as a tipster.


Do we produce high-odds games?

Of course. That is all we do. If we pick a game that isn’t double your money then what is the point in wagering? Unless it is a guaranteed banker bet, with good odds, there would be no point. We can sometimes find some high-odds games in home wins. We have written an article on the top 5 tips for home wins sure tips here.



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