Can Betway in Kenya Make you Rich? Please Don’t Share This Strategy!

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I have been gambling for a very long time, and have used multiple betting platforms. I have managed to make gambling a full-time profession. As such, you have good days and bad days. Have you been a player that has managed to land 9 out of 10 games. Only for your accumulator only to be let down by one single game? If you want to know how to use Betway in Kenya to make some money you’ve come to the right place!


How to Register, Use Bonuses and Win in Betway in Kenya

So you have been to Google and seen all the websites and promotions on how to get the Betway in Kenya bonus right? Well, has anyone told you the small print and how best to use this bonus to make some money? First of all, the bonus Betway offer is 50% on top of your first deposit – this is awarded as a Free Bet.


Signing up with a new bookmaker is essential to get good bonuses, and turn the additional offer into money. The small print taking the Betway bonus is that you need to wager 3.00 against your first deposit. If you use this deposit wisely, you can take back your initial deposit. And then you can wager your real bets with the Betway bonus. I have used this strategy in 99% of my betting, meaning that it has hardly ever cost me to open an account.

Step Two – Choose two games at 1.50 and one game at 1.40 odds. This will give you a combined total of 3.14 odds.

The reason we only take three games is that it minimises the possibility of a losing game in a larger accumulator. Personally, I like to take BTTS, 1×2 or Over 1.5 goals as bet types to get my money back. You will find fantastic options for your initial bet on Friday mornings and Saturday mornings in Australia. Both Teams to Score odds are usually pretty low in Australian leagues but 1×2 in the Queensland NPL league is brilliant for the predictability.


3x Your Deposit Won, Now go to Betway App Download

If you have wagered in the leagues I have suggested you have now won 3x your initial deposit, you’re welcome! It doesn’t matter how small your deposit was, or how much you won. You have won, that is the main thing, and therefore you are not out of pocket. The next stage is to go and download the app from Betway. You can do this via the Betway APK on the website or you can download it in your iOS app store.

The app is brilliant for watching your bets unfold during the course of the games. To be honest Betway in Kenya is probably one of the best apps we have used. The live betting function is fantastic, second to only Bet365.


How to Use the Betway in Kenya Free Bets

You will be awarded your Free Bets as an amount in your betting wallet that can be used to wager. The next step of making some more money is being smart with it, so you never have to deposit again. Double your money up, on every single bet! Rather than making a ridiculous accumulator with 100 odds build this Free Bet money into real withdrawable cash! So, you are only going to take odds at a maximum of 2.25 and quickly turn this cash over. This is what you call sharp betting! You are only going to wager a maximum of two games in any single bet. Hypothetically speaking you wagered 140 shillings on your first bet: You now have 70 shillings in Free Bets and 442 shillings in cash – withdraw that cash!

We are now going to use Betway’s bonus free bet to take some more money away from them. You are going to find 2.25 odds from two games, preferably in the big leagues like the EPL or La Liga. You will get 2.25 odds from two games at 1.50. Now, wager up and only use 50% of your 70 shillings. Once this bet lands you now have 113 shillings. Again, find the same odds but only use 50% of your balance, which will be 57 shillings. Once this bet lands you now have 185 shillings.

This theory can be used strategically and by lowering the percentage amount of a bet by 5% on each stake, meaning that you are earning more but keeping safe your betting wallet. Take the Betway in Kenya bonus to the desired amount by staking a percentage and lowering the amount of odds by 0.10 on each bet. Once you have taken your balance to 20x your initial deposit, you can relax and wait for another day, don’t let greed get the best of you!


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