How to Make Betika Predictions that Actually Win

Written By Stuart

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Betika has been long serving some of Africa’s prime nations with a fantastic betting site. Making successful Betika predictions requires knowledge of the platform and where its strengths lay. I have played with Betika for a couple of years and, personally, think the betting site is one of the best around. The football betting arm of the betting site has virtually all the markets you require to make some great predictions. As with any betting site, you have an army of social media “experts” claiming to have the winning predictions for the day. Remember, these guys are representatives of themselves, not the betting site; let me take you through how to really win cash at Betika.


What is Betika like as a Betting Site?

Betika has one of the cleanest platforms you can ask for in football betting. People often understate the importance of having a clean platform in order to make successful predictions. Ultimately, the odds are the main driver of players using a betting site, or word of mouth. But, Betika offers a super clean site that is easy to navigate. Navigation is crucial in being able to make fast bets, especially when it comes to live betting. The odds are good, in particular in the 1×2 market, where most recreational wagers are taken. I have seen some fantastic value in markets other sites are tight on.

The payout times at Betika can be varied, depending on the amount of money you have won. I have seen as fast as 24 hours and as slow as 3 days. Payout times vary with most betting sites though, especially when it comes to substantial withdrawals.


What are the best Betika Predictions in Football Bets?

Different betting sites will have their individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to betting markets. Some will offer good value in some markets and not so much in others. I have followed some Telegram accounts and even paid for some Telegram services that use Betika predictions as their tips. To be frank, some of the predictions have more value at other betting sites. The important thing to understand when someone is giving Betika predictions, is they are likely making money from Betika. I have, however, found some great value in these markets with Betika:

Betika Combo Market Predictions

Betika has one of the best combination sections in football betting I have seen. The combination bets with Both Teams to Score and Double Chance are fantastic. The halftime combinations are particularly healthy in odds and offer huge values. Wagering in combination half-time bets is a little bit of a punt because of the huge odds. But, who dares wins I’ve heard many times before!

Betika 1×2 Predictions

Probably one of the best markets for Betika in my opinion. The odds in the 1×2 market are some of the best you will find in Africa. Some, more major games, will have the obvious slim odds but even then, they have been better than others. If you are a 1×2 player then for sure you should be checking the odds at Betika as a benchmark.

Who Will Win Predictions

Betika also offers a “who will win” market, where you make a prediction in the traditional 1×2 market. The good thing about this is also you will get your money back if the game is a draw. Various betting sites offer a similar market. Bet365 has “Bore Draw” It is a nice feature that some betting sites in Africa don’t offer. The good thing about Betika is the odds are not too dissimilar from the 1×2 market which could entice some.

Win Betika Predictions with Africa Bet Tips


Are there any bonuses I should use for Betika Predictions?

Betika has not been forthcoming with sign-up bonuses but does have some interesting bonuses for loyalty. Some betting sites will pride themselves on the retention of players as opposed to acquisition. I am an advocate of this to a point, but I do feel from a business perspective it freezes some out. I have written a review on the sign-up process which you could find useful here.


How do the odds compare with other betting sites in Africa?

The odds are brilliant. To be honest, I have found Betika to be one of my most used betting sites. There are sometimes fluctuations in the odds around games that could be seen as a banker bet. But, for the most part, the odds offer good value in core markets used by recreational gamblers. If you are looking for banker bet predictions you should check out some of the best predictions we offer daily here.


Should I listen to a Betika Tipster?

Ok, so perhaps this is an area where I can come off as a little condescending. Social media is rife with punters believing they are tipsters. I am still to find someone that I think is good enough to consider themselves a tipster. My problem is, they produce their ticket, or their excerpt with the teams, with no information. A tipster should be showing their reasoning for making their Betika predictions. Let us be real, you would have to hit an absolute gold mine to find a real Betika tipster that was offering services free. So, with that in mind, what is their real reason for offering tips? Mine is clear, to create a platform that educates on gambling. Your attention is valuable to me, and I am honest about offering it.

So, if you are signed into a WhatsApp group, or Telegram channel that offers Betika predictions consider the intentions of the owner. If they are making you money, then fantastic, but if they were, would you be here? If you are considering paying for a tipster, or currently paying for one, stop it right now. Please, do not give your money away, learn your trade and become a better gambler yourself.


Are there any scammers making Betika Predictions?


The photoshop predictions that you have seen on social media winning huge bets. Those guys are lying. For some reason, people seem to think it is okay to attract an audience of people that need money. Then, use that audience to line their pockets by offering predictions that are paid for. If these people were winning that much money, do you think they would want to take your $150 for a “fixed match” Of course they wouldn’t, they would be busy wagering their next winning prediction.

It is an unfortunate thing that some of us real players, are being marred by the actions of these terrible people. Betika is a good platform and an honest offering for an African audience. Utilize the various websites with good information and collate your drawing board which will make you a better gambler. Stay away from these fake social media profiles claiming to have won X-amount from the Betika platform.