Betway Review of Bonus, Registration and Odds by Players for Players 2023

Written By Stuart

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Betway has been active in Africa for a long while and holds a good market share of most countries. The global company is well reputed amongst players as one of the best bookmakers around. Personally, I have used Betway as one of my primary bookmakers and, in multiple countries. Ill give my frank and honest opinion of Betway on core considerations before registering.


The Best of Betway

The user experience from Betway has to be one of the best I have found. The app is extremely smooth, as is the website. Loyalty offerings are good, I particularly like the Accumulator Weekly Bonus. Here are some of my favourite points Betway have to offer:

  • Fantastic App and Slick Website
  • Good Customer Service
  • Good Bonus
  • Good Coverage of most Football matches
  • Live Stream of Matches
  • Quick Live Betting Functionality

It is the small details I appreciate from Betway. If you need to speak to someone in customer service they are always prompt and available. It seems like a very small detail, but when a match has been postponed on your accumulator and the cash out is gone, you realise how important conversation is! Me, as a Live Betting enthusiast, I cannot stress enough how important app speed is.


The Worst of Betway

For every positive there has to be a negative and there are two core areas I think Betway struggle which can be frustrating at times:

  • Limited lower-level football matches
  • Cash-out only on specific betting markets
  • The Odds

As a keen researcher, I will look at more obscure leagues for potential winning bets. I find with Betway, they have great coverage of well-known leagues but is limited in lower levels. If I find a game on one of my fixtures platforms in China Division 3, I want to be able to bet on it. The selective choice of coverage comes from the higher powers at Betway, but steals away my edge, at times. Cash outs are limited to specific markets which can be frustrating at times also. And, the odds, are not as good as some other bookmakers which sometimes means Betway loses my stake. I cannot stress enough the importance of line shopping with different bookmakers to ensure you get the most value.


What is Betway’s Bonus Like?

The 100% deposit bonus is pretty standard these days, there is nothing special about Betway’s offer. That being said, it is enough of a bonus to make some real impact to your money bank if you know what you are doing! We wrote an article on how to use the Betway bonus that you should find interesting if you are serious.


What Do I need to Register?

Registering with Betway is the easy part. Just head to their website here and you can follow the sign-up process. You will need to ensure you input your correct name and phone number. KYC may ask for further identification in some countries but that is a bridge you may have to cross on your first withdrawal! Betway is serious and fully legit, so it is best to be a straight shooter with them.

Register with Betway Africa, one of the most serious betting sites

When I win, How Long do they take to Pay me?

My personal experience is really positive. They will usually send withdrawn funds within 24 hours meaning a total 48 hour turnaround. Of course, a lot of this depends on your deposit method. If you use Skrill or Neteller it may be a little slower but if you use your bank account it is fast. A little piece of advise, if you want to bet again in the next couple of days, I would leave a small percentage of your winnings in the betting book.


You Should use Betway if:

  • You enjoy a fast betting platform with plenty of games and multiple betting markets.
  • Football betting is your passion and you prefer major leagues to bet on.
  • You are fully legit and are not worried about a company having your information.
  • You like Both Teams to Score markets. Betway has some of the best options for BTTS markets.

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