Should You be Betting with Cash Out?

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Betting with cash out can be the Achilles heel of a punter or the golden goose. I am a cash out player, let’s be clear about that. But, at the same time, I have saved some bets with cash out and I have also lost some. It can be particularly lucrative for a betting site to offer you cash out for a ticket they are sure is going to win. The money the betting sites can save is sometimes huge, but players think that the cash out is there for the punter. Is it? Let me take you through the pros and cons of cash out, then you decide!


What is Betting with Cash Out

Essentially, a cash out is an offer for the existing ticket you have playing at a betting site. The price offering fluctuates during the games to reflect the game action and market bias. Unless you are physically at a match or watching it live, it can be hard to determine whether or not the game is going in your favor. The cash out price is reflective of the hypothesis of your ticket. For example, if you have Manchester United to win and they are applying consistent pressure against their opponent, you may notice your cash out price starts high. If the opponent begins to come back into the game, or defends diligently, without conceding too many shots on target, the price will drop.


What are the Pros and Cons of a Betting with Cash Out?

I am not going to lie. I have a love/hate relationship with the cash out button! As I said earlier that I have saved some tickets that were not going to win by taking more than I had staked. I have also taken huge hits on cashing out on tickets that actually won. I distinctly remember a ticket that hurt me the most. There was a double stake with two teams to win, there were only 5 mins remaining in both games. The betting site offered me 25% of my original stake. I thought it was a decent offer and so I took it. God only knows how both of my teams scored in the 96th minute and the ticket won. That me red-faced and $200 lighter in my pocket. I also had a friend that went through a depression after he cashed out a ticket that eventually won. The Switzerland game he lost saw two late goals – which cost him $50,000.

Betting with cash out in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana


When should you be betting cashout?

Ultimately, whether you choose to bet cashout or not is your choice. But, playing the cashout game can work positively for you. As a punter that constantly monitors games I have wagers in, I believe in cashing out in certain situations.

Cashing on the Underdog

When I have wagered in the 1×2 market I am a stickler for cashing out on my underdog game. Typically I use this technique in the second half of games. If my underdog is playing away from home and nicks a goal, I am almost certain to cash out. Typically, the 1×2 market cash out on an underdog means double your money. I am usually happy with that. In football, underdogs may win from time to time. But, in the 1×2 market I have a tactic that I use a lot! I cash out for double my money, then immediately, I wager on the favourite in the Double Chance market. I have used this tactic so many times it is scary! With a huge win rate too.

Cash Out on BTTS

Toward the end of football matches, if the score is 0-0, the BTTS odds are particularly lucrative. If my favorite goes down to ten men, I like to wager both teams to score. Depending on the time of the game, you can find odds as high as 10.00 after half time. The underdog will usually see more possession if the favorite is down to ten men. When that happens I always fancy them to score. Even so, dependent on how heavy the favorite is, I doubt the favorite will lose. So rather than bet 1×2 – I will take the elevated odds in BTTS.


Who is the best cash out betting sites?

There are tons of betting sites with cash out and many punters sign up based on the offer. There are some sites, however, that offer a lot more value in the cash out market than others. Betway is one of the most well-known betting sites in Africa. Despite Betway being a mammoth business, their cash out offers are poor. Betway only offers the service in some of their markets, which I think is terrible. But, nonetheless, the service does exist.

Here are my top three betting sites with cash out. You can also read more about them by clicking and reading the review on each betting site.


By far the most comprehensive betting site with extremely good cash out value. I use Bet365 for most of my football betting as the app is seamless.


Bet9ja is a very decent secondary option to Bet365. As the business goes, they are usually pretty good with pay outs, for quick turnaround. I like Bet9ja, specifically in 1×2 market betting.


Betika are one of the best betting sites in Kenya with a huge following. The website is clean, the cash out option solid, and the overall experience good on football bets.