Chelsea Match Today, Stats Analysis and Betting Insights

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Chelsea have are one of the best sides in the Premier League. But, how do their performances and stats of last season prepare them for another year? We have compiled the stats in core betting markets, alongside opinions from one of our tipsters. Check out the most comprehensive head-to-head data for the Chelsea match today


vs Fulham (West London Derby)

Chelsea have announced the sacking of Thomas Tuchel and will go into the Fulham game a little flustered. If Chelsea are to take a win at Craven Cottage they will need a quick resolution in management. On paper, of course, Chelsea are the better side, but Fulham has adapted well so far to life in the Premier League. The fluid play of Fulham will pose problems for Chelsea that dominate most games in possession. In fact, Fulham have outscored Chelsea so far this season with 9 goals from 6 games against Chelsea’s 8 goals. Chelsea should expect a win against a side that last beat Chelsea in 2006, some 21 games ago. Considering Chelsea’s chances in this game will be tough having only scored twice away from home this season. In the 2021/22 season, Chelsea had exemplary away form winning 63% of their games.

This head-to-head is anyone’s guess but I would consider Both Teams to Score as the most viable option. The Chelsea Match today will be one of the first times the two sides have faced each other in the top flight for many years.


vs West Ham (London Derby)

West Ham are a hit-and-miss side, capable of beating sides with their direct style of football. Chelsea, however, have a good record against West Ham in the 1×2 market, winning 56% of their last 30 games. Raheem Sterling, for Chelsea, could be a defining factor as he is enjoying early popularity for the blues. His record against West Ham is good having only lost 3 times against West Ham and scoring 8 goals in his 19 games. Moving in as a striker from the wing should increase his opportunities in front of goal. Over 1.5 goals has occurred in 70% of the last 30 meetings and Both Teams to Score in 48%. West Ham are notorious for being diligent at home perhaps best illustrated in the 2021/22 season last game. West Ham came back from 0-1 to win the game 3-2 despite only having 36% possession. The pressure from Chelsea saw them take 9 corners against West Ham’s 1, but fluid counterattacks ensured the win for the Hammers.

My prediction in the Chelsea vs West Ham match would be Over 1.5 goals. These London derbies can be explosive, however, and in the last match there were 4 cards. Check the bookings market to see which yield the best odds as over 3 bookings could be another valuable market.


vs Southampton

The start of the season away loss for Chelsea brought scrutinization. Southampton seem to be somewhat of a tricky team for Chelsea. In their last 5 meetings, there has been 17 goals but there is an insecurity about Chelsea at home. The last 5 home meetings between Chelsea vs Southampton has ended in three draws, 1 win, and 1 loss against the Saints. Chelsea do enjoy the much more enriched historic head-to-head results having only lost 3 times in 23 games, however. This game has produced Over 1.5 goals an incredible 91% of the last 24 games. Over 2.5 has landed in 63% of the same game ratio. Both Teams to Score has landed in 65%.

If you were to check the historic results between Chelsea vs Southampton most would opt for a Chelsea win. I have looked at this game a number of times and the 1×2 market offers poor odds on a Chelsea win. Chelsea, on paper, are the side that most would opt for but with the average odds being below evens, its a poor bet. From my point of view, the over 1.5 goals market is a sure bet, if you fancy more of a risk, over 2.5 has the edge over the bookies.

Chelsea vs Southampton predictions by betting experts at Africa Bet Tips


vs Leicester City

This is one of my favourite head-to-heads of the season! Leicester have solidified themselves as a powerhouse of an EPL team in recent years. Leicester winning the Premier League some seasons ago gave them the financial power to compete with some of the country’s best teams. The attraction of world-class players to Leicester consolidated them and they continue to impress. So far this season, Leicester have been awful, but I do not expect them to be a struggling side come May. Chelsea vs Leicester has produced some fantastic games and 12 goals in the last 5 matches. Chelsea have the better head-to-head record over the last 22 games, winning 11 and drawing 6 times. The game has ended at a rate of 75% over the last 22 games.

Chelsea should be favourites against Leicester City whether home or away, on a normal day. Both Teams to Score has only landed in 52% of the last 22 games. With that in mind, I would opt for the BTTS market. Leicester will be forced to throw caution the wind with their dire start to the season. Chelsea are a decent defending team but their over-protective possession play causes holes that teams like Leicester will exploit on the counter.


vs Leeds

The Premier League needs teams like Leeds. Leeds, for me, have been a breath of fresh air. Their attacking play is sometimes unpredictable, their defensive duties somewhat redundant but their passion phenomenal. Their 3-0 win against Chelsea this season already raised eyebrows. Losing to Leeds in that fashion probably played a part in the sacking of Tuchel from the Blues. Historically, however, Chelsea last loss to Leeds came in 2002, some 9 games ago. You would be surprised to learn that Leeds actually hold the better overall historic record against Chelsea. Leeds were once as dominant side in the top flight of English football. But, we are talking here and now! Chelsea vs Leeds has produced 15 goals in the last 5 matches with Over 2.5 landing in 4 out of 5 matches. BTTS has landed in 2 of the 5 matches. Chelsea hold the better current record, winning 60% of the last five games.

Despite the Leeds win, I think Chelsea are by far a superior side. The 1×2 market may not offer the odds the game deserves and so I have gone for a Win and Over 2.5 Goals for Chelsea. The odds will be enhanced by combining the markets and the surety bolstered by the fact that over 2.5 has landed in 60% of the last 10 games.


vs Tottenham (London Derby)

Another London derby involving two class act sides. Tottenham have been a team of weird and wonderful things. At the same time, they have been unpredictable in games against lesser opposition. With players like Son, Kane, and Kulusevski they are capable of scoring at will. Despite Tottenham being a fantastic side, the 1×2 market has been dominated by Chelsea. You would need to go back as far as 2019 to find Tottenham’s last win against Chelsea. Chelsea have won 60% of the last 10 matches and drawn 4. It is a curious statistic for Chelsea as the assumption would expect the games to have been a little more shared. Tottenham do pose huge threats in their forward line. But for some reason or another, simply cannot contain Chelsea, home or away. Over 2.5 goals has only landed in two of the last 5 matches and would be a risky bet.

My bet would be on Chelsea to win to nil. The odds would be huge in this bet, and most wouldn’t consider it. But, over the last 10 matches Chelsea have won to nil in 6 out of 10 matches.

The best tips on Chelsea vs Tottenham by betting experts @ Africa Bet Tips


vs Everton

On paper, this game could easily be mistaken as a Chelsea dominating win. Everton have been an unpredictable team through the years. Perhaps this is best illustrated in the 1×2 market which shows Everton’s home performances have led them to victory over Chelsea in 80% of the last 5 matches. In fact, Chelsea have only beaten Everton away from home 3 times in the last 10 matches. Over Over the last 3 seasons Chelsea vs Everton has failed to be a spectacle, often falling short of much in the way of goals. Both teams scoring has only landed once in the last 5 matches. Everton perhaps encapsulates the essence of Liverpool with workmanlike, diligent performances from their side.

Under 2.5 goals is the best bet in Chelsea vs Everton. It has landed in 100% of the last 5 matches and 80% of the last 10 matches. Forget the 1×2 market in betting Chelsea to win. The market is low value and will be a potential banana skin for your accumulators!


Massive Chelsea Match Today vs Liverpool (Title Contenders)

Probably one of the hottest tickets in the Premier League. Liverpool have been outstanding in recent seasons, and despite the loss of Sadio Mane continue to look good. Liverpool will draw a crowd at whichever club they attend and playing against Chelsea is no different. Surprisingly, Chelsea have a formidable record against Liverpool over the last 5 matches. They have won 1 and drawn 4 against one of the best teams in the world. On researching the match facts of Chelsea vs Liverpool, even I was surprised to have found this statistic. Liverpool are a fast side, their front three could be seen as one of the most dangerous in the world, let alone the Premier League. Regardless of their front line, Liverpool have only managed 3 goals in their last 5 meetings. Chelsea’s tendency to hold possession of the ball frustrates Liverpool and with the monkey on the back, it is hard to shake it. Over 2.5 goals has only landed once in their last 5 meetings and BTTS has landed twice.

In my opinion, Chelsea Double Chance is a fantastic sure bet. Liverpool have only won 3 of the last 10 meetings. Their wins came in 2019 and 2020, so Chelsea have two years unbeaten against Liverpool within 90 minutes.


vs Crystal Palace (London Derby)

Palace last beat Chelsea in 2017. Chelsea have 100% win record against Palace over the last 10 matches. Their dominance in possession coupled with the poor defending from a Palace side that leaks goals are the prospective reasons. For me, Crystal Palace are an exciting Premier League team but they lack patience. Zaha is probably one of the best wingers in the league. His unpredictability is much like his mother club suffers from petulant mistakes. Over the last 5 matches there have been 15 goals with Chelsea scoring 14 of them! Over 2.5 goals has landed in 60% of the last 5 matches and 60% of the last 10 matches. Both teams have scored in only 4 of the last 10 matches with only 1 in the last 5. Palace can outplay many teams in the Premier League but struggle against Chelsea that’s for sure.

In my opinion, the best bet in a Chelsea vs Crystal Palace match-up would be Chelsea Over 1.5 goals. The odds will be better than the 1×2 market where Chelsea will be heavy favourites with their impeccable record.


vs Wolves

This is another tricky fixture which, on first glance, would seem to offer nothing else but a Chelsea win. Wolves are a workmanlike side that deliver in hard running performances closing down space. The tireless running could be seen as an attempt to disgruntle superior passing sides but, when they get it right, it works. Wolves are not without flair of their own. The wingers are dangerous on the counterattack and can pose problems for any side in the league.

The 1×2 market may not be as fruitful as one would think in banking a Chelsea win. Chelsea have only won 1 of the last 5 matches and 4 in the last 10. What is interesting is that Chelsea vs Wolves has ended in 1 Chelsea win, 1 Wolves in and 3 draws in the last 5 matches. The 1×2 market could be a dangerous pitfall for those in the accumulator market, especially with tightening odds. Over 2.5 goals has only landed in 1 of the last 5 matches and 4 of the last 10. Be careful with Chelsea vs Wolves because these sides have hard fought matches. In fact, Chelsea have only beaten Wolves away once since their reintroduction to the Premier League.

In my opinion, I would go with Wolves Double Chance in this fixture. You would get higher odds than the Chelsea win. And with only 1 win against Wolves away coming in 2019, it is a great bet.  The Chelsea match today is just one of the predictions we make, you could also check out our top tips on EPL betting.


vs Aston Villa

Aston Villa are a tough Birmingham side that just seem to be solid in the Premier League. I am not sure what a seasons expectations are for Villa but their consolidation in the league is admirable. Villa are a decent side that but do struggle against Chelsea whether home or away. Chelsea have won this fixture in 70% of their last 10 games, losing only once to Villa which came in 2021. over 2.5 goals has landed in 60% of the last 10 games. It is perhaps the Both Teams to Score market that offers more of a sure bet. BTTS has landed in 70% of the last 10 games in Chelsea vs Aston Villa. From the start of the season Villa are already averaging two goals conceded per game. With Ollie Watkins, surely to get a move to a bigger club this season, there is goals in the club.

I am going out on my sword here but for the best odds and a likely outcome, Chelsea to Win and Both Teams to Score is my bet. Chelsea seem to free score against Aston Villa. 21 goals in their last 10 meetings for Chelsea with a 70% win ratio is a pot of gold in my eyes! If you would like to see all of our tips not just the Chelsea match today then check out out EPL predictions


vs Brentford (West London Derby)

Brentford smacked Chelsea 4-1 away from home at the end of last season. For whatever reason, Brentford fired home goals left, right, and centre despite only having 29% possession. Until this game, Chelsea retained an unbeaten record against The Bees. Do I think this will happen again? No. Brentford are a good Premier League side but they are a young team and still have yet to master game management. I think Brentford will have another good season this year and single out Ivan Toney as the main threat against Chelsea. In fact, Ivan Toney has already been linked with a move to Chelsea but I think he is more likely to go elsewhere. Over 2.5 goals has landed in 4 of Chelsea vs Brentford 6 matches. Irrespective of that, I am not sure that Over 2.5 is the best bet. Three of these matches came before Brentford held Premier League status, meaning they would have been cup matches.

My sure bet on Chelsea vs Brentford would be both teams to score. Chelsea will not be snuffed out by an unpredictable Brentford side that are still learning how to manage teams at this level. That being said, Brentford have the firepower and pace of play to nick goals against big sides.


Another Big Chelsea Match Today vs Manchester United (Rivalry)


I remember watching the FA Cup final in 1994. This game would be one that I would always remember as I sang Cantona, Cantona, Hughes, and McClair. The game ended 4-0 with those I sang of scoring the winning goals. Chelsea vs Manchester United has been a bitter rivalry despite coming from two different parts of the country. Both sides attract the worlds best players and both sides are capable of thumping wins against the other. The last 5 matches have ended in a bore draw 4 times, with Chelsea winning 1 of the games. In 2020 Chelsea did steal a 1-3 win at Old Trafford. Considering the quality of both sides, I would expect the 1×2 market to offer pretty even odds on both sides. The most value would probably be found in the draw, which is usually the hardest to predict. These two have only scored 4 goals between them, however, in the last 4 meetings. Over 2.5 has been another dry market, landing only twice in 10 matches.

This season I think both Manchester United and Chelsea look more vulnerable than previous seasons. For that reason, I think Both Teams to Score would be the most valuable market to wager in. With players like Ronaldo and Antony in the fold there is goals for Manchester United. Conversely, Chelsea have Raheem Sterling and Havertz that play on the shoulder and will sneak opportunities in behind a slow spine in the defence of Man United. If you are thinking about taking a bet on this Chelsea match today then check out some of the best odds at Sportybet

Betting tips on Chelsea vs Manchester United by Africa Bet Tips experts



vs Brighton

I lived and breathed Brighton for a long time. Having been part of the training schedule for a period I always dreamed Brighton would end up in the Premier League. I still have friends that play for the club and seeing them grow as players as I retired is pretty amazing. Their form so far this season has signalled early intent. Graham Potter has delivered on a Brighton DNA that controls games well and injects speed from the flanks. Chelsea have clearly struggled to deal with what could be considered as a lesser club in recent games. Chelsea vs Brighton has ended in 4 draws and only 1 win for Chelsea in the last 5 meetings. Brighton have a knack of frustrating sides as they, too, control possession well. In the 1×2 market Chelsea have beaten Brighton in 6 of the last 10 meetings. That being said, th first 5 wins came during the first couple of seasons Brighton enjoyed in the Premier League. Over 2.5 goals has only landed once in the last 5 meetings. Two teams that hold possession as well as these two can sometimes cancel each other out.

For me, if Brighton are playing at home I would go with Both Teams to Score. Brighton have scored in 6 of the 7 games played at home against Chelsea.


The Big Chelsea Match Today vs Arsenal (The London Derby)

Another fantastic London fixture when this comes around. Arsenal hit a slump in the last few seasons and have been out of the loop amongst the best in the Premier League. That being said, real quality clubs have winning DNA ingrained in their bloodline and it was only a matter of time before they came back. Arteta was given grace last season and seemed to fire back toward the back end of the season despite spending weeks at the foot of the table. Arsenal’s patience has rewarded them with a team that looks like competing this season. Chelsea vs Arsenal has been a game of winners. In the last 10 matches there has only been 1 draw, Chelsea have won 4 matches, and Arsenal 5. The 1×2 market will have a slight favourite in this game depending on team news, so much could come down to the time of year and the turbulence at both clubs. Team morale will be a factor, but the signing of Aubameyang, once the Arsenal captain, will add further passion to the game. Over 2.5 has landed in 70% of the last 10 meetings between these two sides. Both Teams to Score has landed in 60% of these matches too.

I am going to make a player market prediction here. Aubameyang to Score at Anytime. Players returning to old clubs usually ends up with a story. Aubameyang moving from Arsenal to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Chelsea will infuriate Arsenal fans. He is a player of sheer quality with a good eye for goal. His outlandish behaviour also signals confidence and I expect him to do the damage to Arsenal. I think it is safer bet than the 1×2 market. If you fancy a bet in on this Chelsea match today I would recommend player markets at Betway

Chelsea Match Today vs Man City

Man City vs Chelsea promises to be one of the highlights of the season. Chelsea may change their possession tactics against Man City, who play with a slick passing fluidity. They press high and hold possession well also but with more injection than other possession-based sides. Surprisingly, Chelsea hold the better 1×2 market record against Man City, winning 3 of the last 5 matches. But, Man City hold 5 wins and 1 draw in the last 10. Betting 1×2 in a Chelsea vs Man City game could be a death sentence as the results are so changeable. If I was predicting today, I would say a Manchester City win. That being said, new management and a solid 3 or 4 wins and team morale could well be a deciding factor for a Chelsea win. Manchester City are stable, in their frequent devastating form, and capable of pulling a Chelsea defence into danger from any flank. Raheem Sterling’s move to Chelsea will be another factor in this game as he is sure to want to prove a point against his old club. Over 2.5 goals has only landed once in the last 5 matches, but 5 times in the last 10.

It is a very tough prediction but I would go with Over 1.5 goals as a sure bet between these two sides. It has only landed in 50% of the last 10 matches but I cannot see Chelsea holding Man City from scoring. If Manchester City score early, they will dictate the pace of the game forcing Chelsea into chasing and leaving holes. Pep Guardiola is a master of exploiting holes in sides and I expect that they will score multiple times if there is an early goal. The best odds for this Chelsea match today typically is Bet365


vs Newcastle United (New Ownership)

The rules of engagement change when you have a side that have just taken on heavy investment. Newcastle, technically, are now the richest football club in the world. I expect that in the coming seasons Newcastle will change the law books when it comes to player investment and facilities. It may be too early to make an impact on their “on-pitch” results but they will have an air of confidence they seldom had before. In the last 5 matches Chelsea vs Newcastle has ended with 4 Chelsea wins and 1 Newcastle win. I am not sure it will end the same this season. Newcastle are growing a team of good players at the club, and no doubt, the club are going through coaching changes in the background. Money can change a lot of things but I expect Newcastle to be a side that upsets the likes of Chelsea this season. Despite Chelsea winning 80% of the last 10 meetings between the two sides this is a new breed of Newcastle. In the Over 2.5 goals market, there have only been 3 games in favour. Both Teams to Score has only landed in 20% of the last 10 matches.

I am going to go out on a limb and predict Newcastle Double Chance in this fixture. Newcastle will be even more likely to nick a result in the home game this season. Their fans are priceless and create an intimidating atmosphere and will be pumped when Chelsea come to town!

The best tips on Chelsea vs Newcastle by betting experts at Africa Bet Tips


vs Bournemouth (League Newcomers)

The seaside town of Bournemouth is a speck against the likes of Chelsea. Irrespective, Bournemouth actually hold a pretty good record against Chelsea, especially in the last 5 matches. Bournemouth have won 2 and drawn 1 against Chelsea over this period. Bournemouth still lack the Premier League DNA which helps to manage games. I find Bournemouth to be good going forward but their midfield gives up valuable space and causes overloads on their defence. With players like Havertz and Sterling picking up pockets between the lines Bournemouth will struggle to contain the movement. There have been 13 goals scored between the two sides in the last 5 meetings. Bournemouth always strike me as having a cumbersome defence. I do like how Bournemouth attack though, they have raw pace and sometimes that can be enough. Both Teams to Score has only landed in 40% of the last 10 meetings. Depending on the odds, I am not sure it is the best market to wager in.

For me, Over 1.5 goals is the obvious choice. It has landed in 70% of the last 10 games and with both sides being a little suspect at the back, I think it is a sure bet.


vs Nottingham Forest (League Newcomers)

Chelsea will make light work of Nottingham Forest. Some teams come up into the Premier League with hope and usually will find a phase of performing. For me, this fixture needed to happen as early as possible in the season for Forest against the likes of Chelsea. The 1×2 market has been dominated in recent meetings between the two. Chelsea have won 8 of the last 10 meetings. But, with these matches taking place between 1996 and 2020, it is nothing to go by.

I would go with Chelsea and Over 2.5 Goals in this game. I think Chelsea will twist the key at some point and Forest will struggle to deal with a club of this much quality.


Best Bookmakers for Betting on Chelsea Match Today

The odds in different markets vary between bookies. We will always line shop to find the best odds we can whenever we are wagering on Chelsea; especially in the 1×2 market. If you would like to see some of our reviews of bookmakers you can always check out our bookmaker pages. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference who you decide to wager with. We weigh up the best by looking at user experience, odds, and customer service as key components. There is nothing worse than reading the small print after the bets are settled! To make sure you don’t get caught out we have written a little guide to choosing the best bookmakers.








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