China Tips – How to Win Bets in an Unpredictable Asian League

Written By Stuart

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The Chinese Super League is one of the most unpredictable leagues I have wagered in. The league has a ton of money invested in the playing staff and is growing. However, the league remains a bit of a footballing anomaly, in that there is often quality without direction. There is talk of some of the world’s best players such as Ronaldo and Messi perhaps one day gracing the Chinese pitches. Whether the players are incongruous in such a league, and money talks, is beside the point. I am going to share some of my favorite China tips I use to win money in the Asian league.


1×2 Can be a Death Sentence in China Tips

Have you bet a sure six straight win accumulator, or a hefty big 10, and been let down by one team? I have, and I have been let down on two occasions with my China tips. I learn quickly, however, and I have come to realize the 1×2 market is a dangerous one. If you look at the current season, third place in the league is Shanghai SIPG, one of the richest teams in the league. Even more frightening, they have only won 52% of their games this season as it stands on November 4.

The 1×2 market is popular amongst our African audience, but you should be wary of this league. Home and Away form in the 1×2 market seems to be one of the correlations I have found. I have found it to be more important than in other leagues so make sure to check it out!


The Best China Tips are the Over/Under Markets

The Chinese Super League is one of my favorites for wagering in the Over 2.5 market. Check this out for a stat: To date, 13 of the 18 league teams are averaging Over 2.5 Goals per game! By giving you that information I have probably just cut my own betting odds down by a margin! When I look at potential bets, I weigh up both the league-expected goals and the club-expected goals. The Over 2.5 Goals market is one of my personal favorite China tips for our players. Last season, I finished on a win ratio of over 90% in this specific market and league. It sounds like I should have made a few million – I didn’t. Unfortunately, betting sites are clued up to expected goal predictions. So, typically, I combine the China bet tips with other leagues as they kick off earlier than Europe.


Both Teams to Score in China is another tricky market

It could be surmised, with the expected goals in the league being so high, BTTS would be healthy China tips. It can be, but it is not as straightforward as one may think. Another hot stat: To date, only 3 teams in the league are averaging Over 55% in Both Teams to Score. It may not sound like much, but compare it with the English Premier League. Over 50% of the EPL are currently averaging over 55% of BTTS, and that is with two more teams in the league too, and half as many games!

Both Teams to Score China can, consequently, be a great league to drive up odds. I have taken odds as high as 2.50 premarket in the China league which has bolstered my accumulators. You should definitely read my article on how to be a king of gg prediction if you like the BTTS market.


China plays a different style of football than Europe

It seems I am pointing out the obvious, but having played against Chinese clubs I am being deadly serious. Technically, the China league has some of the best technicians in modern-day football. The precision passing and speed off the ball can be exciting to watch. The league on the whole, however, lacks penetration. Perhaps that is demonstrated best by another stat: To date, 70% of the league has averaged less than 1.5 goals scored per game. Possession is the focus of play in the Chinese Super League. Whether teams are home or away, they focus on retaining the ball and awaiting openings. It is an effective style of play, but when two teams play against each other with the same focus, it can kill bets. With that in mind, it is worth checking the bookings market, because players regularly get carded trying to win back possession.


Best Betting Sites in Africa for China Tips Today

Coverage is exceptionally important when you are hoping to wager in the China Super League. Many bookmakers cover China but I have found I have been unable to use some China tips. That is down to the coverage level within the offered markets. Most of the big boys cover the league with all the markets offered, but some of my favorite betting sites don’t. Before you go register accounts at betting sites, be clear on what leagues you may want to bet in. There is nothing more frustrating than signing up with a bonus to use one of our tips and then being disappointed the bet is not available to you. These are my favorite betting sites to win some big bucks with my China tips.



Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in the world, period. The signup process and diligent KYC process may put some people off. But, if you are looking for a betting site that covers the China leagues and much more, this is it. Bet365, hands down, has more games than any other betting site I have played with. You have all the functionality of cash out, partial cash out, and many other perks. I do think Bet365 bonus is pretty poor in most countries but you get a great platform and app to play on! You can check out Bet365 website if you want to view more.


Betway does have good coverage of the China Super League, but the trade-off is their other China leagues have poor market coverage. I have found Betway to be reliable, with fast payout times and a decent app. Because I have found better odds for Chinese betting, I stick with them on certain games. If you want to register with Betway, make sure you read this article on how to use the Betway bonus, make more money!


I have not personally used Odibets for China league but I have heard good things. Many of my Kenyan brothers have raved about Odibets as a platform so definitely another one worth checking out. You can go to the Odibets platform and have a look to see what you think of the website.