How to make a Winning Combo Bet in Football

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I am a huge fan of a combo bet. Some of my best bets have been a combination of different betting markets. The creative merging of betting markets can yield fantastic returns. But what markets go together? And which markets offer value in a correlating fashion that is likely to land? Well, stick with me on this guide, I am going to outline some of my favorite combination bets.


What is a Combo Bet and difference between a Multibet?

Ultimately a combo bet is a combination of betting markets in the same game. Some betting sites have premade combinations and some allow you to create your own. A typical combination bet would look like this: Manchester United to Win and Both Teams to Score. In this combination, there is a merger of the 1×2 and BTTS markets into one. The odds are always bigger than using just one of the markets independently. There can be a lot of confusion about the difference between a combo bet and multibet. A combination bet is a game with markets merged to make one combined odds. A multibet is a combination of multiple games in the same ticket. We have a terrific guide on sure multibet tips you can also read.


Is a Combo Bet worth a punt in Football?

For sure.

I am an advocate of research in football betting. I wouldn’t wager anything but 1% – 2% of my bankroll if I am betting blind. When I say betting blind, I mean betting on a game I do not have much knowledge of.  When I consider which combinations are best I like to forget the odds. So many players I speak to make combinations based on what odds they are offered. The same guys complain about losing combo bets frequently.

So, let’s imagine a typical Premier League football match. It is a general rule of thumb to consider the game three-dimensionally. So my combinations are split into Team 1, Team 2, and then Game Overall. Consider the combinations possible in each Team then consider the combinations for the game. Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest, are they likely to win? Yes. So, will they batter Forest or just beat them? So why bet the 1×2 market for poor odds? A combination bet in this game could look like this: Manchester City to Win and Haaland to Score Two or More Goals. The theory behind this bet is simple: If Manchester City win by many goals it is likely Haaland will score at least two.  You could also wager Man City to Win and Score 3 or More Goals. 

We have more on combo betting with gg predictions if you are interested too. You should check out our GG/NG guide to become a king of gg prediction.

How to make a winning combo bet with africa bet tips

A game combo bet looks a little different. Using the same example of Man City vs Forest, a bet could look like this: Manchester City to Win and Over 2.5 Goals. The theory behind this bet is again pretty simple. Manchester City could win three-nil, easy. But, by structuring a bet like this you also cover if Forest score, without using the BTTS market.


What are the Best Combo Bets to Play?

Combination betting is subjective as different players have different styles of betting. I will play different styles of combo bets depending on the league and club. I have spent years researching football, so naturally, I have built a style. But, here are some of my favorite types of combo betting plays.

Team to Win & Both Teams to Score Combo

This combo bet uses the 1×2 and BTTS markets. You will usually find some great odds in this combo but it is not easy to get right. I have successfully landed a treble using this combo but I required at least 9 goals. Players get carried away because of the great odds in this combo but I have a word of advice: Try not to accumulate any more than 2 of these combos in one ticket.

Team to Win and Over 1.5 Goals Combo

Probably one of the easier combinations to win. This combination bet uses the 1×2 and Goals markets. Unless you have a dry, boring team that is capable of killing off games at 1-0, you have a decent bet. The correlation is worth using on teams that you know will score goals at will. Liverpool, PSG, Real Madrid, etc. It makes more sense to use this combination to elevate the odds against the 1×2.

Player to Score and Team to Score Over

This combo is one of my favorite bets when the team has a great goalscorer. Manchester City to score over a certain amount of goals and Haaland to score is almost a certainty these days!


Do we make Combo Bet Predictions on our site?

We make a number of different betting predictions. Our tipster loves to use the Both Teams to Score and Win combination! Our predictions are fully researched and provided with probabilities. You can check out our banker bet daily. You will find creative bets and tons of options on our homepage also.


Top Betting Sites for Combination Betting

There are two betting sites that really stand out when it comes to combo bets. I have used both of these sites as primary betting sites for my bets on the weekend. I look for diversity in markets and good odds when creating combination bets. Here we go:


For me, Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in the world. I use the “Bet Builder” function when I am creating bet combos and combining multiple markets for huge odds. I am able to cover many eventualities in a game by using the bet builder function. You can find these under the bet builder, when you click into a game.

Bet combo with Bet365 and Africa Bet Tips



Betway is great in the major leagues. You will find premade betting combos that are usually pretty nice options with elevated odds. Betway is a good platform, not in the same league as Bet365, but a nice alternative in combo bets.