Correct Score For Today – A Complete Guide to Winning Bets

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You have come across a goldmine. Correct score for today, tomorrow, and any other day you feel like wagering in correct score bets using a simple system. Winning correct score bets is not easy, but using our power ranking system can enhance your chances easily!


The Basics of Betting on Scorelines

Make no mistake that choosing a scoreline can be extremely tricky, but if the bet lands, it tends to be the highest odds available. However, betting the scoreline of a game should only be done on a single line or a maximum of a double. You should expect that you will lose more often than not, there is no way around this. The stakes should always be kept low, in respect of the high odds and likelihood of the bet landing as a winner.


Is There a Correct Score Wizard Available?

Making correct score soccer predictions are always a shot in the dark for a tipster. There have been multiple correct score wizards that have been created by different websites. Largely, these websites have been unsuccessful in making correct predictions on games. This is not to say that it cannot be done! We use a theory called Correct Score Power Rankings. So, this theory has been developed over years of watching professional football and playing at various levels. Some leagues are easier to predict than others but the theory is applicable to any level of football.


How to Choose the Right Score in the Right League

Ok, buckle up and lets get through how to develop your own power rankings. There are a few areas of interest that you will need to develop your power rankings. Over time you may choose to add more but a basic one would look like this:

Historical Match-Up Scoreline at Venue

Season Home and Away Form for Both Sides Goals Scored

Current Form (Last 5 Matches for Both Sides) Goals Scored



So, Here is the Magic Correct Score Guru!

We have taken into consideration the factors and set up a basic power ranking to outline potential scorelines. So when we build are rankings we input the data to a spreadsheet to give us something that looks like this:

How to win correct score bets with a complete guide

The theory is then to calculate all of the averages by adding them all up, then dividing them by the number of games played at that venue. Because we have a total outcome of 4.51 goals we have taken Moreton Bay, who have scored 15 goals in their last five matches, and given them the edge. So, in this example, we could choose a four-goal outcome or a five-goal outcome. Depending on intuition we would then decide which edge to opt for. Resultingly, due to the exceptional form of Moreton Bay, we chose to go higher, which yields higher odds too. If you have enjoyed this article then you should check out our correct score pay after win article

What are the Best Bookmakers for Correct Score Today?

Bookmakers vary in correct score odds. We have found fantastic odds when the lines open but they change wildly as the kick-off gets closer. Personally, we like to jump into this market as soon as the lines open to get the most value.


Betway are one of the best bookmakers in the world. The platform is very smooth and their opening lines in correct score markets are usually generous. If you are looking for bets that can be cashed out, Betway is one of the best. You can sign up with Betway here. We have spent a long time playing with Betway and they are quick to withdraw funds, usually within 1 working day. If you would like to read some more about Betway why not check out this for great tips.

Mozzartbet Kenya

Mozzartbet has an exceptional user experience. We like using Mozzartbet as the fluidity of the site is second to none. The correct score odds are some of the best around and Kenyan players can enjoy great loyalty bonuses and a great app. If you would like to sign up with Mozzartbet you should go to their website and get involved!


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