Correct Score Pay After Win an Essential Guide to The Art

Written By Stuart

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We all have social media. Have you seen the posts with people advertising Correct Score Pay After Win and been attracted by the potential bets? Have you lost money listening to tipsters that tout correct score tips to everyone on Twitter or Facebook? Well, have no worries, we are going to break down how this works, and what you should do to win your bets.


What is Correct Score Pay After Win?

Essentially these are tipsters offering a free tip to you, by which if the tip lands, you will pay a percentage of your winnings to the tipster. It sounds like a no-brainer, I mean, if someone gives me a winning bet I would be more than happy to pay them for it. Wrong. This pay-after-win farce has been around for donkey years, first I heard of it was in horse and dog racing. I had a friend that actually worked in an office, calling problem gamblers in the UK with horse tips. Naturally, if the bet landed, the client would pay for the service with the winnings. If it lost, the only person losing out was the punter.


Why Correct Score Pay After Win and Not Just Pay After Win?

Correct scores odds usually yield some of the highest available in football betting. If someone offered a winning game, with the odds at 2.00, it wouldn’t necessarily be the most attractive offer. A correct score offer, however, at potentially 10.00 or 15.00, potentially would be indulged; especially by a problem gambler.


How Do They Market Correct Score Pay After Win?

From our research, over the last five years we have seen huge spikes in social media activity on correct score tips. We have seen professional bet slips produced by accounts mimicking popular betting site’s odds. We have seen professional letters produced to the social media accounts for “purchased” fixed games. You can read more about the fixed games farce here. The list continues! Ultimately, these guys prey on social media desperation to see players winning correct score bets with high odds. We have consistently offered these games on social media on our undercover account.


So, Do The Correct Score Tips Actually Win?

This is where things become more interesting. We have spent a long time researching and talking to players on social media to find out the success rates. In fact, we spoke with a professional correct score tipster in Nigeria about how they expect to make money without match-fixing. The plot is actually quite simple; the more audience you have, the higher the success rate. Imagine having 100k followers on social media that you could contact. Then imagine Liverpool playing Manchester United. You then do your normal bet research; dividing the number of games with scorelines etc, however, you choose to do the maths. Based on a simple power rankings theory, that all of us gamblers produce, and you will choose potential scorelines.

This is where it gets extremely interesting. Consider from my 100k followers, I get 10k followers wanting my correct score pay after win for the Liverpool vs Man Utd game. I have 10 potential scorelines for the game written in my notebook. Now what to do is break down my audience and give each section of 1000 a scoreline each. Then, each potential outcome is covered all that need be done now is wait for the game to settle. Providing one of the scoreline lands, I get 1000 people paying me a percentage of their winnings. Job done!

correct score pay after win essential knowledge before taking correct scores!


So Basically Pay After Win Tips are Rubbish?

Listen, sometimes you will win. But you will also win a bet if you keep wagering your own bets and become better at football betting. Correct score bets are notoriously hard to land a winner in. I have a number of professional football gambler friends and I do not know one that bets in this market! The correct score market is for fun, like playing the national lottery. You can’t win money if you do not buy a ticket. But, as for correct score pay after win tips, why would you share money when you can literally do it yourself?


Well, Where are Your Tips Then?

You thought we would leave you with a bad taste in your mouth without offering you something in return. We make a host of predictions on football bets in the popular markets. We even make a high odds accumulator on the weekends now the European Leagues have started. You can check out all of our bet tips every day on this page. Be a winner, not a sucker. Make sure to click like and share this page with your friends and family, gambling should be fun, don’t be scammed!


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