Banker Bet of The Day Tips for Football

Written By Stuart

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When it comes to the Banker Bet of the Day this is a sure tip that should land. With so many sites producing banker bets or sure tips, the standard is incredibly low. If a website can produce a bet of only 1.08 then is that even a bet at all? Here, at Africa Bet Tips we have some of the best minds in football. In our team, we have two ex-professional UK players and a team of professional gamblers, a match made in heaven.

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When do we Publish our Banker Bet Of The Day Tips?

You can check our Banker Bet, every single day so bookmark this page!

The tips will be out at least 24 hours before kick-off, or as early as we can to get the best odds. You can combine our banker tips to make successful accumulators, we have many players that make 3 odds banker combinations. Typically within 24 hours of game kick-off, you are likely to pull the best odds from the bookmakers.

What Should the Banker Bet of The Day look like?

You need to be completely understanding of this. A bet is a bet, and a banker bet is the best value bet for maximum certainty. You will never¬†see an embarrassing bet of 1.08 pitched as a banker bet tip for our audience, it lacks creativity and respect for our audience. Our team works exceptionally hard at understanding their leagues, and teams. We know how to get the best odds from a match-up. You can expect top-quality tips with decent odds that will give you worthwhile odds for wagering a bet. Banker of the day 1×2 bets are nice bets to mix into accumulators, and our tipsters love making winners from good odds.

What is the difference between a Banker Bet and a Straight Win?

You would have heard a lot of information about a straight win bet vs a banker bet. A banker can be a sure bet based on any market. The word should be used sparingly, however. If someone tells me they have a guaranteed winner, I am not bothered about which market it lands in, just that it lands. The straight win is done in the 1×2 market and is based on a team that should win today. . Ultimately, winning a football bet is just about making more money than you staked. Football betting needs to be respected. If you respect that anything can happen in 90 minutes you are becoming a better gambler. Minimize your risks by conducting fantastic and thorough research, and you will make money.

What is the 3 Odds Banker?

Need to win the 3 odds banker more frequently? Well, you have come to a place where we love the 3 odds! The bet is a perfect bet to triple your investment, and do it a few times a day too! Typically a 3 odds banker will be made up of at least a couple of games. If there is a single-line game that is published as a banker bet then I would require to learn the reasoning. From time to time, there may be a 3 odds banker which would be an exotic bet. This would usually come in the form of a BTTS and Win bet, which usually has some of the best odds. If you are hoping for 3 odds bankers then I would take two of the 1.75 ahead of mixing more games.

What is the Banker of the Day 1×2?

The 1×2 market is the market in which you bet on win, draw or win. 1 means the home win, X means the draw, and 2 means the away win. There are a number of sites that profess to have the best banker of the day 1×2, but we remain silent! We have some phenomenal tips that we will wager in the 1×2 market for our players. As expert gamblers, we like to use the 1×2 market combined with other markets to bolster the odds. You will see our banker of the day 1×2 mixed into our accumulator bets, and no doubt see our social media wins! We know the 1×2 market pretty well, so be brave and mix in other markets to obtain huge odds in combination.

What about the acclaimed 2 odds Banker?

The 2 odds banker bet is a bet that gives you double your money back. A wise player will utilize the 2 odds banker in the form of a single bet. Many players will combine low-odds games together to make a 2 odds banker, but this has destroyed many a ticket. To be successful in this type of bet you should consider the best games on the day. It seems counterintuitive to wager many games together, however likely they may seem to come in. As we all know, with football, 90 minutes is a long time, and the more games you add to a ticket, the less likely you win!

The Draw Bet of The Day

Betting on a draw in football can often offer better odds compared to straight win betting. However, the likelihood of the outcome being a draw is lower, making it a less popular choice among bettors. This type of bet should be reserved for experienced and knowledgeable bettors who have conducted thorough research on the teams and leagues involved.

When researching for a “draw bet of the day”, it is crucial to consider various factors that could influence the outcome of a match. To increase your chances of a successful bet, here are some tips for researching for draws:

  1. Research into the defenses and attacks of the teams involved. Look at their past performances and try to identify any patterns or weaknesses that could be exploited.
  2. Conduct head to head research between the sides, paying close attention to their home and away form. This can give you an idea of how they perform in different environments and against different opponents.
  3. Make sure to check the starting line ups of the football teams and see if their best defenders will be playing. This is particularly important if the two sides have strong defenses, as this could result in a low-scoring match.
  4. Injuries to key attacking players can also impact the outcome of a match. If both teams have strong defenses and there are several injuries to attacking players, a 0-0 half time draw bet could be worth considering.

By taking these factors into account, you can increase your chances of a successful “draw bet of the day.” Utilizing expert analysis and tips from reputable sources can also be helpful in finding potential draw outcomes.

What Are The Most Popular Banker Bet Types

Match Result:

Match Result betting is an experience for football fans that like to get involved in the game. All you have to do is predict which team will come out on top, end in a draw, or miss out on a victory. This type of betting makes watching a match even more exciting, as you have a vested interest in the outcome. And the best part? You can potentially win some money if your predictions are on point!

Total Goals:

Total Goals betting is a great way to spice up your football viewing experience. Instead of just watching the match, you get to predict the total number of goals that will be scored. You can go for a broad prediction by choosing over or under a certain number of goals, or you can be more specific by predicting the exact number of goals. This type of betting brings an extra level of excitement to the game, as you’re not just a spectator but also a participant with a stake in the outcome. And if you’re lucky, you could end up with some extra cash in your pocket!

Correct Score:

Correct Score betting is a fun way to test your football knowledge, but be careful of fake tipsters claiming to have “fixed games.” Correctly predicting the final score of a match is no easy feat and requires a lot of detailed analysis of head-to-head results and up-to-date team news. If you’re able to make an accurate prediction, the odds tend to be higher, making it a potentially lucrative market to bet on. But remember, there’s no sure thing in sports betting, and making correct score predictions should never be taken lightly. We have also written an article on correct score pay after win


Half-Time/Full-Time betting is a way to increase your excitement while watching a football match. Instead of just predicting the overall winner, you get to make two separate predictions – one for who will be leading at half-time and another for who will come out on top at full-time. It adds a new dimension to your viewing experience and gives you a chance to show off your knowledge. And with a successful prediction, you could potentially walk away with some winnings!

First Goalscorer:

First Goalscorer betting adds an extra level of excitement to your football viewing experience. To make a successful prediction, it’s important to have a deep understanding of team play, including how different teams approach the game. For example, knowing that a crossing team is up against a poor aerial team with a striker who excels in the air can be a big advantage when placing a First Goalscorer bet. Additionally, being aware of teams that start fast and press high can also be beneficial, as these teams often generate early scoring opportunities. With the right research and strategy, First Goalscorer betting can be a rewarding way to engage with the game.

Both Teams to Score:

When it comes to football betting, Both Teams to Score is a popular option that can add an extra level of excitement to your viewing experience. In order to make an informed prediction, it’s important to consider a range of factors, including the head to head performance of the teams, their current form both defensively and offensively, and the starting lineups from both a defensive and creative perspective. With the right research and strategy, Both Teams to Score betting can be a fun and potentially profitable way to engage with the game.

Are these Sure Tips or Fixed Tips?

No. We do not condone or agree with the pitching of fixed tips or saying that something is “sure”. Are you fed up with scammers and fake tipsters out there in the marketplace? We see them on Facebook claiming to have inside knowledge! To be clear, it is rackets that fix games, and they are few and far between. Once a racket has fixed a game, if they make it public, it is only to move the lines and have people wager the wrong way so their odds increase in the winning direction. We will write a number of articles on this topic, so you can always check our betting strategy pages for important, detailed information on fixed matches. You can read some of our sure bets articles like this one on sure 10 odds.

Will we be Publishing Our Bet Tips Record?

Yes, 100%; we want our audience to be able to see when we are streaking and doing well. Likewise, we want everyone to see when we are hit and miss. There are way too many tipsters out there pretending they are the best thing since sliced bread without showing the truth to their audience. We will make a noise if we land a couple of 3 odds bankers, that’s for sure!

How often Should the Banker Bet land?

Good question. The banker of the day should be the highest-performing bet category for any tipster. In producing games with slight odds a tipster should expect that their tips should land the majority of the time. Conversely, if a tipster’s ten tips land with only a slight profit, then how long will an audience continue to follow? We need our banker of the day to land at over 70% to have made healthy profits, so we focus a lot on this category.

Are these Tips Free of Charge?

Yes, we love what we do. We gamble for a living. We aim to be able to help others in their betting journey by providing some of the highest-quality bet tips in the marketplace. Time is currency, and if you give us your time every day to read our site we hope to return to you. We will share exceptional betting tips, knowledge, and strategy. Seems like a fair trade-off. We hope to land our bets the majority of the time. During the summer of 2021, we streaked for an amazing 21 games with our tipsters.

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