Kenya Tips Making Money Today from Football Bets

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My brothers and sisters in Kenya, you should know that we are here for you. Football betting is not an exact science but be sure some of the best tipsters around are supporting you. Africa Bet Tips is a site run by three brothers, and inside this brotherhood is professional gambling experience and professional football. If you have had enough of the social media rampagers trying to sell you Kenya tips in the form of correct scores and the rest, stick with me.


Why are we particularly interested in Kenya Tips?

We are not only experienced gamblers but we also have an affinity for the beautiful country. Seeing some of the sites that rank under Kenya Tips is demoralizing. Some of these sites are there to mislead you from the truth; that you should be winning bets on your own. We do not believe you need to pay for any tips and we refuse to let you fall by the wayside while others make money. We are transparent with our betting tips in Kenya. There have so many different bets available for you, you are going to make some real money playing with us. We don’t need your money, we bet ourselves, having you stop by is payment enough.


Why didn’t we call the site Kenya Tips?

It did cross our minds at one stage. With so many options available, however, we decided that we should share our knowledge with as many people as possible. Our research has shown that Kenya has a huge gambling population. Football betting is more than just throwing money into a wishing well and hoping. Structured and analyzed bets can give you an income, if not primary then secondary.

I am going to tell you a story now so bare with me. This business initially started when I had a friend in Kenya. He came to me as a student and asked how he could subsidize himself at university. With limited time he needed something passive that could guarantee him a small income. In truth, with my years of knowledge, I knew football gambling was risky for him. My advice was simple. Learn a league. Every day we would talk about the football results, why certain results landed in the major leagues. It was one day he asked me to go into business with him and put up $50 as a stake. He swore to me that he knew the China Division One inside out and could call games regularly. I gave him $100. Four weeks later he gave me $400.

Looking back, it could have been seen as the wrong thing to do. Promote gambling to someone that already had financial difficulty. But, seeing the depth of knowledge he had in China Division One was inspiring. He had given himself a sizeable bookie wallet and successfully wagered smart bets.


We make predictions for Kenya

We have a whole host of potential bets for players that need a little help. If you are after researched and well-presented single matches then you should check out our tipster. But, we also make tips in every major league based on statistical analysis too. You can view all of these pages:

Germany Bundesliga

English Premier League

Serie A

France Ligue 1

Spain La Liga

Our Kenya Tips in these leagues will always be on the pages within 48 hours of kick-off. Statistics can even be used to balance even the most competitive of matches so check it out!


Some of the Best Markets to Bet in:

Choosing the right market to bet the Kenya Tips is important. We have a wide range of markets that we use ourselves. If you are new to gambling and you want to know more about betting terminology, check out our betting strategy pages. Choosing the right bookmaker is important too! We have written a guide to our favourite betting sites in Kenya.

Our favourite markets are:

  • Over 2.5 Goals
  • 1×2
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Asian Handicap
  • Draws

If you need to know any more about anything you see on our site you can always contact us on our Facebook page too.


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