This is How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student in 2023

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One of the most admirable things about continued education is the struggle we go through to fund it. Having been there myself at a point in life I remember the sleepless nights. The necessity for education for future prospects vs the compounding necessity for money now; I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, despite it being complicated, let me assure you that it can be done. You can make money online as a student in Nigeria whilst still on track with your education.


Making Money Online in Nigeria Starts with You

To be clear, what I mean by this, is that you need to think outside of the box. The first thing people do when they want to make money online is to look at others. Replicating what others do can be successful, but how many people do the exact same? Whether that be clothes designing or music there is a conveyer belt of others in the same niche. Successfully making money online requires an intrinsic turn, looking at what you can offer that may be different.

Google works to bring search results back that vary from one another. I mean what value would the first page be if each result said the same thing? If you understand the way Google works, you are already halfway there. The next thing to do is to take a long hard look at yourself. What do you love? Where are your passions situated? What do you have knowledge about?


Making Money Online in Nigeria Through Passion-Based Business

Every successful business started with a spark. More often than not, that spark derives from a person being passionate about what they do. Do you think Apple happened because Steve Jobs said “I need to make a billion dollars” No, Apple’s inception to the world came about because geniuses banded with one sole goal: To create the most cutting-edge beauty in technology and share it with the world. Everything about Apple is about the user experience.

So, what if I told you that last year there was a successful YouTuber that made $20m? Sounds about right. Then, what if I told you that he made this money from making house ornaments out of crap in the house like toilet roll insides etc. The reclusive guy was creative in his art, which seemed stupid to me, but his audience found him. Others that shared his passion and interest found him, followed him, subscribed to him, and made him a millionaire.


Do What You Love and Share it

The online audience deserves you. Your passions, skills, knowledge, and interests. In a digital space where you can showcase, for free, all of these things the answer to your question stares you in the face. How to make money online in Nigeria as a student? Share and watch the audience find you. Once the audience finds you, you are then able to monetise that audience. This is where a little bit of knowledge comes in, and this is where I can help you to realise your potential.


Earn Money Directly into Your Bank Account in Nigeria

Once you have built an audience, whether this is from an online website or social media profile there are ways to connect the dots for money. Too many times people ask the question about how to make money online without realising the currency is people. Realise that the audience is currency and you will begin to focus on the audience first and foremost. The answer is very simple, give the audience what they want. Give the audience all of you, your interests and knowledge, and the money will come; in the form of a nice transfer into your bank account. Here are the methods to earn money into your bank account from online content.


Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

You can make money online in Nigeria by teaming up with some of the everyday companies that you buy from, or like. Most companies these days have affiliate opportunities. If you want to promote a brand to your audience, the brand will actually pay you a commission for units sold. The commissions vary from 1% as high as 40% depending on the niche.

Now, imagine that you have a combined audience of 100,000 across social media and a website where you create content. Then, you decide to promote the new Nike trainers from Nike directly. You write an article reviewing these Nike trainers that you love so much and either have, or want to have and place the link to purchase on that page. If 50,000 people read that article and 1000 decide to buy them, you have made a healthy profit from your time invested in writing. If the Nike’s are 45000 NGN, and the commission a standard 8%, you have made 3500000 NGN.


Google Adsense in Nigeria

Google Adsense is a method by which you will be paid cost per milli for your audience. This is where Google automatically places ads on your website during your audience visiting. They will actually pay you for them doing the work! The value depends on the niche that you decide to create content in, and some niches are more valuable than others. I found this great article which helps to understand more about Google AdSense if you have a website.


Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that is often abused. The constant hustle for viral images, videos, and quotes is diminishing some of the best content creators in the world. The ridiculous search for monetisation on social media is creating a generation of disingenuous behaviour. The social algorithms, however, are becoming more capable of drowning out those jumping “on trend” and championing the authentic creators. Whatever your niche is, you have the opportunity in social media to monetise in the aforementioned channels on social media also. Social = sharing. The lust to create content even felled the great Nigeria Hushpuppi, who should have kept his talent to himself. If you are creating food, do it well. If you are creating training videos, be yourself. In short, social media is a chance for you to share yourself – if you do it well, you can be paid for it.


In Conclusion

Making money online in Nigeria is easier than you think. You should not be drowned in other’s ideas, the secret sauce is to see how you can be different. We have learned lots about the way both search and social algorithms work these days. For sure, the algorithms want to bring back as many variable results for the same search as possible. Doing something in your niche, the same as others do it, will not be favourable to your niche exposure. I am in the niche of football betting, and I am pretty darn successful at it. I have had frequent conversations with young Nigerians that are being scammed by quick-fix solutions to making money online. One of the main scams I am approached about is Match Fixers in football betting. Don’t be scammed! If you would like to read more then please follow us to The Truth About Match Fixing







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