The Truth About Fixed Matches Today In Football

Written By Stuart

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We have heard the rumors and seen the promotions on Facebook and other platforms for fixed matches. Have you paid for “fixed matches” and received nothing but a game that lost you money? I am going to lift the lid on fixed matches today in football and explain how this all works. I have played professional football on three continents, and have played for six professional clubs, I know football!


Where can I find Fixed Matches Today in Football?

Let me assure you, not on Facebook! Match fixing is almost a dark art, reserved for those in the know, like the Freemason’s connection. Unless you know someone, with serious wealth, you are highly unlikely to come across a professional match fixer. Over the last five years, I have studied the Nigerian and Kenyan gambling markets and how scamming takes place. Unfortunately, there is poverty among many, and desperation for funds means seeking it in gambling. There are many sites and social media profiles that promote “fixed matches” to the audience and demand a fee for the service. I have spoken with countless individuals that have lost homes, businesses, and families in these investments. Because of poverty, there are many young people being targeted by European profiles promoting wealth through gambling in enticement. So, if you don’t want to become a victim of these scammers, keep reading.


Do Fixed Matches Exist Today, Really?

Saying no would be a lie. For sure, fixed matches do exist.

What is important to understand is the existence of something does not mean attainability. We know that the jackpot exists on lotteries but do we put everything we have into it? No. A clamor of social media activities in the last decade scammers have turned their eyes to easily manipulated audiences. Hailing themselves as the proprietors of the most accurate fixed matches in the world at virtually every public opportunity.

You should understand the way gambling works in order to fully understand how ridiculous the notion of social media fixed matches are. When wagers are placed on games, the lines move in order to reflect the consensus of the game. So, if a professional gambler knew of a fixed match, would they share details with everyone? The more people jump on a bet, the more the lines move with that market.

As if to illustrate my point, I have taken the liberty of someone that contacted me on Facebook Messenger to tout 100% sure games to me for a price. Me, an ex-professional footballer, professional gambler, and advocate of responsible and knowledgeable gambling!


600 Odds guaranteed win! Haha, seriously. How many games are investigated on a yearly basis for match fixing? Yet this random profile believes they can offer me odds every single day of the year. These people are embarrassingly bad at their jobs! I had one even offer me a fixed match in the Euros, international football!


Who are the Real Fixed Matches Players in Football then?

Ok. These guys are at the top of the food chain and have connections not only in football but also in officiating football. Their wagers will be absolutely huge and, typically, through multiple “beards” in connection with them. The information is usually paid for by a consortium of people that could include club officials, players, and league personnel. They make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, each month and they do not have social media profiles to take your $150 for a match!

Example of Match Fixing without Match Fixing

Remember I spoke about the lines moving to reflect the consensus of a game? Well, Simba SC to win sitting at 1.30 sounds pretty normal. If you wagered $100 on this game and it landed, you would win $130, $30 profit, right? So, now imagine that I am a match-fixer, and I know that Simba SC is going to win for sure today, the other team is throwing the game. How can I make more money? The method is pretty simple: Through my network of fake profiles, let me “Give this fixed match free”. If 10,000 people bet on the opposite side the odds start to drop on Simba SC to win, especially if bets come fast. If that line moves from 1.30 to 1.60, that $130 becomes $160. Imagine a $100 bet became a $10,000 bet. Rather than make $3000 profit, I have made $6000.

The example I have given is just one way in which match-fixers in football make money. There are a ton of ways that match fixing is apparent in social media, and it goes beyond what happens on the pitch. This is just one-way social media is used to influence what happens at the bookmakers, without you even knowing. This example could happen without there being any guarantees in the game at all. This could happen simply through an influencer that is smart, and you’d fall for it.

We have researched a lot about Facebook scams too. If you would like to know how sophisticated Facebook scams are, you should read this article on Facebook Scammer.


So how else Can I make Money by Betting?

To make money betting requires an amount of luck but mostly knowledge. Knowing when, how, and who to bet on a football match comes from practice, experience, and knowledge. Accumulator bets are trickier than single-line bets but are still winnable. Single-line bets should make up the majority of your bets if you want to become a professional player. Accumulator or Multibets are luck of the draw and, despite being winnable, should be seen as losses. We make bets daily, and our aim is to win more than we lose, that’s how you make money in this game! If you want to know more about winning accumulator bets then you should read our article with a free guide on multibet betting.


Master Bet Predictions with Research

Master betting predictions by learning about a specific league, club, or player. There is no shortcut to winning football bets consistently. But sparing a couple of hours a week consistently will exponentially grow your knowledge. Most people have already mastered betting predictions around Manchester United or PSG, why: Because they watch them and follow them. Unfortunately, the odds also reflect what most others know as we all follow top-flight football. Imagine you were able to have the same knowledge in the Australia NPL League, where the odds are double the value of the EPL!


Be a Betting King without Fixed Matches in Football

Becoming a betting king is simple, learn your trade, roll with the punches and continue. Because I have bet for over 10 years I am able to vouch for the value of knowledge and practice. I have lost money gambling, but I make more than I lose because I know how to bet smart. I have become the betting king of my own story, as I take it very seriously. Managing my bankroll is one of the most important things I learned in my journey. I have shared some more tips on how to bet here


Is Fixed Matches a Scam?

It is not a myth that match-fixing has a place in sports. It is the segway ambassadors of the dark art to the public that is the scam. We have also written an article about correct score pay after win sites here you should read.






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