Sure Multibet Tips that Actually Beat The Bookie in 2023

Written By Stuart

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I cannot think of a gambler that I know that has not wagered multibet tips at some point. It is the fun of creating tickets with higher value returns that creates excitement. Gambling is a business and playing as an exclusive multibet player is recreational. That being said, there are some fundamental mistakes that you could be making. If you are serious and would like to become better at making multiple selection tickets then you have come to the right place.


Sure Multibet Tips can be created not bought

Any site that tells you they have got the golden goose sitting in their hands with x amount of odds that are sure, is lying. To stand the best chance of winning on multibets you should consider your own knowledge. The information you need to create successful multiple-winning bets is already there. Knowing how to extract that information and not be skewed by others is a trick. There are, of course, some principles on which you should base the synopsis. Knowing how to correctly structure a multibet will make you a better gambler. The market analysis against the research is important. I have successfully landed 100’s if not 1000’s of multiples.


Stick to Markets you can develop a ranking against

I have written an article about how to make 1×2 sure tips you should read. There is an infographic that will give you a basic power ranking equation that can help to discern game outcomes. The same theory should apply if you are going to try and make winning multibet picks. Picking winning teams is one thing but there is also value in using various markets.

How to make winning multibet tips for today with Africa Bet Tips
This was a winning ticket created this weekend.

Choosing combinations of game outcomes and covering the spreads is one of the most effective ways. By using a combination of markets you enhance your chances of being offered cash out. If all your games on one ticket need to end within 90 minutes to be settled, you could be missing a trick. How many times have you seen a goal scored in 90+ minutes that has destroyed a multibet? I have seen it countless times, and have been a victim of it many times in the early days. Using multiple markets enables you to wager against more teams. If you up the number of games you add to a ticket, more value is offered by the betting site.


Sure Multibet Tips in the 1×2 Market

Personally, if I wager a multibet with more than four matches, I will use combination markets. If I choose four or fewer then, typically, I choose to play in the 1×2 market. There is a reason behind this. There is less chance that the latter stages of matches can affect my ticket negatively. Close games can swing either way and a ticket that had value at 85 minutes, can miss by a long margin come 90. The fewer games on the ticket, the less likely it will happen.

how to win multibets with africa bet tips


Discipline in the 1×2 market is the most important thing. To add a game to a multibet ticket I have got to ensure I have done my due diligence. I research the form of both sides, historic results, current results, and venue-specific results. By treating each multibet the same as you would a single bet, the likelihood of the ticket landing is bolstered. If you would like to see our accumulator predictions you can check out accumulator tips weekly.


Should I use a Tipster for Multibet Tips?

Every man and his dog wants to be a tipster these days! I would not be so arrogant as to say not to use a tipster. There are many tipsters out there that have performed exceptionally well for their audience. That being said, there are also many in the white noise that can distract from finding one that is any good. We have our own in-house tipsters that perform well. Of course, you don’t have to, but you can always check out our tipster page. There is egotism that is behind most tipsters promoting themselves as the best thing since sliced bread. But, in reality, everyone loses, even tipsters. I believe in education and becoming better at doing something yourself. I look at other tipsters, I read their tips, and sometimes draw inspiration from alternative perspectives on matches.


Which Betting Sites offer the best Odds for Multibets?

Obviously, the country you play in makes a difference to the accessibility of making multibets with some bookmakers. Globally we do have our favourites to play with, especially while using e-wallets. You can check out our bookmaker pages, however, for all of our reviews on betting sites. Pay attention to the odds analysis because some offer better rates than others. The user experience is crucial in being able to find good bets on a mutlibet too!



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