Odds in Betting and How to Win Against the Odds

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I remember the first time I logged into a betting site. I saw the screen full of odds with football teams to the left of them. Understanding the odds in betting is no easy feat if you are just starting out. Irrespective, the odds are your friend. Understanding the odds and manipulating them to suit your bet will give you huge returns. Sound interesting? Well, I got you. I have been doing this a long time and understanding the odds was something I learned to master a long time ago.


Odds in Betting on Football

Betting in sports you will find an obscene amount of odds, markets, and combos thinking collectively. I am a football bettor and I spend a ridiculous amount of time researching games. As important as researching games, researching the odds, or line shopping, is also important. Most of us will have our favourite bet markets to get our best odds in betting on football. My primary markets are 1×2, Both Teams to Score and Over 2.5 Goals. I also happen to be a dab hand in the Asian Handicap market.

Odds in 1×2 Markets

The 1×2 market will typically show the odds in a simple three-fold row. Sometimes it may be presented in 1 X 2. Numerics simply mean, 1 is the home team to win, X is a draw and 2 is the away team to win.

Odds in betting the 1x2 market for football bets presentation

In the above example, La Equidad are the favourites to win the game as they have the lower numerical value against their name. Deportivo Pasto are the underdog by some margin, 4.50 means they are rank outsiders to win the game. So, if I was potentially wagering in this game I would read it simply as: The betting site has La Equidad as the favourites to win the game, with the draw being the secondary proposed outcome by the bookie.

The 1×2 market sees the most amount of action at most betting sites, and usually is the first selection of odds presented. Understanding the numerical values is to understand what the betting site thinks is likely to be the game outcome.

Odds in the Both Teams to Score Market

The odds can also be presented in a fractional format. I am not a fan of the fractional format. When I log in to a betting site, the first thing I do is change the odds to decimal in the settings. A fractional format would be presented as:

odds in betting both teams to score by Betway at Africa Bet Tips

The Both Teams to Score market means you cover a simple answer of yes or no. The fractional odds here mean that the bookies have No as the slight favourite to be the outcome. With the odds on Yes being 1/1 or (evens) means that a $10 stake would return $20.

Odds in Over 2.5 Goals Market

As with the Both Teams to Score market, the Over/Under market pertains to the “spread” of a match. Will there or will there not be Over 2.5 Goals in the game? By selecting the odds on Over or Under, you have chosen the spread outcome.

odds in betting over or under 2.5 goals at bet365

The larger odds in this example (2.25) mean that the betting site has chosen this as the less likely outcome. So, conversely, the Under 2.5 goals are favoured by the betting site.


Are Betting Sites right about the Odds in Betting Football?

Betting sites will do the best research they can manually in some of the major leagues. The more obscure leagues, no doubt, have a set algorithm that selects the lines. The odds in betting football set manually will be tougher to beat I personally think. I have my own way of creating a bet in specific market based on my research. If you would like to learn more about the best way to beat the odds you should read my article on sure win prediction today.


How to deal with the Odds Dropping

Betting live is a cool experience as you can see the odds dropping as the game progresses. As more information is made available throughout the game the odds drop, otherwise called line movement. Odds dropping happens as more is known of a currently competed game or an upcoming game.

Imagine that Tottenham play Newcastle at home in the Premier League. Tottenham are favourites to win the game throughout the week, with the odds at 1.30. Around 24 hours before kick off the manager announces that Tottenham will be playing the youth team. The odds on Newcastle go down, Tottenham’s odds go up. Some players are excellent at spotting infractions like this when it comes to sports betting. Inside information will benefit any player. In monetary terms, if you wagered on Newcastle early (hypothetically with odds at 3.20), you keep that locked in. Everyone else that wagers after the announcement, will lock in the new odds that will be nowhere near as generous.

Odds dropping is a trick that has been used in Horse Betting for a long time. Inside information can be effectively used to win money before the “game” even kicks off. I have friends that have a network of friends in horse betting. They will wager $1000’s before the horse runs. By the time the horse has even hit the starting line they will cash out with 50% on their stake.


How to Win Odds 2 Sure Wins

Winning the 2 sure wins can be done in a variety of markets in football betting. I have written a number of articles on how to make sure wins, but this one on sure multibet tips, would be a good read for you. Winning odds on 2 sure wins is achieved by effectively researching game outcomes. You could surmise that Real Madrid and Barcelona will win against lesser opposition. But, what is the value of these 2 sure wins? Knowing the La Liga market, probably around 1.40 combined. So, you may make $4 on your $10. When you approach any bet, you should consider what you want in returns. Betting odds 2 sure wins, for me, means a 1.75 + 1.75. These two odds would yield a combined return value of around 3.08. But that is me! Some players may opt for doubling their money, in which case you need 1.50 + 1.50 from your two selected games.


Which Betting Sites have the Best Odds in Betting?

There are some great betting sites in the marketplace. So many websites will promote betting sites and claim them to have the best odds. Truth is, the best odds in betting sites are usually subjective. There will be some bookies will be generous in some markets but stingy elsewhere. Some will do exceptionally well in the primary markets like 1×2, then let you down in the handicap markets. So, I always say to use a variety of betting sites that best support your style as a player. I have written tons of reviews of betting sites that you may find useful.

My top three bookmakers for best odds in the 1×2 markets are:

1: Melbet 

2: Mozzartbet

3: Bet365











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