WARNING! Why You don’t Win with Pay After Win Sites!

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Seriously, all of these scams that are out there in the marketplace and people keep falling for the same bootlegged tricks ever! Today, I went on a mission to find pay after win fixed matches whatsapp group. I found a host of people on social media that couldn’t even spell properly, let alone pick winning predictions. Then I found a popular pay after win site, it blew my mind! If you want to keep losing money then leave this page, if not, stay with me for the ride!

What is a Pay After Win Service?

Essentially it is pretty simple. The so-called Tipster predicts games and then gives you the pick so you can wager the bet. If the prediction comes in then you pay the service 30% commission for giving you the pick. This is an old-school way of producing business for sharks, it has been done for a very long time and initially came in through horse racing. The fact it still exists is absolutely crazy and even more crazy some clowns are falling for it.


The Maths Behind Pay After Win

Even if you could stake a $100 bet, and hypothetically the bet sits at 2.00 odds, you would yield returns of $200. You minus the $60 fee from the winnings, then you minus the tax (if you’re in Kenya), which is $40. So you end up actually left with your stake! So, imagine you have a generous pay after win service, they would only take 30% on the winnings minus the tax. Now you have made $12 from a 2.00 bet with $100. You were better off putting $100 on Liverpool to beat Leeds at home with 1.18 odds! Seriously, desperation is making you guys do some crazy things.


Where can I get a Winning Correct Score Pay After Win Tip?

I have seen this question asked multiple times in social media and I slap my face every time I see these requests. Unless you have supernatural powers and the little book from Back to the Future, you are a magician to win correct score bets.

The way in which these correct score pay after win tipsters work is really quite simple. The bigger the audience, the more the opportunity is to land a successful bet. So, you have 1000 people in your audience and 10% of people agree to do pay after win tip with you. That is, essentially, 100 bets that you can make that day. If you gave me 100 tickets I could probably land at least 20% of them, so you just base your bets differently on each person that comes. After all, it is not your money, it is theirs, so what do you have to lose. Building the audience is the hardest part, but you can do this easily by taking low odds, and winning bets daily. If you want to know more about how this all works then you should read our correct score pay after win article.


But I Found a Legit Website that do Betting Tips!

Wake up, smell the coffee and start thinking, please! I have analyzed some of the biggest prediction sites in Kenya and Nigeria. I have looked at their traffic, speed, core web vitals, and at their winning ratio. Because of the market on social media, it doesn’t take much to get views. All it takes is a network of local influencers to vouch for a website or social profile and people come. Doing business in a way that manipulates a market is neither ethical or good business. Because business will rely on turnover, not retention. I had a look at one of the most popular sites, and found some laughable statistics. Number one: the site has not been refreshed with a rebuild since 2016. The site looks like it was made on an Atari PC in 1988. Number two: The last football picks were made in 2021 in the English Premiership and from the 8 predictions, only 3 landed – here is the evidence! I have given you the actual results direct from the Sky Sports website!

Because someone has taken the time to attempt to validate their business by having a website does not make them a professional. You would think if they had any attention to detail, they would take these predictions off their page. It seems counterproductive to leave them there for over a year.


I just Want to Win Football Bets Where can I find Win Tips?

Picking winners is an art. Computers have tried, and still there is no set algorithm that can determine a winning match prediction with total accuracy 100% of the time. The latter is the very reason bookmakers still exist. It seems even harder to fathom signing up to a correct score pay after win service right? Did you think that win tips from payment after win in Kenya are destroying bookmakers so much they own skyscrapers? Business as usual for these poor websites, that couldn’t pick a winner between a horse and a turtle: Pretend, lie and become a fake guru in sports betting. There are real tipsters out there, that have honed their craft through diligent research over decades of watching sports. To have the best chance at winning football bets, no payment after win, follow progress. Create your own win reports. Check out our Bet Tips pages and do not become a victim!



If you would like to learn more about the scammers, and their propensity for making elaborate schemes for hooking you in check out this article on match fixers.


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