Statarea Predictions, Betting Tips and User Experience Review

Written By Stuart

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Statarea is a formidable website. The website has run for a number of years but hit exponential growth in 2016. The premise of Statarea is to produce betting tips based on a stats algorithm. These betting tips are then given the “thumbs up” by the user base, which further confirms the likelihood of the bet landing. Statarea predictions have some ups and downs, but we will go into these during the course of this article.



Statarea Brand and Reputation – 9/10

From my research, Statarea has been established for a long time. The website clearly makes insinuations of other scam websites claiming to be a subsidiary of them. In gambling, there are a number of methods the dark arts use to discredit each other online, which is unfortunate. The website is offering a solid proposition with its predictions, they have a long history online with a number of valuable backlinks. There are some things I love about the website, and some things I don’t, but I do not see a scam! I have even managed to find fake reviews online, which seek to diminish the work of Statarea. This is part of the business, and when you have successfully attracted traffic, it is inevitable. Gamblers will find a decent source of information on this website, I especially for a novice gambler.


Is Statarea a scam, I don't think they are. Statarea predictions are straight honest
Disgruntled fan boy, or competition throwing dirt on Statarea?


Statarea Predictions and Betting Tips Presentation – 17/20

One of the things I look for in a good predictions website is the way in which the tips are presented. As a seasoned gambler, I can find some sort of value in most betting tips, especially if they are well presented. I think Statarea does a really good job of making a readable interface for gamblers. If you are unsure of the betting terms, there is a glossary on the FAQ page which helps you to understand the betting market.

The website gives you the correct league, teams, and a variety of different betting markets to wager in. I like the social element combined with the predictions module. You can see the number of thumbs up or thumbs down, which shows how much trust the audience has in any given bet. It is a clever addition to, what already is, a nice presentation of betting tips from Statarea.


Statarea predictions are smooth and social elements are good
Statarea betting tips module on a daily basis


Accuracy of Statarea Predictions and Formula Used – 13/20

OK, so, while many sites may try to make you believe they are the best predictions website in the world, Statarea doesn’t. I would like to see a module that outlines how the Statarea predictions have been performing. But, for the most part, the social environment that the website offers seems valid enough, to form viable opinions. There is no mention of the formulas used to come up with the predictions, which is a negative. But, as the name would suggest, there is some algorithm used which offers predictions in core football betting markets.

The accuracy of the predictions is ok. They are what you would expect from a website that makes tens of predictions on a daily basis. The difference between a tipster and a prediction site is usually the frequency of betting tips. A good tipster may have, at best, one or two tips a day that you can bank on. A predictions site will use an algorithm that, as best it can, produces tips in many leagues and games. I found the accuracy to be exactly 60% correct on the day that I snapshot the predictions. The games which were produced were of low value in terms of odds. And, unfortunately, it was some of the lowest odds games that failed to land – such as Southampton vs Manchester City. Overall I took 16 predictions, which totalled a 9 game win and 6 losses.

Many times on this website, I have talked about cup games on the betting strategy pages. The cup game bet is a dangerous variable, by which any real gambler should steer clear.




Diversity of Markets with Statarea Predictions – 17/20

So far, Statarea has the most diverse markets in which they make predictions. With algorithm picks, there is more room for mistakes, but the audience tends to want variety and options. I really love the over/under picks and know football well enough to know which leagues yield good returns. Statarea do a good job at making a nice module for the audience to see the likelihood of bets landing in these markets:

  • 1X2
  • Half Time 1×2
  • Over 1.5 Goals
  • Over 2.5 Goals
  • Over 3.5 Goals
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Only One Team Score




User Experience of Statarea on Desktops or Laptops – 8/10

The user experience on a laptop is fast and responsive. The caching process delays the load time of some of the elements, but it is not noticeable without analysis software. The bulk of the information needed at first glance is delivered quickly. I think the website is a little dated, but the delivery of the necessary components of the site is fine. Transitioning the website into something easier on the eye could, in fact, lose the ‘statistician’ feel of the site. The experience on a laptop makes you feel like you are actually doing work and research for a paper grade, I quite liked it!

There are interruptions that are more noticeable on desktop than mobile in AdSense advertising. That being said, the product offering on the website is decent enough to put up with the interruptions. If the website uses advertising to monetize, I think that is better than charging the audience for the predictions.


User Experience on Mobile – 9/10

I found the mobile version to be a little more fluid than the desktop version of the site. The advertising is a little less understated, taking up less real estate when looking at Statarea predictions. There is the annoying pop-up when you go to change screens which can be distracting. Overall, the mobile version is a little slower than the desktop version, which is to be expected. I used GTMetrix to check the vitals, which impacts user experience on both mobile and desktop. The speed and delivery of the site is fine, just within expected benchmarks.


Is Statarea legit as a website for the audience in Africa?
Screenshot of Statarea speed metrics for user experience


Other Features and Sports at Statarea – 8/10

Whilst there are no extra sports offered with Statarea predictions, it is the custom prediction feature I love. By using the custom prediction feature, you are able to generate predictions in any game you are considering. I really like this feature and used it a couple of times in my research. To be honest, if I was going to wager in the games that I chose, the custom predictions feature got my thoughts pretty much spot on.



Overall Score – 81/100

Personally, I think that Statarea has one of the best versions of algorithm predictions I have seen in Africa. The website has been established for a very long time and is a trusted source for many players in Africa. The scammers that have tried to blemish the site should be ashamed of themselves. If you want to use Statarea you should follow the links provided in this article or head to the Statarea website. The user experience could be worked on a little bit to improve the overall look and feel of the site in my opinion. However, if you need confirmation for your bets, the social element is a definite plus.