Sunpel Predictions, 1×2 Betting Tips and User Experience in Kenya Review

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Sunpel is generating good traffic in the Kenyan market for a basic website. The website has been around for a few years now. However, Sunpel predictions started to generate real traffic at the back end of 2020. Predominantly, the website takes traffic from Kenya and specializes in football betting. I monitored the predictions on the site and analyzed the site metrics to bring you a comprehensive review of performance.


Sunpel Brand and Reputation – 7/10

Sunpel, despite generating good traffic in Kenya, is largely an unknown quantity from a digital perspective. Many of the scamming sites, claiming fixed games and selling their picks, are using the Sunpel brand in their headings. From my research, I found the Sunpel website to be pretty legit. I have no reason to suspect any scam activity, probably due to the simplicity of the website. However, the single observation I made is about their website security. The website lacks a valid security certificate, known as SSL. All websites should have a valid SSL for online communications. The lack of one shows either a lack of funds or attention. Either way, I only used Sunpel with an active VPN for safety.

Lack of security at Sunpel
Sunpel website without an active SSL certificate



Sunpel Predictions and Betting Tips Presentation – 15/20

The website is exceptionally simple for a betting site. As far as user experience goes to navigate tips, it is as simple as they come! There is no host of options, just a spreadsheet template that is uploaded. I do like the fact that they also produce the previous tips outcome, something which is a forgotten art with tipsters. For me, the presentation of the betting tips is basic, easy to navigate, and without any mod cons. I do think it is pretty boring, especially as the tips are predominantly in the 1×2 market, with a hint of Double Chance betting here and there. If you are after something clean, concise, and easy to navigate, then perhaps Sunpel predictions are for you.


Sunpel predictions are clear and concise
Clear, concise and basic predictions model on the Sunpel site



Accuracy of Sunpel Predictions and Formula – 18/20

To be honest, the Sunpel predictions are pretty accurate. They predominantly offer safety bets in the 1×2 and Double Chance, though you will find Under 3.5 Goals in some games. I did not have to monitor too much as they produce the results of their bets on a daily basis too. I did, however, find a similar issue to what I found in the Vitibet predictions review. There are no odds produced alongside the bets, which means cross-referencing at your favorite bookmaker. This does mean that you need to go and find the games at the bookmaker in order to check the odds. Also, if you are unfamiliar with football teams’ names, you then need to find the respective league in which they play. For anyone that is new to football betting, this can be frustrating.

One observation I have with Sunpel predictions is the low odds that they offer. The games they call winners, are obvious winners and offer little to no monetary value without substantial investment.

What formula?

As a professional gambler, I like to know the reasoning behind tipsters betting picks. What frustrates me is when there is no method behind the madness, and nothing is given to a user. Without showing an algorithm, or some sort of method, I cannot take your bets!



Diversity of Markets with Sunpel Predictions – 12/20

I have seen Double Chance, Under 3.5 Goals, and the 1×2 markets as primary predictions. The presentation of the predictions is fine for me, as a seasoned gambler, but for a newbie, it could be tricky. I would like to see more in the way of variety, but I doubt that there will be much diversity in the predictions. Football betting has come a long way in recent years, and some of the best markets to wager in are largely still unknown by most.



User Experience of Sunpel on Desktop or Laptops – 8/10

The simplicity of the site is probably the main selling point of the Sunpel website. The website offers predictions in a simple templated format, and there is nothing else to it. I do, however, think that betting sites, in 2023, should offer more in the way of strategy and a variety of tips. However, this is a no-thrills version of a tipster site which is fast.

I tested the website at GTMetrix to check the site’s speed and found it to be extremely fast. The speed is down to the lack of features, pages, and content on the site, however. From a webmaster’s perspective, the website is responsive, albeit not very feature-rich.

GTMetrix speed test on Sunpel website for speed
The speed results of Sunpel using testing software.


User Experience of Sunpel on Mobile – 8/10

Similar to the user experience on a desktop, the Sunpel predictions website is responsive and fast, but basic. I found that the mobile version actually looks neater than the desktop version. The clear and concise manner in which the tips are presented makes it easy for a user. If only there was some variety of tips and a little more to the site, it has the foundations of something good.



Other Features and Sports at Sunpel – 2/10

The website only offers football betting predictions, which is okay. I think the lack of diversity in the betting markets, and lack of game coverage lets them down. However, I did find a “Jackpot” on the website. The jackpot essentially is a mega accumulator tip. Any website that can call 17 matches in an accumulator has my attention. I have no doubt they may win this accumulator once every five years. In all my years of gambling, I have only seen mega accumulators won on the news, such is the rarity. As a product offering, I guess it is okay, but it is more gimmicky than anything else.

Mega Jackpot at Sunpel today
Sunpel’s Jackpot picks, 17 matches (I gave up monitoring after the first loss)!

There are very few features to speak about on the Sunpel website. It is a very thin, very basic site, which has little to no editorial content.



Overall Score – 70/100

Sunpel predictions are very clear, and concise and do have some value for the novice gambler. If you are trying to make money gambling, you are unlikely to do so with the obvious predictions provided. I do wish the website had the odds available, which could at least give gamblers returns values. I feel as if the site is manned by one or two people, that enjoy their craft, which is fine. Competing against the big boys in the predictions game will not be a possibility, such is the simplicity of the site. The lack of editorial content to support their bets puts Sunpel predictions at a disadvantage. However, if you are looking for basic, obvious bets for small returns, it could be for you. You can check out their website here