Sure Win Prediction Today – How to Make Sure Your Bet is a Winner

Written By Stuart

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You can win bets every day. Sounds strange when you read it and all around you see the carcasses of losing bet slips in your WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Well, let me assure you that not everyone loses. I am going to share the ultimate guide to making a sure bet prediction today. Successfully winning football bets is about understanding the process of gambling. Knowing the edge that you have over betting sites and when to bet big, or bet small.


Do Sports Bettors Win?

It almost sounds like a trick question. Yes, of course, players can win bets. Do they win all the time? No, certainly not. The secret sauce is in winning more often than you lose, that is how you keep the edge over betting sites. Truth be told, betting sites can read the future about as much as you or I can! Just because they set the odds for the games on which we bet, it doesn’t mean they know more. In fact, if you are smart, reading this will show you just how much of an edge you have. We wager bets in tens of leagues and hundreds of games throughout a month. How many staff would it take at a betting site to do the same level on just one league or just one club? If you learn to be thorough in your research and analysis, you will not only win, you will win big!

You will win and Lose Football Bets

Losing football bets is, in fact, part and parcel of the job. You will lose, there is no doubt about it. 22 players decide the outcome of your stake. With 22 players competing in a team sport, the variables are ever-present to upset your bet. The trick is, to pick games that best support your sure bet prediction today by limiting those variables with research.

There have been cup games with goliath EPL sides facing off against Tier 3 football clubs in the UK. Somehow the Tier 3 sides have managed to steal a result and you wish you had bet the other way. A sure bet prediction is not based on the stature of a club, it is based on research at an inside level. If I know that three main players fancy staying on the bench today rather than playing in the cold, it’s a potential bet the other way. I have won big bets, and I have lost big bets, but I keep my edge over the betting sites to manage my losses.


Creating a Sure Bet Prediction Today Against the Odds

Firstly, going against the odds is important to backing a sure win prediction with value. If the betting sites tell me that Manchester City is going to win, I want to check that. The odds usually reflect how the bookmakers think the game is going to go. If Manchester City are odds on favourite to win the game, and my research tells me the same, what’s the point? Picking a heavy favorite at 1.20 odds to return me a measly 0.2 points is not good business. However, if Manchester City are playing Newcastle away and Haaland is injured, team morale is low and Newcastle are on a good run – what are Newcastle’s odds? A Double Chance bet could land you a healthy 2.50 odds in a game like this.

Finding value in football betting requires patience, time, and knowledge. Too many players log into their betting account, build a ridiculous multibet and give away cash. It would take 5 minutes to correctly research a game, obtain vital information and build a winning bet.


Creating a Sure Bet Prediction Today in Specific Markets

Mastering betting markets is crucial to long-term success in football betting. Which markets do you know inside out? Pretty much every player knows the 1×2 market, win-draw-win. But, there are more bundles of markets where you can find value, and with less risk. Handicap markets are particularly good for the major leagues and big franchises.

Asian Handicap Betting

To be clear, Barcelona playing Levante at home is going to offer you a 1.10 in Barcelona winning. What would be the odds of Barcelona -2? If I was a betting man, I would say 2.20! If you understand football, you would know that once Barca scores once, they are likely to kill the game. Betting Barcelona -2 is about as risky as betting them to win! If they win, they are likely to score 2 or 3 goals against a side with poor defensive ability.

I have been exceptional in handicap betting. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is my most successful market. By picking handicaps in games that 1×2 would offer low odds I have made more money. The handicaps can go both ways too. If you fancy Barca to win but know that a side like Levante is resolute in defense. Bet the other way +1 or +2. Utilizing a market like Asian Handicap can make you a more profitable player. If you want to read more about Asian Handicap then you should check out this Asian Handicap tutorial.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting

Both teams to score is a market that is fast becoming one of the most popular in the marketplace. I am not sure why so many players believe that BTTS is almost a guarantee. 90 minutes sounds like a long time but I have played professional football! I have played against teams that you could give us 360 minutes and we still couldn’t score a goal. It may shock some players to see this stat! In the 2021/22 season, Real Sociedad of La Liga only conceded 9 goals at home in the league. This is fewer goals than Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, and Bayern Munich. Spotting a gold mine like Real Sociedad last season could have made players a lucrative profit if they looked for it. If you want to learn more about BTTS betting check out BTTS for sharps!


A Sure Bet Prediction can be used with Cash Out

This strategy can be complicated. I use cash-out strategies for multiple bets and have become rather good at it. If I know a team well, as I do with some of the Australian teams, I know their patterns. I know some teams, will score early goals and still lose the game. This is my type of bet! I will pick a side to win, knowing full well they will lose the game. Rather than bet on them to score first, which is always a 50/50, I bet on them to win. The sole reason for betting them to win is to take the cash out when they go a goal up! I have done this multiple times and it is a quick way to double my stake. Are you thinking that this could be your sure bet prediction today?


The Best Betting Sites are Subjective

Choosing the right betting site for your sure win prediction is important. What I would consider the best betting site may well conflict with your own choice. My advice is to play with multiple, especially with different market bets, and see which you prefer. There are well-rounded companies like Bet365 that have an excellent user experience and decent odds. Then there are some like Melbet that have a horrible user experience but fantastic odds. Play with them all, and see which one you prefer.

For the beginner, Betway is an excellent platform. The betting site is well-balanced in both user experience and odds. You can check out Betways site here.










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