Over 2.5 Predictions & Tips for Today and Tomorrow

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Over 2.5 tips & predictions are dangerous! Predicting the total amount of goals in a game is not easy, there are factors that need understanding. Winning over 2.5 bets, or under 2.5 bets, can be lucrative though. It is worth looking into this market if you want to make successful accumulators.


Over 2.5 predictions today need to follow a strict format of research. When we make our Over 2.5 predictions we like to look at these factors in the match-up before we go ahead and wager at the bookies.

How many goals a team has scored in their last five games

It goes without saying that you should check the current form of both sides. Teams go through stages of the season with goal droughts and this can be the kiss of death if you are to wager over 2.5 goals. You should check both sides and if they are scoring an average of at least two a game then you are in with a shout of this bet landing.

How many Over 2.5 goals there has been in this match-up in the last five meetings

Historical form against each other is important. Sometimes even more important than the goals scored in current form. If the last five meetings contain the same players, and the goal ratio is favourable, I would wager in this market. Take a look at Man United vs Liverpool in the last five games, this is a worthwhile bet. Even more so because one of the best players, Sadio Mane, whom Liverpool have sold has only scored one of the goals!

Liverpool vs Man United Over 2.5 goals stats and current form

How both Home and Away form in Over 2.5 goals has been for both sides in the match-up

Home and Away form is critical when it comes to Over 2.5 goals predictions. You should take into account how many goals a team has been scoring for both sides. If you come up against a side that has only conceded 1 goal at home and scored 20 in their last 5, they are likely to be firing on all cylinders. If the opposing side has only scored 1 away in their last 5 and conceded 10, then Over 2.5 goals could be on!


Which players have scored the most goals and if they are starting the game

Team news is as important as ever for over 2.5 goals predictions. If a side is without a frequent goalscorer then I would opt against wagering in the over 2.5 goals market.

Team morale and stage of the season

Nothing games are not worth wagering in. Having played professional football I can tell you that betting on friendlies is as pointless as throwing money into a wishing well. Betting on end-of-season games where both teams are mid-table, is also a pointless exercise. Conversely, if you have two sides battling for promotion, then more often than not, they will throw caution to the wind. The same theory can be applied to relegation suspects.


Making Over 2.5 Predictions work for YOU today!

OK, so, the research phase is over and done with you know who you are looking for. Once you have made your list of teams that you could potentially wager on it is time to check the bookies. Checking the bookies is crucial as the odds will vary. I struggle to emphasise this point enough: You have to check the markets at all bookies! If I go to a store to buy some milk and next door is cheaper for the same brand of milk, I would buy it next door. Why in the hell would I buy it in store one? The Over 2.5 goals market is one of the best markets for high returns if you have the right bookmaker. I would check the odds on the games that I have selected and then make a choice based on monetary returns.


Are Under 2.5 Predictions today Worth it?

The under market is as lucrative as the over market yes. I like to lead with the over 2.5 markets in research. If I find games that I completely wipe out of the equation for the Over 2.5 goals landing then I will note them. Once I have a list of a few games, I will check the odds at the bookmakers. Depending on the odds, I may use these to create a long shot accumulator.


When do we Publish our Over 2.5 Predictions?

We will publish our Over 2.5 goals predictions at least 24 hours before kick-off. Team news is imperative in making correct Over 2.5 goals predictions for tomorrow. We wait until we have as much information as possible about starting teams. You should bookmark this page as you will find all of our Over 2.5 predictions & tips for today and tomorrow populating for game days.


Do we make more Bet Tips?

Yes. You can check out some of our pages for bet tips in other markets. Build your own accumulator or take our Mega Accumulator on the weekends. Also, if you fancy, you could read our secret to over 3.5 goals predictions, a similar market.

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