The Secret to Winning Over 3.5 Goals Predictions Today

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The over 3.5 goals predictions are among some of the hardest to win. The market is rife with pitfalls, meaning research is key in selecting winning games. In this guide, we are going to outline the best strategies and best leagues for over 3.5 goals. Our tipsters use the over markets regularly to create winning tips. But, I am going to give you the formula to find the games for yourself.


What are Over 3.5 Goals Predictions?

This market means to correctly predict that there will be over 3.5 goals scored in a match. The goals can come from either side or both sides. Choosing to wager in this market typically yields higher odds than the over 2.5 goals so is becoming more popular. The market is unstable, however, knowing where to bet is important to make wins.


There are Combo markets like BTTS and Over 3.5 Goals

Personally, with the number of goals we ask for in this market is makes complete sense to wager btts as well. Btts + Over 3.5 means that you will be expecting both teams to score and a combined scoreline of 4 or more goals. Considering the total outcome, it is more likely that both teams will score in a scoreline with that number of goals. Be sure to check both market individually, however, as bookies are smart with laying odds traps. There would be no point backing the btts combo if the over market is similar in odds, you are just asking for more eventuality.


So Under 3.5 Goals Meaning?

Yes, you guessed it! There will be 3 or fewer goals scored in the match between the two sides. I have literally seen players go ahead and wager ten games on an accumulator with each fold under 3.5. The smack in the face comes when one of those games fails, which 90% of the time it will. Research is king, I cannot stress that enough. Some leagues are better than others for predicting the under market, but the bookies know that too.


What are the Best Leagues for Under 3.5 Goals?

Ok now we are talking! There will always be sides that are capable of scoring plenty of goals in any league. The individual curation of teams is down to you and your risk. But, I am going to give you some superb leagues for wagering in this market based on this years and last years stats:

Scottish Premier League – 2021 Average Goals Per Match (2.47), 2022 Average Goals Per Match (2.83)

China Division One – 2021 Average Goals Per Match (2.71), 2022 Average Goals Per Match (2.52)

Cameroon Elite One – 2022 Average Goals Per Match (2.37)


Over 3.5 goals predictions for today with africa bet tips


What are the Best Leagues for Over 3.5 Goals?

Remember that the over-market does have a lesser hit ratio but higher odds. If you are using over 3.5 goals predictions in an accumulator then you should cluster them separately. An example is: If you have 8 teams you want to wager in, split them into four doubles, and you are more likely to land a couple of the bets.

Australia Queensland NPL – 2021 Average Goals Per Match (3.84), 2022 Average Goals Per Match (3.93)

Norway Eliteserien – 2021 Average Goals Per Match (3.05), 2022 Average Goals Per Match (3.13)

The Australia Queensland NPL has been one of my favourite leagues to bet in for the last couple of seasons. The games can be a little unstable in the 1×2 market but spread betting is fantastic. You are almost guaranteed goals unless you are super unlucky.


Certain teams are more likely to be in high-scoring games

You have to remember that you are effectively betting against the spread in this market. So, with that in mind, you need to focus on teams from both defensive and offensive-minded. A team that is in firing form scoring goals for fun is the type of team you should be researching. If they come up against a side that is defensively poor, then you have a very good candidate for an over bet. Likewise, if your research proves two teams that can both score but are defensively score then that is another banker.


Don’t be scared by the odds

I have said it to so many players over the year. If you have researched and you feel confident, then wager the bet. There is nothing worse than looking back at a 4-4 game that had 4.00 odds pre-market, thinking “if only I placed the bet”. Worst case scenario, you lose, but if the odds are strong enough it is worth it. Bookmakers will naturally set the odds where they feel they have the edge. But, they cannot research every game, in every league, every day. They will miss things and those gaps are how us professional gamblers create our edge. The edge is all you have, and in the major leagues, you are likely to find bookies have most bases covered. If you need to find a good betting site for the best odds in the over 3.5 market it is worth having a look at Melbet. Melbet’s odds are usually extremely good, the platform isn’t but it is worth it for the elevated odds!

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