Vitibet Predictions: Comprehensive Betting Platform For African Players

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Vitibet prides itself on having a “unique algorithm” by which Vitibet predictions are created for the audience. The website has been established for a considerable amount of time. Predominantly, Vitibet is used by Kenyan and Nigerian players, though the website attracts traffic from many African countries. I have combed through the website, looking at everything from betting tips to website speed. In a fast-moving digital age, and with so many betting sites available for players, analysis is required to best ascertain which betting sites could be for you.


Vitibet Brand and Reputation – 8/10

With so many betting sites in Africa that promote betting tips, Vitibet is up against a sea of competition. In my analysis, I found that Vitibet has been established for a very long time. The website has a number of reviews online, most of which are module-based reviews determining whether or not Vitibet is a scam. It is important to understand that, in gambling, there is so much competition that many companies will write fake reviews to discredit the competition. In my opinion, I think Vitibet is a legit site. I have read a number of website reviews on Vitibet which have discredited them as a scam service. However, Vitibet is not promoting paid picks, and therefore, they are offering a free service to a loyal audience.


Vitibet Predictions and Betting Tips Presentation – 12/20

I have used Vitibet for near on a week and have gotten used to the way in which they present Vitibet predictions to the audience. The format is basic and is obviously run on an algorithm that produces the predictions direct to the screen. The problem is that the clickable elements are extremely close together, especially if you are using a mobile. I found the website predictions particularly hard to read, and without my glasses, I stood no chance!

Vitibet predictions are produced in a percentage format with color coding to decipher the favorite to win. By clicking on the element, you can find more data-rich pages. These pages have indexes on the league table, home table, away table, recent performances, and power play over the previous games with scoring. Though the data is pretty good, without fully understanding the Vitibet site and metrics, it can be hard to formulate bets. The data in its rawest form is not unique, although helpful, and has gone for quantity over quality in terms of presentation. That being said, if you are a statistician, you may enjoy the data provided on the Vitibet site.

Another point of note is that the odds are not given with the Vitibet site. As a professional gambler, I prefer to see the value of predictions without having to cross-reference with my favorite bookmakers.



Vitibet predictions presentation is lacklustre in a competitive market
Image of Vitibet predictions as presented to the audience



Accuracy of Vitibet Predictions and Formula Used – 12/20

I monitor predictions from a number of sites on a daily basis in order to effectively write reviews. However, the weekend is football and, therefore, should be the most productive time for any betting site. Typically, players should expect to see the top leagues, such as Ligue 1, EPL, and La Liga presented with predictions. However, as most professional gamblers know, more often than not, there is less value in these games. I love seeing betting sites that predict in more obscure leagues, as the odds are usually better than in major leagues.

I think the accuracy of the Vitibet predictions was okay. Vitibet produced seven predictions on 8 January 2022 and managed to scrape four wins from the seven. As gambling goes, a 60% win ratio on any given day is acceptable and a decent enough return. There is a caveat to this theory in that the odds (once I had spent 20 minutes cross-referencing) actually yielded financial loss. If you took each game as a single and wagered the predictions offered with $10 each, I yielded a total loss of $18. The value in the straight-win market on these games was not huge, and therefore the wins were minimal. Ultimately, the predictions were hit and miss, and the heavy favorites that did win did not return enough to cover the losses from the other three games.

Vitibet bet tips we used for review today
The screenshot of Vitibet tips we used for review today

Algorithm Predictions and the Problem with them

The algorithm Vitbet use offers predictions in the 1×2 market. There are slight problems with the 1×2 market, and algorithm predictions in that algorithms are unable to account for variables. A simple variable could be, whether the selected team is playing a second-string team or under 21’s. We frequently see the latter happen in cup games in Europe. It is advisable to do your own research when using predictions from any site to account for variables, however, it is rarely done.

Producing so many predictions for virtually all bettable leagues is a problem for many betting sites. Players want variety and options, but the problem with the aforementioned is quality. When a betting site manages to produce both at mass, we will have the best betting site in the world, so I am not holding my breath in the short term! One of the most famous betting sites, Freesupertips, we have covered the accumulator with £5 for a year, and have not won yet!



Diversity of Markets with Vitibet Predictions – 10/20

Football betting has come a long way in the past decade. Betting companies are offering more lucrative and diverse betting markets constantly. Vitibet predictions are made in the 1×2 market, the oldest and most well-known market in sports betting. As a professional gambler, I think I probably use the 1×2 market for around 5% of my bets. Not that there is any issue with 1×2 betting, but I typically find more value in other markets. I also find that 90 minutes is an extremely long time for a bet to land. A good gambler can have a bet land within 10 minutes by using a market like BTTS, or Anytime Goalscorer. You can check out our guide to winning six straight wins if you like, which is based on the 1×2 market.

I would prefer to see more variety in Vitibet betting tips. I doubt that will happen, however, unless they add more metrics to their algorithm. Overall, it is a pretty average offering in a crowded marketplace. But, if you have used Vitibet for a while, I can imagine it is hard to come away from.


User Experience of Vitibet on Desktop Computers or Laptops – 8/10

Using the website on my Macbook was pretty easy. There are no real speed delays which are something that bugs me terribly. I do think that the overall user experience is lackluster, however. I am not being mean to Vitibet, I just think that the website is dated. The rich data is everywhere, with tons of clickable elements. The experience as a webmaster is pretty simple, the experience as a gambler is clunky. As a website that is offering predictions to an audience with slower loading speeds and intermittent connection, it should be better. I do not think that the homepage is particularly inviting, but maybe I expect more in this day and age.

The speed of the website, on the whole, is okay. But the dated appearance of the site can make you feel like you have gone back in time a little! There is no logical path or direction for a user, but the data is there, which I guess is the main thing.


User Experience of Vitibet on Mobile – 3/10

The mobile experience is dire. The clickable elements are far too close together, and the mobile speed is slow and clunky. If you are using 3g, then it can be a frustrating situation as the rich data takes an age to load. I did find myself able to utilize all of the predictions made available, but it was a horrible experience. If you are looking for quick bets in a rush before kick-off time at 3 pm, Vitibet is not a good prediction option.

I used GTmetrix to review the website speed and performance of Vitibet. The overall desktop experience is 65% which is not the worst I have ever seen. The LCP, which effectively is mobile, is just inside of the required standards. However, the actual real-life speed is dependent on a number of factors. Using the mobile version on 3g is a nightmare.

Vitibet website speed analysis for betting tips
Website speed scoring of Vitibet by GTMetrix



Other Features and Sports at Vitibet – 9/10

Vitibet offers predictions in Handball, Basketball, Football, and Ice Hockey. I think that is a pretty good return for one single site. I am not entirely convinced of Handball as a sport! But hey, I am being finicky, in all honesty. The more predictions offered by a prediction site, the better, and Vitibet are no slouch in this department.

Interestingly, Vitibet offers an app for use on Android phones only. That is quite nice, but with so many players on iOS, it does surprise me that they are not also targeting iPhones. This could be down to the more rigorous screening process that Apple requires for fulfillment.



Overall Score – 62/100

Vitibet has been around for a long time, and the website needs updating to compete on superior UX formats elsewhere. That being said, in the 1×2 market, I found Vitibet to be pretty proficient. The declining traffic at Vitibet could be down to the lack of diversity in betting markets. However, in Kenya and Nigeria, the website remains a firm favorite among many gamblers. If you are looking for a no-thrills betting website, data-rich and strong in the 1×2 market, it could be for you. If you are looking for a better variety of football bets, you will want to steer clear. Five or six years ago, they may have been competing amongst the best, but the digital world moves quickly!