How to Pick The Best Banker Single Bet of The Day

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If you are making a single bet, you need it to win, period. If you can win 57% of the time, then you are beating the bookie, you have the edge. Do you want to learn how to pick the best banker single bet of the day then you have come to the right place. We are going to talk you through a few fundamental elements to consider before wagering a single. Choosing the best single bet of the day is easier than you think.

Forget the Negative Odds Games

So many people that I talk to about betting have the wrong idea about the odds. The bookies have done well to steal the edge away from new players with the odds. In Horse Racing, where theories were developed over decades about how to consider a favorite, the odds are significant indicators. In football, however, the odds are not always what they seem. I have studied the odds for over 5 years now, in detail, and seen that the bookies have been wrong a number of times. Ok, so, if Manchester City is facing Burnley at home – they probably have their odds right. But, it is in the more obscure leagues, the lower leagues that you will find valuable.

Personally, I never wager a single bet lower than 1.50. Winning 50% on my stake is sometimes good enough, especially with higher stakes. In the teams, we all know and love, when is the last time you saw them win with above 1.50 odds?

Building The Odds in the Lower Leagues

By lower leagues, I mean leagues outside of Serie A, EPL, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and La Liga. You are likely to find more compelling odds in the MLS than in any of these leagues. Studying the odds in alternative leagues can vastly increase your ability to pick the best banker single bet of the day, every day. In the Australian NPL league, I have made a killing on the single lines. I have also done the same in the Canadian Premier League. The healthy odds mean I am able to make creative single-line bets from a single game. Straight win bets, handicaps, and exotic bets all spring to mind. Believe me you can find the single bet of the day if you know how to research.

How to Pick The Best Lines in a Banker Single Bet of the Day

It frustrates me the lack of knowledge amongst gamblers when it comes to picking a bet. So many players still go for the 1×2 market and have to wait 90 minutes for their bet to settle. I am a huge fan of halftime bets, especially if I am going to do a session of bets. In the Australian NPL, I have won BTTS by halftime countless times! Being creative with your betting lines just needs to take a little research. Go on Flashscores, and check out the current performance table for the home team. If the home team is firing goals at home, I will wager there will be over 0.5 goals in the first half. If I am that confident, I will bet on the team over 0.5 goals by halftime, sometimes even 1.5 if I really fancy it! Our banker bet team picked 84% winning picks in a week you should check them out by the way!

You Should Believe in Your Picks

This is probably one of the most important things to consider. If you cannot argue with your friends that you are completely sure your pick is going to land; you have not got the best banker single bet of the day! I will argue until the cows come home with friends about a specific pick as if my life depended on it. If I am not willing to throw my whole budget into the bet, then I am not sure. Too many players waste countless cycles wagering on accumulators when the money is in the singles. If you could pick two winning bets a day, your stake money would build. You keep wagering a percentage of your winnings every time, by the end of the month you have a second job! If you want some ideas for making good predictions you should check out our bet tips page!

Last But Not Least, Choose the Best Bookmakers and Line Shop

Line shopping is about comparing the lines at different bookmakers. Some may have fantastic odds in the 1×2 market, but you want to wager in BTTS where the odds are poor. Open a new account why in the hell would you give money to a company without the best value? For the fun of it? No, this is about making money, so think, be smart and check out all of your accounts before wagering. Some we can recommend for certain in most markets are:

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