An Expert Guide to 4 Draws Football Tips By a Footballer!

Written By Stuart

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You want to build an accumulator, made up of 4 draws football tips to maximise odds and potential winnings. I get it! I have been a professional footballer for near on a decade, playing for various clubs across Europe, Asia, and Africa. If you want to know how to bet on draws, you have come to the right place. I will guide you through the things I now look for when I make draw predictions myself.


Why Listen to Me when it comes to Draw Football Tips?

First things first, have you seen the others in the search results that give 4 draws football tips? Haha! Their knowledge is about as deep as a water well in the Sahara! I have played football at the highest level on two continents, and called games as part of my everyday life! There are a few rules of thumb to look for, and if you nail these then you are in with a shout of predicting 4 draws football accumulators every time!


Why go for 4 Draws and Not 4 Wins?

Well, before we even go into my top tips for predicting draws lets go into the odds. The odds in predicting draws are noticeably higher than the wins in the 1×2 market. When you are creating accumulators it is always worth throwing a draw accumulator into the mix with a small stake. If this accumulator lands, it is nearly always worth more value than the win lines in the 1×2 market.


So, Go on Then, What are Your 4 Draws Football Tips?

Research the life out of games! Whilst playing professional football I was around football chat on a daily basis, the research was done in the changing rooms. Players sit and talk before training, after training, during lunch, before games, and after games about other teams in the league. Since I have retired from the game my research is effectively done through reading stats, with an analytical approach. I have combined some of my football experience, with my gambling experience to successfully land draws multibets. My top tips for being successful in this type of multibet are as follows:

#1: Stay Away from Cup Games

Cup games are the anomaly of football betting. The logic goes out of the window and stats count for as much as piss in the wind when it comes to the direction of the game. Home fans play a factor, players play a factor, and match schedules too. Anyone who wagers bets in cup games when there are league games playing have gone absolutely mad. Let me reiterate, stay away from cup games!

#2: Look for Teams with Good Home Records vs High Scoring Away Sides

Ok, I am going to break this down as simply as I can. When I am looking for draws, ideally I want to wager in games where the home side has an impeccable home record. If I find these games then I research the opposition. If I can find a team that is banging in goals for fun and in great form, to me, this is a draw game. A team not used to losing at home will always have the edge against a side that is in top form. The edge is just enough to consider the home team not losing, but not enough to see them win!

#3: If the Last 5 Meetings are Shaved by One goal, it’s a Bore Draw!

Some teams, regardless of form, do not like playing against each other. I have seen multiple match-ups, particularly in China where teams just about edge a victory historically. In these games, the odds are usually pretty good in the draw lines.

#4: South America Football is a Draws Dream

South America, namely Brazil and Argentina, have some of the closest games I have come across. The timezone difference means it can be hard to settle a bet in time for dinner, however. It is worth looking at some of the South American games. River Plate vs Boca Juniors in national cups, as an example, has resulted in draws over 55% of the time!

#5: Download our Top 10 Tips on How to Win Accumulators

Yup, I have written a free guide with my top 10 tips for winning accumulators. You can download the guide on this page!


Who are the Best Bookmakers for Draws Tips?

When you are hoping to land 4 draws football tips, ultimately you are looking for value otherwise you wouldn’t wager. Landing successful accumulators is a tough ask but when you do land them you want to maximise your profit. We have carefully selected some of our favourite bookmakers in the land based on user experience, customer service, and ultimately, odds value.

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