BetKing Review of Bonus, Registration and Odds by Players for Players 2023

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BetKing was founded in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. I have to admit, I used the platform for the first time this year. The rise in popularity prompted me to give it a go, and so far, I am impressed. I have not been to the betting shops on my travels as yet. The feedback I have from multiple players suggests that the experience is good. But, as a screen warrior, constantly balancing bookies on my dual screens I have no reason to!


The Best of BetKing

As a platform, the bookmaker has a lot going for it. The site is pretty smooth and the app (available on Android) is even smoother. The absence of iOS functionality is a little disappointing given that so many players are with Apple. The site is still mobile responsive and the minimalistic mobile version is as smooth as the site on the phone. I am a stickler for websites that lose fluidity in colour and information. The bookmaker does a good job in maintaining functionality and balancing the information not to get lost in the inertia of scrolling.

  • Nice website and app
  • Clean colour scheme on the website
  • King’s Combo – nice feature with premade combination bets in football matches
  • Healthy amount of betting markets in football

The King’s Combo is a feature that I like. Many bookmakers are going the same way now, creating bets that players can take in one click. The odds are usually pretty healthy options. I have not personally tried any of the combination bets as yet, but I have taken inspiration from them. Creative betting usually yields hidden edges bookmakers have not already thought of. For me, taking one of the bookmakers combo bets means they have the edge. To be a professional level player, you know that the only thing that separates you from the house, is the edge.


The Worst of BetKing

Anyone that has followed my reviews for a while will know how much I focus on site cohesion and fluidity. BetKing does well to present the odds in such a way that is readable to a user. However, the problem is the reading information once you have clicked into a game. The initial display shows the upcoming games in three core markets, which is fine.

BetKing review of registration, odds and bonus

It is in the multiple markets in single matches where the page becomes too busy. Spending too long on one page desperately disrupts the flow of the site. Me, wearing glasses, causes strain on the eyes, and many times I have lost valuable bets on researching markets.


The distracting nature of the website is counterbalanced by the betting markets. It is a trade-off that many players will be willing to deal with. Personally it is a little much, but in the core markets, it is a swift and easy-to-use platform.

  • Single football matches have a confusing interface
  • Odds are average
  • Slow pay-out times in reality


The Bonus is industry standard

The 100% deposit bonus is pretty standard amongst competitors. I have not seen many different promotions on initial sign-up from BetKing. There is definitely scope to use the 100% bonus effectively in football bets to make money. I wrote an article, on how to use Betway bonus, which is applicable with BetKing also.


What is needed to Register with BetKing?

Registering is easy! To sign up with BetKing all you need to do is provide your telephone number and a password for your account. I do think that sometimes when you do not have to provide much KYC, it can be disingenuous. Either way, when it comes to withdrawing from the bookmaker you will need to give more information. So, register, but be clear that at some point you will go through more rigorous screening.

Register with BetKing for our Bet Tips in Africa

If you like the sound of the bookmaker then I would suggest having a browse around their website here.



When you win how long can you expect for your cash?

This is a little bit of a grey area. Personally, my experience has been 24-48 hours depending on the bookmaker’s “busy times”. I have read reports online of plus 72 hours which is negative but I cannot say I have experienced the same. For me, a bookmaker should return your winnings within 24 hours as standard. A lot will go down to your deposit method, and I am a user with current bank account. If you use an e-wallet, you can expect your funds faster. Having the funds trapped in an e-wallet, however, means that you have no physical cash until they transfer too. It is better to use your bank card, cut out the middleman if you can.


You should use BetKing if:

  • You like blue and white and your eyes can take it for hours!
  • You want good odds in football bets
  • You want instant access to ready-made football combination bets


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