22Bet Review of Bonus, Registration and Odds by Players for Players 2023

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22Bet was founded in 2017, which makes them a proverbial baby in terms of business. The bookmaker has taken a pretty good market share amongst African players in recent years. Having used 22Bet for around a year now as a secondary bookie, I can say that they have got some positive factors about them. Here, I will outline some of the highlights, and also some of the negatives if you are considering the platform.


The Best of 22Bet

Overall, 22Bet has virtually everything you could hope for in a bookmaker. The website is ok, and the app is pretty good, but it is perhaps in the odds where they excel. I have line shopped against them with some major bets and found them to offer good odds, particularly in the 1×2 football markets. In a business where all that really matters, it is only the odds that count so it is a plus to get good value. The huge range of sports betting stretches as far as Table Tennis. Making creative accumulators in multi-sport bets can be particularly fun. When the American seasons start, I know my partner is a fan of making cross NFL and Football bets on slips. 22Bet is a go-to for multi-sport betting.

  • ¬†Fantastic range of sports betting available
  • Decent customer service
  • Good Odds in football markets
  • Easy registration process for new players
  • Tons of Markets available


The Worst of 22Bet

The website for me has to be one of the major gripes I have with the bookmaker. The fluidity of the site is lost with the extreme amount of information. Very similar to the Melbet platform. Having multiple markets is a plus for any bookmaker but when you have so many there needs to be segregation. As a player myself, I would like to see some sort of customisation for multi-market bookmakers. I place bets quickly, especially when it comes to live betting, and sifting through markets requires consistent use of the platform. A feature where you could favourite the markets typically used would benefit the user experience and save time. Overall it is the user experience that lets down the bookmaker on the whole. The website is crucial to developing long-term player loyalty and without a platform that is fluid, dynamic, and fast it is hard to commit.

  • Poor User Exprience
  • Cluttered Website


Is the Bonus Serious?

Typically they offer a 100% matched deposit which is pretty good. If I remember rightly, that is the offer I signed up with in 2021. I often get asked the question of whether or not players should accept the bonus. I advise taking the bonus if it is double your money, if there are ways to make that work wonders. If the terms and conditions are favourable (they do change so always check the small print) you can make some smart bets. In fact, we wrote an article on how to use Betway’s bonus, the technique is applicable to most with the same offer!


What do I need to Register with 22Bet?

Registering is probably one of the easiest processes to date. You need your telephone number and a password, literally that simple! However, be aware that to withdraw funds will require further KYC. If you do not have your details like identification, address and full name, be careful depositing money. You can look at so many social media profiles complaining about timescales to receive their funds once they have registered and withdrawn. Getting money into a bookmaker is not particularly complicated, getting money out, can be. Just make sure you are serious and legit before registering with any bookmaker.

Register with 22Bet through Africa Bet Tips detailed review

When I win how long until I get my money?

Bank transfers take a good long while with 22Bet. The website states up to 5 days, and I can vouch for that. To be honest, it has not taken 22Bet 5 days as yet, but 3-4 days seems to be the norm. As a banking player, this can be frustrating. So, perhaps the most effective method of withdrawing funds is through an e-wallet. An e-wallet transfer takes between 15 minutes and 24 hours.


You should use 22Bet if:

  • You like betting is various sports around the globe
  • If you are not worried about the trade-off of clutter to utilizing multiple markets
  • Withdrawing is not an essential part of your betting day-to-day for funding



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