How to Become a King of GG Prediction

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I have produced a number of guides that help punters win more money. I have no doubt that by reading this guide you will be on your way to becoming a king of gg prediction. Within each betting market, there are ways to lean an edge in your favor. So many players fall at the first hurdle; not understanding the markets in which they wager. If you want to make more money and learn how to play the gg market, you are in luck. In this guide, I will talk about everything gg, and give you insights that will make you more money.


What is GG/NG Meaning?

GG is another term for playing both teams to score or BTTS. GG has become one of the more popular betting markets in recent years. NG is the opposite, meaning there will be No Goal in the game. However, some betting sites will change the NG to mean, both teams will not score.

I still have regular conversations with players in Africa that still make mistakes in this betting market. As a general rule of thumb, consider GG to be the market for both teams scoring. The NG market, for the most part, usually means one of the teams will not score.

Market understood? You are on your way to becoming a king of gg prediction, stick with me!


What leagues are the King of GG soccer prediction?

Some leagues have a higher hit rate than others in the gg market. I have been gambling for a very long time and made mistakes that I have rued. Research is king in making correct gg predictions and there can be no substitute. Naturally, most players will play their gg predictions in the more popular leagues. I personally tend to play whichever games are most likely to land a gg bet, and this is done by research.

Queensland NPL GG Predictions

For me, the Queensland NPL is an absolute goldmine. I have successfully wagered on gg many times in this league. In the 2022 season, this league saw an average of 3.93 goals per game. It also landed the gg bet in 65% of the games. Personally, I can honestly say that I did not lose a gg bet in the NPL in 2022.

Bosnia Premier League NG Predictions

The Bosnia Premier League is an extremely tough league, with defense-first-minded teams. In the 2021/22 season, NG landed in 55% of all games. The majority of the goals in the league were scored by Zrinjski Mostar who scored nearly 20% of the entire league, goals. With such a low-scoring league, NG lands more often than not which, in turn, drives the price of gg up. If you know who to wager on in this league you are a king of gg predictions. Zrinjski may score tons of goals, but they also rarely concede.


King of gg predictions with Africa Bet Tips winning bets


What other types of gg predictions are there?

Mixing the gg markets with others is lucrative for players with experience. The combination of markets increases the total value of the odds for higher returns. Successfully wagering these types of bets can be tricky. My best piece of advice is to use your combinations on separate tickets. Perhaps playing a combination double on one ticket, but not a full accumulator.

GG and Over 2.5 Goals

I like the combination of gg and over 2.5. The correlation works particularly well when you have an away side that is in form and scoring goals. A really good bet tip for researching is to find the home side favorite. If the home side is favorite, especially a heavy favorite, I will play this combo. Usually, the away side, full of form and scoring, will nick a goal. That is perfect, the favorite applies pressure and gg and over 2.5 is likely to land.

GG and Under 2.5

I am not a personal fan of the gg and under 2.5 because it requires both teams to score and remain that way. It is a brave betting market but is less likely to land than gg and over 2.5 in my opinion. However, the odds could work out brilliantly, so it is worth considering boosting your odds.

NG and Over 2.5

I reserve ng and over 2.5 for cup games mostly. I love to have an edge over betting sites and sometimes, with inside knowledge, I can find out starting lineups. If I get information across that Chelsea are playing the first team in early domestic cup games, this bet is a winner. During a season, major clubs tend to rotate their players for games with a lesser importance. Although the information may not readily be available to the public, it is to some. We have successfully landed this bet even with ng and over 3.5 on some cup games – you should check out our Bet Tips!

GG and Double Chance

I didn’t find this market until the back end of 2019. I literally fell in love with this little goldmine of a betting market. In gg and double chance, you can wager that both teams will score but your chosen team will not lose. This is a fantastic market for some of the major leagues like the EPL. Huge teams face off like Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea and I find it hard to pick a winner. But, this market gives me a better option by wagering gg and double chance on my favored choice. If you want to get some more tips and tricks on betting in the EPL check out our EPL bet tips.



Best Betting Sites for Kings of GG Prediction

Make no mistake that choosing the right betting sites for your gg bets is important. I have wagered bets with so many different betting sites through the years. I have personally used some of the best, and some of the worst. There are things to consider in this betting market for the best experience. You should first consider the odds, and secondly the cash-out option. Some games may not go your way from the outset, rather than wait for 90 minutes, cash out! Another rule of thumb for becoming a king of gg prediction!



For me Bet365 is one of the best betting platforms in the world. Sometimes the odds can be quite stingy in some of the major leagues but their coverage is exceptional. If you are hoping to land a gg prediction in Bosnia or Australia then Bet365 is one of the best. You can check out the Bet365 website to see their game library.


Betway do not have the best coverage, especially in the more obscure leagues, but the platform is nice. I love Betway for the GG and Double Chance market, I first found it there. You should check out Betway’s website and have a look through their markets.