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What do you want? Do you want to gamble to become famous, to become rich, or to become powerful? Or do you want to make money so that your lifestyle improves? Well, either way. We are the best predictions site for today you have come across. We are not only here for you today but we are going to be with you every step of your gambling journey to make you money.

What makes for a Good Predictions Site?

Listen, anyone can make betting predictions and you will find some great websites that use AI, use systems, and every other robotic action to make predictions. So, why should you use this predictions site for today when it comes to making your football bets. Well, remember when you first started gambling? I mean really started gambling. It started way before you placed your first bet, or even thought about placing your first bet at a bookmaker. You started gambling the minute you argued with your best friend whilst having a beer about the Manchester City vs Liverpool game; or Chelsea vs Arsenal.

At Africa Bet Tips, we take it old school. Intuitive bets, by real people, with real insight and hunches. The only difference between us and yourselves is that our tipsters have played football professionally, and now gamble professionally. If a computer could make money, why would the owner of that computer share predictions for today with you?


What is a Statistical Sure Bet Predictions for site for Today?

Statistical Sure Bets are like putting a dollar on every single number on roulette, except one. Yeah, of course, you are likely to win, but how much? We calculated yesterday’s predictions by one of the websites with statistical sure bets to see how well we would have done. Each of the three predictions landed, with a total of 1.41 odds. So, we made 40 cents on the dollar. Do you know how much our tipsters made yesterday from three picks? We missed one and landed the other two, with a combined odds of 3.24 which mean, that even after missing one game we still profited $2.24. Wake up guys, it is time to smell the coffee and make some money.


Here is the Best Predictions site today for football in Africa
How you look when you realise you just found the key!


So, Why are We the Best Predictions Site for Today?

We can pick winning bets, that is one reason. Do you know one of the best sports bettors of all time had a self-confessed win ratio of 57%. The only difference between a bookmaker pocketing your money and you winning long-term is the edge you have. To have an edge over a bookmaker you need to be sharp. Lottery ticket accumulators are not sharp bets, they are lottery tickets that you can expect to lose most weeks. Winning your single tickets is the way to make money long-term and stay ahead of the curve with the bookmakers. The second reason we are the best predictions site is that we are going to share our strategies, education, and knowledge with you. It may not sound like much but learning how to bet responsibly, smartly, and utilizing information will teach you to build your edge against a bookmaker. It is time to start making money and stop throwing it into betting wishing well my friends!



Where are the Predictions for Today’s Football Games?

You are going to find a whole host of different predictions, produced by our in-house tipster on our Bet Tips page. When we are making predictions for today’s football games we spend hours the day before going through team news, line shopping the odds, researching historical match-up data, and then making predictions. So, when you take one of the predictions, know that they have been made to the best of human knowledge, not thrown from an algorithm! We have also written an article on How to make $100 a day with Sports Betting!


What are the Best Bookmakers to Bet on Predictions for Todays Matches?

With good predictions, you need the best bookmakers to land these predictions and profit. We found one of the statistical sure bet predictions yesterday at one of the bookmakers with 1.03 odds! You would need to win this bet 10 times in a row to make 1.31 odds! Ha ha, if you stick with this poor method of betting you could probably by a beer next month! Come on, bet properly and win some money by betting our predictions for today’s matches at a decent bookie!

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