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BTTS or Both Teams to Score is a nice bet for accumulative odds or, where applicable, for decent returns on a single bet. We have one of the best BTTS tipsters in the game and this guide will give you some valuable insight. You will also find today btts prediction on this page so bookmark it!


What is BTTS and How to Predict BTTS

BTTS is simple, it means betting on both teams to score in a match-up. Personally, I like to use BTTS in accumulator bets as the single-line returns invariably are not as favorable as some of the other markets. Both teams scoring in a match sounds easy, but it is not as easy as it seems. We have successfully landed a number of BTTS accumulators so take into account some of the teachings here:

BTTS predictions today and how to win them every time


Both teams to score predictions sites will claim to have software that will determine the likelihood of both teams scoring in a game. Although agreed there are algorithms for considering BTTS probability, a human mind will intuitively work better than a computer. Both teams scoring will be determined by a number of factors including:

Current Form

Historical Match-Up Data

Home vs Away Form

Total League or Competition Goals

The above factors are within the capability of a computer to calculate but there are other considerations to make.

Are the Top Goalscorers Playing?

What is the game worth to both sides?

What has been the rest period between games for the strikers?

Combine all these factors together and you can create your own power rankings for both teams to score. With these power rankings I would give a point and a maximum of 3 points for each factor you deem important. Based on this research you can apply your power rankings to every game available every single day!


What is the Best League for BTTS Prediction for today?

Considering leagues is important for probability. If you are looking for leagues with high probability, well here is a list of some of the best-performing leagues for BTTS:

Australia A-League

Australia Queensland NPL

England Championship



Belgium First Division A

Probability then has the alter ego which is: The Odds. Most bookmakers will have deep knowledge of each of these leagues and the match-ups, let alone some of the best software that will calculate in those leagues. That being said, you can find healthy odds in some of these leagues if you jump on the opening lines when they are released. Choose wisely if you are building an accumulator and even more wisely if you are wagering on single lines. Personally, if I cannot find BTTS odds of over 1.80 then wagering in this market is not worth it.


Why is Both Teams to Score Such a Popular Bet?

Both teams to score is a revelation for the bookies. For some reason, players consistently wager with huge accumulators in this market. The probabilities may look a little more enticing than predicting in the 1×2 market. However, BTTS is not an easy bet to wager in without considerable research. I have spoken numerous times about the credibility of creating your own power rankings theory. BTTS is a pretty easy one to create if you know what you are doing.

I look for clubs that are playing away but have been scoring goals over the last five matches. Then, I hope that their fixture is against a side that is also scoring tons of goals. Typically, I have found that top-half clubs vs bottom-half clubs work well in this market. Both sides need goals for different reasons, which makes for open games. Look for those looking to avoid relegation and those chasing promotion!


When Should I follow a BTTS Tipster?

Some of the best prediction sites ever will calculate incorrectly in this market. If you want to be successful in your both teams to score bets then you should consider getting to know tipsters. You will find so many social profiles showing huge wins in the BTTS market, consistently. Do not be awed by a winning betslip that has probably been recreated on an editing software, instead watch their tips if they give them away free. A good tipster will show both wins and losses. Yes, we make losses, that is the nature of the real business of gambling. The aim is quite simple: Win more than you lose. Talking of tipsters, we make a number of predictions on a daily basis you can find on our bet tips page.


Do we Publish BTTS Prediction for Today or Tomorrow?

We do indeed! You can check back to this page daily to check out our latest tips and predictions. With our in-house BTTS tipster, you will probably find us to be the most accurate btts prediction site. As always, bookmark this page and check daily, we will update our BTTS predictions at least 24 hours before kick-off.


Best stages of the season to bet in this market

The start of most seasons is always a good time. Players with points to prove, managers to impress and new clubs will always take my eye at the start of the season. The end of the season has a similar effect on players. In Europe, after the Christmas break, relegation battles and promotion runs are prime time. At the midstage of the season both physical and mental fatigue begins to set in which can drown out games. I have played full seasons in Europe, UAE, and Asia. I found the same criteria to be applied in each league. The tiring legs, busy schedules, and commitments begin to play on the mind during the middle of seasons. If you can understand the mind of professional football players, you will factor player morale into your bets. Factoring the minds of the players, in any betting market, brings you a step further to be a better punter.

Most Popular BTTS Predictions for Kenya Players

In Kenya, research has shown that Both Teams to Score bets are predominantly played in the UK Premiership and Champions League. The Kenya Premier league does take a portion of Kenya’s business too. BTTS is a risky business in the Kenya Premier League, however. Kenyan side, Tusker, won the league in the 2021/22 season. They won the league whilst only scoring 42 goals in 34 games, such is the defensive nature of the league. Both teams to score in Kenya could well be off the cards in the home league, but Europe is wide open. The English leagues are known for high-scoring games at the lower levels. Monitoring flashscores on match day, or vising our home page, can help you to make your BTTS predictions.


Do we Publish any more Bet Tips?

Indeed we do. Our in-house team have knowledge of some of the best markets to wager in and the best, most profitable leagues. You should check out these pages if you like football bets. By the way, if you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about BTTS then you should read a more detailed article about various BTTS markets here

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