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Some may say it takes luck to win accumulators. Let me assure you there is an element of luck involved to win accumulator bets. However, there are some tricks to the trade to become more successful. If you want to impress your friends and pocket a nice little change from high-odds bets then follow these steps to greatness.


High Odds Accumulator Tips: Rules of Engagement

Firstly, and probably the most important rule when it comes to accumulator betting is this: Stop adding game after game to boost to a high odds accumulator. Are you guilty of doing this? Yes, most people are! Remember that an accumulator means accumulative odds from two or more games. I have seen some bet slips on social media that literally have 15 games on the slip. Scary, you should have just sent the money to me I could have used it in my piggy bank! Here are some basic rules of things not to do.

  • Don’t bet all favorites in your slip
  • Don’t choose the lowest odds games and collate a ton of them to odds boost
  • Don’t choose teams that you know the names of for the sake of it

There is a temptation to pick multiple teams to boost the odds of their ticket, which is largely unsuccessful for most. It would seem sensible to pick Man United, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Man City, and PSG on the same ticket for the likelihood of winning. Given that the average odds on the top teams in the 1×2 market are below 1.40 at the very best you would get 1.40 x 5 = 5.4 odds. If you added another 5 sides with similar odds you may find 25 odds or so – from 10 teams! The probability of successfully predicting a 10-fold accumulator is stupidly low and yet 90% of the gambling audience still does it.


So How Can I Win High Odds Accumulator Tips more Frequently?

OK, so we have gone through the don’ts when it comes to accumulator betting and there is a whole host of dos. Probably too much for this page! However, at the end of this article, I am going to share some of my best high odds accumulator tips FREE for those who wish to receive them, for making accumulator bets. Winning accumulator tips are hard to come by and tipsters rarely provide their reasoning as to why they have selected certain sides in their tip. Following others’ bets may be successful here and there but there is a phrase: Give a Man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

The most important tip I can give you when it comes to selecting a successful accumulator is to choose each game based on your research. Choosing Bayern Munich to win, with 1.20 odds, to boost the odds, is ridiculous. If the game cuts you will be kicking yourself for days to come. Research, research research, forget the odds in the short term – rule number one.

If you look at this 15-odd accumulator you will see that I knew the two Chinese sides were going to batter the opposing sides. Their odds were beneath 1.15 in the 1×2 market – so I chose them on a half-time/full-time bet to boost the odds in my favor whilst still utilizing my research:

Win Accumulator Bets Daily with Africa Bet Tips

If you need more evidence, here is a fantastic bet I made at Betway at 36 odds. This bet was only three teams and was based on all my research of the day. The bet trumps virtually all multiple-fold games played by most on a daily basis and returned me a healthy profit.

Win Accumulators with us daily with high odds


Is there a specific number of Games in High Odds Accumulators?

The honest answer is no. You could be successful with four games, ten games, or twenty games. The major factor to take into consideration when making high odds accumulator predictions is that the more games, the less likely to win. This is why I look at my odds, markets, and game probabilities as the most important factor when building my accumulators. Bookmakers want you to wager multiple games when you build your accumulators because they know the more you add, the less likely it wins. Have you seen the percentage boost bonus for adding games to your accumulator? That should tell you everything you need to know, the more you add the less likely it is to win! If you want to see our accumulator predictions check them out here.


I Promised you a Free Guide to Win Accumulators – Here it Is!

Before I go ahead and share my power rankings with you and guide to winning accumulators let me first say thank you for reading. Secondly, a problem shared is a problem halved and I hope that you would see fit to share with your friends what I am sharing with you today. Here are My Top 10 Tips to Win Accumulators


Where should I use my High Odds Accumulator Tips?

Firstly, everyone has their most favorite betting sites. That is not something that will change. But, are you getting the most value for your high odds accumulators? I think there are some terrific betting sites out there, however, my number one is:


Bet365 has to be one of the best betting platforms on the globe. Yes, there is a little more red tape when you first sign up, but the experience is second to none. You can make high odds accumulators from a variety of different betting markets and leagues. Go and check out the Bet365 website and browse around.


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