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Bet365 is probably one of the best platforms for live betting on the planet. I use live betting as a means of getting quick turnaround cash. The quick payout times to a bank card with Bet365 make it one of the best betting sites. I have tried to give my Bet365 predictions live before, by setting up a WhatsApp group. Players literally couldn’t click fast enough into the bet to get my predictions. So, now, I have decided to teach my own strategy in the hope you guys can make some money.


What is the difference between Bet365 Predictions Live and Pre-Market?

The line movement in the odds is quick and reflective of game action. Bet365 has the best live betting platform by far but their suspension of games can be frustrating. When a betting site suspends a game, it means that they see something happening in a game that is going to affect the odds. Sometimes whilst trying to place a bet live the game will suspend more frequently than necessary. Typically this means there is a trigger-happy wolly at the game with the machine. For those that do not know, betting sites have people at games monitoring game action. When there is an event in a game they will suspend the game manually from the ground! So if you are logged in trying to wager, you can blame the guy sitting in the stands!

Pre-game markets are more stable. The odds will move but only to reflect team news or betting bias. Virtually every player I know in Africa uses the pre-game markets. If I told you that I make 80% of my money in the live betting markets, would you believe me? Well, it is true. I am almost exclusive to live betting. Many times I will actually make Bet365 predictions based on their platform but wager the bet at another betting site.


This is why I make Bet365 Predictions in Live Games

As an ex-professional footballer I can honestly tell you that sometimes, on the pitch, things don’t go to plan. I have been to a Tuesday night game in the FA Cup, away at a team 4 leagues below us; we lost. Not only did we lose the game, but we also lost the game 4-0. The next day we were in training at 6 am the manager was so angry. I distinctly remember we were 1.08 to win that game. Imagine all the punters that saw this as a banker bet and lost their money on us! Predictions on games before kick-off are subject to good research, but once the game kicks off, it is with those 22 players. By the way, we make some absolutely brilliant banker bet predictions!

The statistics betting sites provide in live betting are enough to make more educated predictions. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they can look overwhelming. If you know the teams, however, you can gauge enough to make more qualified predictions. The metrics can be something of a conundrum for some players but there are some important ones.


What should I read to Win Bet365 Predictions?

I have become faster and more effective in live betting due to knowing what to read. On a Saturday I can flick through games and pick three winning bets in an accumulator faster than anyone. The metrics I use are quite simple:

  • Dangerous Attacks – Dangerous attacks are usually judged when a team enters the final third of the opposition territory. Sometimes a dangerous attack can come purely from being out on the wing. For me, knowing teams like Barca, that attack centrally, I make the assumption that they are in front of the goal. If a game is 0-0 with twenty minutes to go and Barca have 40% more dangerous attacks than the opposition, it’s a win for Barca.


  • Possession – There is an old saying “They can’t score if they haven’t got the ball” That stands true at most levels of football. There are some teams and leagues that are contrary to that ethos. Some of the major leagues, like the EPL, have counter-attacking sides that soak up the pressure well. Knowledge of teams can vastly improve your win ratio.


  • Shots on Target – A shot on target could have come from 40 yards out and never trouble the keeper. So, sometimes I will stream some of the games to get a taste of how the team attacks. If teams look penetrative, I will always back them to score if they have a number of shots on target. Typically, teams that have had many shots on target look the more likely to score. If the odds are close on both teams to win, then I will usually go with the home side. The home advantage becomes more important, especially during the latter stages of the game with the fans shouting.


  • Shots off Target – Again, shots off target are not super important but it helps to build up an image of the attacking play. If a team is shooting from everywhere, it can be assumed that they are attacking frequently. Having been in games where you basically just defend, 9 times out of 10 you concede at some point. Defensive fatigue is real, and something not usually considered by average punters.


Bet365 predictions strategy for today winning football bets


If you look at the above game in China Division 1 this morning. Quindao Youth Island is the team in better form statistically. But the odds, at 7.50 is not reflecting the passages of play. To me, it looks like they are applying pressure, but not penetrative pressure to Shanghai. At 7.50 it is worth a small percentage punt hoping they score next and a good cash out is available. This is strategy betting. If they were to score, you would make around 200% profit on cash out.


Have you read about Bet365 Fixed Matches?

For some reason I see social media plastered with magnificent Bet365 fixed matches winnings. It is funny how these tipsters use the biggest gambling company in the world to promote their games. Bet365 is an absolutely huge company, a real-life mammoth of a business. I have consistently won with Bet365, but I win bets as an auxiliary income. Enjoy betting but I bet responsibly. I am not going to throw my kids’ school fees at a bet to try and win big. I just enjoy making money on the side. Even I have been limited by Bet365 for winning too much. In 2020 I probably won around £4000 in a couple of months from Bet365 predictions live. They disputed some of my games, cut one of my games out of the accumulator, and subsequently limited my stake capabilities.

So Bet365 Fixed Matches don’t exist?

If you believe in Bet365 fixed games then more fool you. I could log in to Facebook now and show you amazing tickets claiming to have won over 200,000 euros. Not only did they win but they will also show another 3 tickets at 50000 euros claiming to be their “other games today”. These Bet365 fixed matches do not exist. It is very good photoshopping though, I will give them that! Please, be wise and do not give people selling Bet365 fixed matches money! If you want to read more then you should check out my article in fixed matches.


Bet365 Predictions should be based on Skill

Before I sign off. I want to say that you can really win good money at Bet365. But you need to use the platform for the unique offering that it has. To learn more about Bet365 you can also read our full review. The live betting system is absolutely amazing. The fluidity of the Bet365 app is better than any other out there. Their coverage of games is more consolidated than any other betting site. If you just use Bet365 for pre-market EPL odds, then you may as well wager with Melbet – they have better odds! But, if you really want to make money using Bet365 predictions then make them in the fastest and best live betting platform in the world. Go and check out Bet365’s website here.








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