Must Win Teams Today for Huge Betting Wins in 1×2

Written By Stuart

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The 1×2 market, if used effectively, can make massive wins. Choose must win teams today by carefully considering the implications of the game. When you can calculate the implications of outcome, coupled with events and current form you will win bets. By reading this guide you will be armed with detailed knowledge on how to select winning teams today. If you use this knowledge in the 1×2 market and you are guaranteed to be a better 1×2 player.


What are Must Win Teams Today?

In Africa, I have spoken to so many players that wager on the big-name teams in accumulators. PSG, Manchester City, and Barcelona combined with other big-name teams. The problem is betting with this style is that the odds are slim, and usually, one of these teams will let you down. Making money on accumulative odds is not about how many games you wager on, but what the odds are. If you research well you can choose teams that are literally must win teams today. The question can be answered by understanding the implication of the game outcome to both sides.


Forget about Friendlies and International Friendlies

How many tickets have you seen cut on social media groups where one or two games have failed to land? I constantly check others’ bets and I see the same thing every day from multiple people. Betting on friendlies is a no-no! Why? The games have no match integrity, in short, the game doesn’t matter. Because the game doesn’t matter, it cannot be constituted as a must win team today.

International breaks are the worst times of the season for gamblers. Internationals are usually boring, and without consequence. Even the Nations League, is a warm-up tournament for the World Cup. How many of you lost money on Denmark vs France game? In the World Cup, there is no way France lose 2-0 to Denmark, absolutely no chance. The problem is with international football, the games are usually played during a busy season for clubs. Because most of the international side’s players are usually in draining club seasons, international football is a break!


So Must Win Teams Today are only in Club games?

If there is an international game that has relevance, where a team needs a win to qualify for a cup, it makes sense to bet. But, if the game outcome has no viable outcome for either side and is just friendly, stay away from it. Domestic club games will always have significance. Some games are more significant than others and these are the games that we need to find. There are a number of sites on the search query you ran that brought you here. These sites tell you what games have must win teams today and, after reading this, you will be surprised that some are friendlies. So maybe I am contradicting what you may find on other sites. But, as an ex-professional footballer, I am telling you there are genuine games that are must win games. You can find these games if you know where to look.


Start with strong research in Cup Games

Every single round, of every single cup around the world, there is an upset. A team that shouldn’t win the game does. If you find that game, wagered on that game, what could you have won? I love an underdog, that is where the money is. They can be found in so many cup tournaments, particularly in Asia. If you understand football you will know the gulf in class between an EPL side and a UK Championship side. Even the worst performing side in the EPL should beat the highest performing Championship side, or it would be very close. In Asia, you will find that the top two leagues, at least, are pretty evenly matched. Having played in Asia, honestly, I can tell you that there are typically two or three sides that are untouchable. But, the rest of the league below, down to a league below, are fair game.

A Must Win Team in the Cup Research

Start with understanding the cup tournament itself. An example is the UK FA Cup vs the UK EFL Cup. Two “major” trophies in England but the FA Cup is the biggest of the two. Massive clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea tend to play their younger and fringe players in the opening games of the EFL Cup. If you are serious about making money, this is a tournament you can bet against bigger sides. Championship, League One, and League Two teams need the money from each round to help their bottom line. Manchester City definitely doesn’t need the money from the rounds of the EFL Cup, so why play players that they need for their big pay cheques like the Champions League? The clutter of a busy schedule needs to be prioritized. If you understand the schedule, and the league structure, you understand where to place your money.

Check the current form of both teams

If I find a team in a cup match that is absolutely crushing their league but playing a team from the bottom half of the table above, it’s a must win team today. The cup revenues mean so much to a team when they are getting promoted it is good business to invest in better players the next season. I understand football both from a playing perspective and a business perspective. Depending on the teams you can find odds of 3.00 and above on the underdog, it is worth a punt. Considering some players will accumulate 5 teams to get 3.00 odds, it is more than worth it on one team. If the game flows in your favour, there is also the opportunity for strategic cash-out, depending on how the game action unfolds.


At what stages of the season can you find Must Win Teams?

In Europe, the season runs from around August – May. There are some critical points of the season where you can find fantastic odds. Both winning teams and underdog teams have odds that can swing in a player’s favour. Christmas time is always a tricky time for most teams. The holidays mean busy schedules and team rosters become more important in squad rotation. If I spot injuries in teams with a great starting 11, like Chelsea, I will bank against them. With clubs like Manchester City, which have huge quality in depth, not so much! Squad rotation in cluttered schedules is important to stop fatigue, and injuries can mess up the plans. Tally that up against a team in a relegation battle where it is do-or-die and all of a sudden you have a Double Chance opportunity.

The backend stages of the season are also important. There is always a minimum of one side that comes into a run of form at both the bottom and the top of the table. Around February is the time to start considering which team that is going to be. As that team begins its run, the odds will still be nice and high. As the team starts to pick up the form, the odds begin to decline. But, if you analyze the league table, then the squads and depth, you will find them. I do it every year and every year I bet big on my selection. If February is Valentine’s Day for most, it is Christmas for me!

So where can I find Must Win Teams Today, every day?

Your knowledge of the leagues needs to be impeccable. I ran a quick search for today and found a team in the Mexico MX league that would be one of my certified teams today. When I am looking for must win teams, I have to ensure that the odds are also reflective of value. I really don’t see the point in taking odds that offer me slim returns, it is too much of a risk for no return.

Must win teams today in Africa from Africa Bet Tips

Bet365 has the odds at 1.61, which is healthy enough odds for me to wager on. You can see from the stats the home side has been in brilliant form of late and the away side has only scored two goals in their last 5 matches. More importantly, the home side trails the top of the table by 5 positions and 10 points. As a team that is hoping to stay in the title race, they cannot afford to lose ground against a team at the bottom half of the table. The stars align in this match for a banker bet home win with decent odds. You can check out more about our banker bet of the day tips here for reference!

The theory is pretty simple. You weigh up league position, game importance, and current form to make a successful must win game prediction.


What Betting Sites to use for the Best Must Win Games Today

I like a number of sites personally. I have used so many betting sites through the years but ultimately, the best site for 1×2 predictions is the one with the most value. There are ways to really get the best out of betting sites if you are wagering a multibet. For me, Bet365 is one of the best betting sites to wager if you have time to watch the game action. You can check out Bet365 Predictions if you want to learn more about my strategy. You can also check out Bet365 website if you want to flick through the odds on today’s games.





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