The Top 5 Tips on How to Bet you NEED to know

Written By Stuart

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Are you frequently losing your bets? Do you find yourself still waiting for your first win or have you not won a bet in a very long time? There are some simple ways to correct things making sure that you walk away a winner. Stay with us and we share the top 5 tips on how to bet that everyone should know. We will also share sources to help you win.

What is the difference between Tips for Betting and Betting Tips?

Multiple Google searches have landed you on pages that have been irrelevant to your actual search right? You have found games that you should bet on rather than how to bet smart? Well, we are going to share both with you in this article. In the top 5 tips for betting and also some of the hot places on this site, you will find well-researched daily bet tips, free.


The Top Tips on How to Bet Successfully

There are some core pieces of information that players do not take into consideration when they are wagering. We have a wealth of information at our disposal after years of experience, trial and error, and trial and error make perfect. Betting on any sport requires research and understanding of your match or tournament, but the real work starts at home.

#1 One of the Most Essential Tips on How to Bet – Know your Bankroll 

Different players have different ways of working their bankroll. Recreational players can be seen to be depositing and withdrawing on an almost daily basis. If you aspire to make money in gambling I would say to think about things a week ahead. I will choose how much funds I am allocating to betting for the week, sometimes even the month, deposit that cash and that is it for the timeframe. I am one of the best for tips to bet on football and you will find multiple posts on managing bankroll in football bets. Make sure once you have committed funds, that is your total budget for time you select.


#2 The second most important of Tips on How to Bet – Research your Teams 

Probably one of the most important tips for betting on football as there are so many leagues in football to choose from. I will follow some of my favourite teams to bet on week to week, keeping track of their results, regardless of whether I am betting or not. I have friends that do this in the NFL, NHL, and other sports too. Knowing the teams is an essential part of betting and one of the top tips on how to bet. YOu should be treating your research like a maths class, take it seriously, and level up!


#3 Allocate your Funds Proportianate to the Bet Likelihood

If, hypothetically speaking, you have $100 that you have in your wallet to bet today, you should break it down into a series of bets. A simple breakdown could be something like 50% on a single, 40% on a double, and 10% on a large accumulator. People that place 100 $1 bets hoping for a big win end up looking like a chump. If you have researched correctly, and chosen decent odds on bets there is no reason why you should not have finished the first two bets with $360 if you picked a 2 odd and 3 odd single and double. If the accumulator came in then, you could have one of the hoorah moments we wait for!


#4 Forget the Cash Out Option

There are ways to be successful in cash-out betting but we will cover that in further articles. If you are serious about making money you should forget the cash-out option. Cash-out has been around a short while now and has been adopted by most bookmakers. Did you think the bookmakers invented cash out to benefit the players? No chance! You will be offered cash-out if analysts believe the game is swinging in the direction against the house winning, forget the cash-out, and play the long game. Having been a professional footballer let me tell you that when a game is going in your favour, it usually does, so believe in your research. We have some of the best football researchers providing the best tips for betting on football here


#5 Never Bet it All, this isn’t Poker

Have you lost everything you had in your bookmaker wallet and then stared at the screen in disbelief? I have, my friends have, and it is not a nice feeling. Once you start making winnings be sensible with your wins and re-stake, but still within your means. If you need the money you have won then withdraw a large percentage and keep some in your wallet to play with. Bookmakers love seeing you deposit and play, not play with their money, so piss them off yeah!



Master Bet Prediction with Africa Bet Tips

You can find loads of information on our strategy pages. Despite us being able to bet on a number of sports, we love betting on football. We have some serious detail on strategy betting in football coming up but one of the cornerstone tips for betting on football is to be an effective accumulator player. We have a fantastic article with a free download on How to Win Accumulators with High Odds here


Tips on How to Bet with Sources Please?

Everyone will have their preferred method of research but I lead with two crucial apps every time for the bulk of my research:

These are essential apps for monitoring the games in play, but more importantly, researching with trusted data to wager with. Most sites will not lead you away to others but we are in the interest of winning bets. You need to know the best material out there. Hit us up if you have any recommendations too!





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