Professional Gambler Tips on How to Bet and Win Football Bets

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Have you been losing money betting every day? Have you heard the phrase: Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat every day? I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge. In fact, it wasn’t until someone taught me how to gamble properly that I started winning football bets. Some of the most valuable tips on how to bet came from a friend, that gambled every single day. The house that he bought reminded me, whenever I went to see him, that his knowledge was invaluable.


One of the Most Important Tips on How to Bet

Some of the most renowned gamblers in the western world would only win a maximum of 57% of their bets. Losing bets is part of the gamble and a crucial understanding to take away. If you can understand that you will win, and lose, then you immediately become a better gambler. There is a difference between consistently winning football bets and winning football bets. My brother is a very good accumulator player, he wins bets that I just don’t understand. But, his ratio to winning is low, despite him winning big when he does win. His ability to win accumulators is completely alien to me, I struggle to comprehend some of his combinations. We both win bets. The decision to be made is whether or not you want to consistently win bets.

Consistent Wins vs Lottery Pick Wins

It is unfair to say that you cannot consistently win bets in accumulative odds. You can, but you have to be an exceptional gambler. As you become better at understanding the odds you will find value too hard to pass up. If you need to scratch up your knowledge in the odds then you should read odds in betting and come back!

I am a consistent gambler. What I mean by that is I will look for value in the odds and football bets in games I have deep research in. I am happy to throw an accumulator into the mix, but that is the recreational side of me. When I wager an accumulator, typically it will be a tiny percentage of my bankroll. Because the actual odds of me winning are diminished with each game I add to the betslip. The figurative odds may well go up, but, in actuality, I am slimming my chances. Therefore I will only bet more substantial bets in single, or maximum double games. My brother is a recreational gambler. He deposits what he is willing to lose week to week and will bet against games I wouldn’t dream of. His win ratio is lower, but he will win higher odds bets than I do. I prefer to win the long game, he prefers to try and win his money in one hit.

Over time, I have the edge, though sometimes do wish I had his bravery!


Tips on How to Bet and Win Football Bets Every Day

If you doubled your money every single day how much would you have at the end of the year?

I started really gambling with a small amount of money. The tons that I had lost every Saturday when I was a recreational gambler through the years was an experience. I started to take things more seriously around five years ago. I realized that I knew which bets were going to land. To be fair, I had always known really, but I would push more games into the mix to get better odds. That was gambling. Then, the epiphany was in realizing I could actually make consistent money from my skill.

I deposited $20 into a betting site and took the bonus which doubled me up to $40. I bet the whole $40 on a bet just under evens, which returned me somewhere in the region of $70 or so. Then, I began to manage my bankroll. I decided that I was never going to have to deposit again, so I would bet in percentages. As far as I saw, I only had $50, not $70. So I began to turn $10 and $20 bets into double each time. The first time I withdrew funds, I withdrew $1000.


Discipline is key in winning Football Bets Daily

I have to admit that winning becomes a bit of an addiction and managing expectations is hard. When I first started out I made some mistakes in betting too big in some games. My research into games was critical in becoming a professional gambler and sometimes, there just weren’t games on to win. When you have dry days, particularly in pre-season, you start to find leagues and clubs you do not necessarily know too well. Because the odds look good and the research sound, you could be forgiven for lumping cash into the game. Problem is, if you do not know a team or league, your judgement is clouded by statistics. One of my biggest tips on how to bet is to truly find your niche. Find your league or club that you are willing to follow diligently. Master that, then learn another.

Tips on how bet and consistently win football bets by using discipline
Probably one of the most valuable pieces of information you will find. Consistent small acts of courage.


Tips on How to Bet Accumulators and Win

Accumulator betting is a different animal and winning these types of bets can be really hard. In Africa, I see so many of my brothers and sisters throwing money into ridiculous bets that stand no chance. Sometimes, on social media, I feel like slapping some of these betslip owners. It is not that I am angry with them, I just want people to be more aware of their funds. If I could educate every brother and sister on how to win football bets, I would. In fact, I have written a manual for how to win accumulators that you will find on this page.

Tips on Winning the Prestigious Six Straight

It is the holy grail of accumulator betting to win six games on one ticket. To be honest, six games is about the maximum I will go to on my recreational bets. With betting sites promoting so many bonuses around adding more games to your ticket, you should understand where the edge lays. Nonetheless, I have also written a super interesting article about how to make sure six straight win predictions that you will find super interesting.


What are the best betting markets for consistent Wins?

There are tens of betting markets in football with even more lines. For the recreational gambler, playing within the 1×2, both teams to score or over 2.5 goals market seems most popular. There are so many other markets where you will find value though. I am an advocate of the Asian Handicap market. You can make some serious money in correctly predicting Asian handicap results. For me, in major leagues like the EPL or Serie A, Asian Handicap is the best way of winning bets on popular sides. If you need to know more about how to play handicap bets you should check out my guide here.


Any Tips on How to Bet Live?

I am a super fan of live betting. The odds move quickly and game action is hard to monitor on a weekend day when there is hundreds of games on throughout. However, if you know what games you are hoping to monitor before kick-off, you can make some really good wins live betting. I have given tips on how to bet live through social media and Whatsapp and things were not even fast enough then to capitalize on the same bets. But, if you develop your own process for looking into games you can get some of the best odds. I have different bet styles dependent on the market and I have won countless live bets. I will share one with you.

The 1×2 Live Bet

I look for teams that are either trailing or drawing their games. I will, typically, look just before or after half time. Then, I check out the stats within the game to see how they are performing. If I see a home team battering an away side but trailing 0-1, it is a sure bet for both teams to score or double chance. If I see a home team battering a team, but drawing 0-0, I look for the home win. The trick with taking the home win is to take it when the odds are best. The odds will get larger the closer it is to full-time, so I usually like to take the bet within 15-20 mins to the end. But, sometimes, if the first bet looks good, Ill combine the two.

tips on how to bet and win live bets by africa bet tips

This was a fantastic bet. First Vienna were playing against 10 men within the last 30 mins of the game and Hamburg was away but absolutely battering the home side at 1-1. I could have literally gone to sleep knowing full well I would be waking up to my winnings on this one. Searching for value gave me a 3 odds banker sure bet for the day, guaranteed.


Best Betting Sites to Win Football Bets

In truth, choosing the best betting sites is pretty subjective and depends on a few factors. I am a sticker for having the best user experience coupled with good odds. Because I like betting live, the speed of the interface is important to me. Depending on your market preferences, you could use pretty much any betting site and find value in them. I have a quick list of some of the websites that I like for certain types of bets I will share with you.

The best site for 1×2 Wins

Mozzartbet have great value in the 1×2 platform, also with a pretty slick user interface. I like the website, but do think that they have a little more work to do on their promotions and bonuses. You can check out Mozzartbet’s site here.


The best site for Over 2.5 Wins

Melbet have one of the worst websites but some of the best value in over 2.5 goals markets. I will use Melbet for bets that I am happy to see as bankers, wager on them and leave them to settle. You can check out Melbet’s site here.


The best site for BTTS, Both Teams to Score Wins

Betway have some of the best Both Teams to Score markets. They are creative in offering different bet variations such as Both Teams to Score and Double Chance. I love using Betway for creative bets and banker bets in Serie A. You can check out Betway here.



Do you need any more Tips on How to Bet?

I could go on for days with tips on how to bet successfully. My opinion is based on my knowledge of football betting and I have been pretty successful in recent years. Betting requires knowledge, research, and dedication to becoming better. Much is the same in life, and you can and will get better at winning football bets if you want. In Africa, where patience is low and money is needed, I understand the temptation to wager accumulators and high odds bets. I am not saying that you shouldn’t do so. I am saying that understanding the fundamental notion that you need to manage your bankroll will give you an income. If you have $10, don’t throw it all away on one accumulator sure tip from some dodgy social media platform. Be smart, learn your niche and then teach others.


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